Not to be too hard on the Senate, but we would think before they launched this effort to get a read forensic audit, they were flesh out the full strategy.  President Fann continues to say a full audit will take place but what we are seeing is a bushel of dithering.  They better get it together - the whole country is watching!

The other thing that is bumbfuzzeling is the attitude of the Board of Supervisors.  This is one government with many departments that should not be fighting each other over an issue that citizens want to see done.  The BoS is well out of step with voters and we can only speculate as to why.


Pallets of ballots sit on trucks in Phoenix as senators figure out what to do next, three months after they declared they wanted their own audit of the presidential election. The 28 tons of paper packed in hundreds of neatly stacked boxes with nowhere to go serve as a visual representation of the Senate’s audit attempt, which has been full of setbacks and false starts since it began. Republican senators have alternately plunged ahead — drafting a resolution to arrest the Maricopa County supervisors who blocked their way and announcing they hired an auditor — and fallen back, losing a vote on their contempt resolution and denying they ever selected an auditor after public pressure.

The Senate won a court battle February 26, after a Maricopa County judge found its subpoenas could be enforced. Now, Republican senators are like a dog that caught the car it chased and doesn’t know what to do, said Democratic Sen. Martín Quezada. “I think from the very beginning this was all a big soapbox they were standing on just trying to make noise,” he said. “I don't think they ever expected this was actually going to happen, but now they have it, and they don't know what to do. And literally what are they gonna do? If I was the Senate president, I wouldn't know what the hell to do with [2.1 million ballots].” Subpoenas Subpoenas[sic] the Senate filed in December and January make clear that the ballots and election equipment must be delivered to the Capitol. Accordingly, the county loaded ballots onto trucks March 1 with the intention of delivering them to the Senate, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers wrote in a letter to each senator March 3. Instead, Sellers wrote, Senate attorney Kory Langhofer — who also represented the Trump campaign in one of several unsuccessful lawsuits attempting to prove voter fraud — sent the county an email at 5:08 p.m. March 1 saying the Senate was unprepared to receive any of the ballots.

The county then learned from a statement the Senate GOP spokesman gave a reporter that the Senate claimed there was an “understanding” that the county would let the audit occur in the county’s election facilities – an understanding the county did not share. These back-and-forth letters between the clashing parties now raises the question o whether the Senate Republicans will even push forward with its own audit – something they have fought over for nearly four months. Municipal elections are ongoing and the county’s buildings are occupied, Sellers wrote. “Please advise us when the Senate is ready to receive the subpoenaed materials and where they should be delivered. If the Senate no longer wants the materials delivered, the county stands ready to discuss next steps,” Sellers said. Senate President Karen Fann could not be reached for comment, but the Senate said in a press release that the “best way to maintain the security of machines and ballots was to leave them at the county and have the independent auditors come to them, as was done with the first two audits.” Of course, the county, not the Senate, conducted those two other audits. And Gilbert Republican Warren Petersen, the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman who signed the subpoenas alongside Fann, disputes whether the county’s audits were even audits.

Hobbs’ Advice Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs wrote a letter to county election officials and senators on the evening of March 3, instructing them how to best proceed with the audit – should it happen – and reminding them of her concern over this entire debacle. “As you know, there is no credible evidence for any of the conspiracy theories that have abounded about the 2020 General Election, including those made by associates of Allied Systems Operations Group,” Hobbs wrote, urging Senate Republicans “not to waste taxpayer resources chasing false claims of fraud that will only further erode public confidence in our election processes and elected officials.” But she still laid out what she views as a transparent and bipartisan process to audit the 2.1 million ballots from the county. Most of which are related to provisions in the Elections Procedures Manual. Hobbs wrote that the senators need oversight, potentially from her office, the Governor’s Office or the Attorney General’s Office. Hobbs advised: Make sure the process is open, safe and secure; that senators they follow the law and suggest they only use red pens to mark ballots so as to not alter or add anything that could have the appearance of changing votes. And that should be done with a bipartisan group on live video feed, which should be rp>She made it clear again that she is not in favor of the audit and disagrees that it will help people “trust” the election results, after all this time. “I believe we can agree that proceeding without clear procedures for the security of the ballots and election equipment when they are in your custody, and clear procedures to ensure the integrity, independence, and transparency of the audit itself and the auditors selected, will only open the door to more conspiracy theories and further erosion of voters’ confidence in Arizona’s elections processes,” Hobbs wrote.

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" . . . an issue that citizens want to see done."  Unfortunately, the powers that be in federal and state government never seem to operate any longer with the best interests and desires of "We the People" in mind.  This is the result of having career politicians in a corrupt two-party oligarchy without term limits.  The Founding Fathers would be horrified.

I am not only frustrated by the lack of urgency on the part of the Senate, but even more offended by the outright defiance that has been demonstrated, not only by the Maricopa BoS, but by the DemonRats and the few RINO's whose reluctance to support an Audit, smells like freshly printed Yuan from Bejing.  Why the Senate even went to court is astounding, but more importantly, it appears to have been a ploy to delay what the Federal Constitution allows the States to do.  It's time to ACT!!  We the People demand a full, complete and comprehensive Audit by Jovan Pulitzer and NOT some fly by night operation directly, or remotely connected to the criminal Dominion Organization and the DemonRats and RINO's who did what the Deep State told them they must do - or else!  The consequences of further delay will not bode well for the Arizona Legislature.  The upcoming Elections will separate the Patriots from the Traitors.  Let's demand that this get done in our lifetime.  2022 and 2024 will take care of themselves.  It is the 2020 elections from the President down the line that concerns us now.  Stop the obfuscation.

I agree with Michael all the way. Action speaks louder then words.

Better 'get -er-done'  before HR 1 is passed!!

House passed it.  The Senate has it now last I heard.





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