Fox News Ratings Prove We’re Not Outnumbered

Boycotted. Criticized. But Fox News leads the pack in Prime Time.

RUSH: The first thing I want to address is something that comes up frequently both in my private emails from you, conversations with my friends, and phone calls from you on the program. And that is the fear that we’re losing, the fear that we are now outnumbered, the fear that the left has finally pulled it off because of Twitter and because of the Drive-By Media and the way they make things appear. They constantly get away with laughing at us, making fun of us, impugning us, destroying us. And they have created this illusion that a majority of Americans literally support the destruction of American cities, like Portland and like Seattle.

And I’m here to tell you nothing could be further from the truth, but I want to give you some evidence. It’s one thing for me to come here and tell you that Twitter is not America. It’s not even close, folks. What you see on Twitter isn’t even close to representing a majority of thought in this country. But the media, for reasons that we have explained in great detail, uses Twitter because Twitter has become a stand-in for public opinion, in their world, in the media’s world.

Twitter has become a way to advance their own agenda by lying to their readers and viewers, implying that Twitter is a stand-in for majority public opinion. It isn’t. I mean, in terms of the number of users, the population of America, 300 and some million, the adult population, take a hundred million off, 200-some-odd-million. The number of Twitter users is 80 million and many of those are not even real people. Many of those are what are called bots, robots, bots for short, doing the bidding of a really a tiny number of angry, fit-to-be-tied, out-of-sorts leftists.

But I can say this all day long, and I have, and I have attempted to, with confidence alone, persuade you that I’m right. But let me give you some evidence. What do you think the most-watched network in all of television was in June and July? Not just last week, but in June and July, what do you think was the most-watched network to go along with the most-listened-to radio talk show in the country?

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We continue to wonder why conservatives are so enamoured with FB and twitter.  There is no alternative yet for FB but conservatives have to be circumspect in the messages they post.  Many of YOU have been censored there for truth-telling.  Twitter is just as bad and put YouTube in that category.  These outlets are a monopoly in their space.  We are addicted to them.  

Alternatives to Twitter are two good outlets: and  They are rising as an outlet for conservatives and so far have shown to be outside of the censorship arena.  Time will tell how they do but we suggest you give either or both a try.  Having said that, keep your twitter account to see what the other side is saying and doing.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

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I hope I'm not being too much "pie in the sky" optimistic, but I've felt all along Trump will be re-elected. However, the key to him being able to accomplish very much during a second term is our retention of the Senate, retaking the House, and getting far too many Rhinos in both Houses off their rear ends in vocal support of Trump and his policies.

The more conservatives get on gab and parler would be great. Gab built the Dissenter browser I haven't tried the browser looks interesting. See their FAQ.

I'm not working just to win the Presidential election.  I'm working to abolish the DemonRat/Communit Junta.   Make sure that your friends are registered.  For those who vote Democrat because it's always been the Party for common man, show them that today's Democrat Party has been taken over by the Communist Party and show them , Bernie Sanders, Biden, the Clintons.  Show them the policies of the DemonRat Party ...... NO NATIONAL BORDERS.  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?  Show them how the Demons want to raise taxes to 75%.  Are these people insane?  Remind them of Obama's secret bringing in muslims on UPS planes at night and how the plan was to bring in 50 million muslims to destroy America. 

C'mon people, this oughta be easy.  John Kennedy would have nothing to do with this Demon/Communist Party.





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