In the link showing the video from Bannon's War Room, it is claimed 170 democrat lawyers are trying everything in the books plus making up a lot of other crazy excuses to STOP THE ARIZONA SENATE AUDIT of the 2020 ballots.  If true, what are so many high priced lawyers worried about? 

Fortunately, there are  camera's everywhere at the Coliseum to protect the work being done but someone burned BoS Hickman's chicken farm so what will be done to destroy that building with the machines and ballots inside?  And who/why did the Hickman farm get torched?  Was something related to the audit being stored there? 

We cannot post the actual video but here is the link.  Watch the first video and let it roll over to the second video and then scratch your head over the magnitude of what they are hiding?  We know it's huge and has gigantic possibilities of corruption none of us could imagine.

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Too  much evil these days for me -- will keep  plugging to make a difference where I can.

In present  day the CDP (Communist Democrat  Party) are in the throws of protecting their investment to destroy our republic.

It may seem that we are NOT to believe our lying eyes and ears. Everything is upside down and inside out. Words mean what the left-wing defines them to be.

What's left for us to  do? Fight back. Stand our ground. Take note of all they do but keep our eye on the brass ring of truth.

Americans are waking up.


While the GOP dawdles, the left is preparing to steal the 2022 and 2024 elections . . . !

Need to arrest the Maricopa Board of Supervisors and the lawyers they hired to prevent the legal audit of the Dominion machines and ballots.  The DemonRats and their lawyers KNOW that FRAUD will be found that will overturn many of the results of the Nov. 3rd election.  THEY KNOW !!!!!!!

There's a bunch in D.C. who should be arrested too . . . !

I am surprised that the Commudems would worry that this "audit" will bring info. showing Trump won. We have been told by enough Repoob's that the purpose of the audit is NOT to overturn the election but to (weasel, weasel, harrumph, harrumph) keep this from happening again. NOTE to repoobs; it's been happening for decades.  I think this is a whitewash designed to pacify the low info. Republican not conservative voters. Forensic audit indeed; how many greasy fingers have been manipulating evidence; show us the chain of custody after 5 months. Here's a prediction; we found fraud, ballot harvesting, ballot plowing, ballot cultivating, private firms giving money to the election process, etc. etc.,but, Trump still lost by 200 votes, Sorry suckers. (my apoligies to Bennett; a kind person but maybe not the qualities we need for this)

The Republican Party has been especially weak and inefficient combating election fraud since they were soundly thrashed in a 1982 Supreme Court ruling.

Mike Lindell has all the evidence Absolute Proof has 150 million views so far, the second documentary Absolute Interference has 91 million views and it only came out Tuesday.  Sorry you are so smug to think the American Patriots are suckers.  Additionally a team of cyber security experts have live evidence of the interference.  May God bless America, he hears our cries. 

Why is pointing out the GOP's shortcomings a sign of smugness?  The Lindell special was awesome.  But did anyone in the Republican Party lift a finger to help President Trump after the fraudulent election?  Pence turned into Benedict Arnold, and the rest wilted after the alleged "insurrection" in the capitol on January 6.

And what good does 150 million people viewing the Lindell special do?  Are any of those 150 million doing anything about this?  Heck, Georgia is being sold out for their new election law . . . !

Frank, Agree a bit of smugness and worse is by what you say no trust in the millions. I ask you Frank what good are you doing with all your negativity?

I am one of the 75 or 80 million people who voted for President Trump.  My "negativity," as you refer to it as, is a realistic assessment of the GOP's shortcomings in light of the stolen election by the left.  Since when is calling a spade a spade negative?  Do you think we should be praising Pence, McConnell, and the rest of them?  I sure don't.

I trust all Trump supporters, especially those who are conservative and Republican.  But I sure am distrustful of folks like Liz Cheyney and Adam Kinzinger.  And in the words of the late Stan Lee, "'Nuff said!"

American patriots are not suckers--unless they think the Republican Party has their backs.  The GOP doesn't.  Proof is in the pudding.  After a great first two years of the Trump presidency, they blew the 2018 midterms and the 2024 election.  Many of them, like all Democrats, resented Trump, the "outsider."  They wanted him gone almost as badly as the Democrats.

I am in the group the Repoob. party hacks considers "suckers". I did not say, nor do I think, that honest CONSERVATIVES are suckers; just that we are considered suckers. BIG difference.





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