In the link showing the video from Bannon's War Room, it is claimed 170 democrat lawyers are trying everything in the books plus making up a lot of other crazy excuses to STOP THE ARIZONA SENATE AUDIT of the 2020 ballots.  If true, what are so many high priced lawyers worried about? 

Fortunately, there are  camera's everywhere at the Coliseum to protect the work being done but someone burned BoS Hickman's chicken farm so what will be done to destroy that building with the machines and ballots inside?  And who/why did the Hickman farm get torched?  Was something related to the audit being stored there? 

We cannot post the actual video but here is the link.  Watch the first video and let it roll over to the second video and then scratch your head over the magnitude of what they are hiding?  We know it's huge and has gigantic possibilities of corruption none of us could imagine.

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Good post Glenn!

Read what I said.  I said that those American patriots are only suckers if they think the GOP has their back.  Different from what you are saying.

I am a  Trumplican. I think we all are aware that our county and state GOPs seem to take their orders from the RNC RINO's  That, in my opinion, must change. How might we do that? One idea is to overwhelm county and state GOPs with conservatives for a constitutional republic grassroot PCs and SC's. May our numbers be so large the RINOs will be scratching their heads and asking what happened.

 While that will help the hardest job is identifying trusted candidates for elected office but it must be done.

Support the Patriot Party who is engaged to pressure the GOPs from outside.

Then our collective work is not over for there are many, many battles to fight.

Now it is time for me to exit the soapbox and give others their time on the box.

The problem with the GOP is how the un-elected folks who run the party do business.  It will always be a problem.  It is why I say we need a new party for conservatives--even more so if President Trump is not re-elected President in 2024.





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