The intention of the Senate version of a healthcare bill includes the very same things that Obamacare did … government subsidies … to “lower” the cost of healthcare this time paid to the insurance companies directly. Now if that was the real case scenario then why did premiums increase under the Obama version?
     The answer is that government tells us what it cannot do. It cannot lower costs, for most costs are fixed, unless you lower the rent, malpractice insurance of doctors, the educational debts to be paid off by profits, and the general operational costs of keeping the doctors doors open for business. We saw what effect the fuel “price controls” had under Richard Nixon in the 1970’s, once the cost “control restraints” were removed the cost of gas rose dramatically.
     So what would be the difference today? … NOTHING … for there is an openness for a single government payer system, it is the ultimate goal of both sides of the establishment isle in Congress. A single payer cannot take into consideration the real time higher medical costs of those with conditions that lead to a higher medical cost of treatment that is paid for by all others who are relatively healthy. That is the discrimination AGAINST the young and those already healthy … it is not a free market capitalism … and then government adds a penality for not staying continually insured! 
The architects of this socialized medical program tells us that “temporarily” premiums will rise, but then magically they will reduce in the year 2026?  Oh wait .. wait for it … that will happened because costs will decrease? … Yeah, like the sinking of the Titanic never happened did it. 
     What we have is more of the same under this theft from the citizenry, no Liberty to choose in a free market capitalism, and it all adds to the national debt … for it is the reason … the cause … and the desire … of the money hungry that want to enslave us BY Debt. Follow the money to the deceit, for there is no free lunch … we are the lunch.
     Setting up “pools of risk” would stabilize the health care costs to the individual marketplace and allow reasonable profit margins to the insurance companies. That is called transparency for the individual to choose what he knows is best for himself and his family, or by a professional grouping, by risk, and by the ability to get direct medical care without a government dictate of what they “offer” to you.  Major companies do that already, AFLAC and other small groups participation, and while it is not an “insurance policy” it is a discounted version of coverage by occurrence and type. There are so many possibilities that Do Exist … but are ones that government will not entertain for their own enslavement goals. Everyone should have the “opportunity” for medical care, but just as our Constitution directs us it is only … an “opportunity” to achieve our American dreams, not that of an inalienable right … given BY a government intervention. 
     Government should let the entrepreneurs set the standards based upon what the public wants, when he wants it, and at what price he is willing to pay for that product or service. If the need fits him then he buys it at your price, not the price that government dictates … a price paid to the insurance companies with a lowered “subsidy” cost to the taxpayers by Debt. 

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