Now that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been convicted of criminal contempt, he says he would accept a pardon from President Donald Trump.

“Whatever the president wants me to do, I would support him,” Arpaio told the Arizona Republic. “If he needs help with anything, of course, I’m going to help him.”

Arpaio was a big Donald Trump supporter during the 2016 election and was on hand to introduce Trump during several Arizona rallies. He also spoke at the Republican National Convention and went to D.C. to witness the president’s inauguration.

Still, Arpaio said he would not call the president and plead for a pardon.

“I’m not going to ask him,” Arpaio concluded. “I think, I believe he may not even know about this, which will become a different story in a couple days, with a bigger, much bigger picture than just me.”

After losing a bid for re-election, Arpaio was brought up on charges for refusing a judge’s orders to stop traffic patrols that critics said targeted immigrants. In July, a Bill Clinton-appointed judge convicted Arpaio of misdemeanor criminal contempt. The conviction carries a six-month sentence.

The White House has issued no statements about Arpaio’s legal troubles.

Source: Breitbart

[Editor: There are multiple trains of thought on this and we'd like to hear your take.  Some say he should go through the Appeals process to clear his name.  Others say he's 80 years old, not guilty so give him a pardon and let him retire in peace.  Others straddle both lines, he's a senior citizen who has done great things for Arizona so pardon him and let his legacy speak for him.]

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I have a mental conflict on this.  First, what the heck is criminal contempt for a misdemeanor?  I looked that up and this is what I found:

Looking back, waaaay back, I noted that the Sheriff got in trouble for not showing up in court when ordered. That was the now forgotten original sin for JA. The judge, Snow, took personal offense at being dissed. He has a legal right to do that no matter how ridiculous the charges are and they are ridiculous. It's a typical case of good vs evil IMO. We know that the Sheriff did not show up for that court date thus incurring the misdemeanor charge, but criminal? Not close.  This should never happen in America. The Sheriff deserved a reprimand or suspension for 2 days or something like that. The left is doing what they do so well, witch hunting.  I am still conflicted on his best course of action to preserve his well deserved legacy.

The Sheriff ignored advise from myself and Sheriff Richard Mack to use one of the lawyers who are familiar with the Mack/Printz case, and the Constitution, to challenge the jurisdiction of the court. Appears that Joe or his advisors thought they knew a better way to handle it since in the meeting I had with Joe and some of his staff they scoffed at both the case and the Constitutional aspects of what was going on in Joe's case. When Joe didn't challenge the jurisdiction he accepted it and whatever came from it. One of the main questions I had in all of this was, by what authority does a Judge tell a Sheriff not to enforce laws the congress authorized all law enforcement to enforce?

About 1996 Bill Clinton signed the law Congress passed allowing law enforcement to hand over any suspected illegal alien to Border Patrol with or without a formal agreement with the Justice Department. Joe had an agreement and his officers were trained by the BP in the procedure.

The point to all this is that for all the good Joe did he and most "law enforcement" people tend to underestimate the power and authority of the Constitution and know even less about it's words even though they all swear an oath to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic. How can they defend it if they don't know what it says or scoff when it is brought up? 

We don't need law enforcement experience to be the Sheriff, his deputies and others are there to do the day to day enforcement on the street. Our Sheriff should be the brains and conscience of our highest "Constitutional" Law Enforcement Office in the State of Arizona. It would serve us well for the Sheriffs to be  students of the Constitutions they swear to defend and not just to mouth the words without thought to what document says or is. 

There was a time when I would have said "no court would..." but if courts minded the law, this case would not have gone to a judge to start with.  You make good points, john p.  I do think much of this mess was caused by JA's misunderstanding that he was not going to be treated fairly.  He should have taken your advice. He's made his bed...  He should never run for sheriff this time.  Now we have Penzone and will have him for years to come.  Dang.

The PURPOSE of the Judicial branch of our federal government is to adjudicate the meaning of the laws written by the legislative branch, not be "superior" to it. Joe was doing what the laws require by actions of the executive branch, namely to carry out the laws written. When the Supreme Court ruled against our Arizona law, which was a mirror to federal immigration codes and law, Justice became superior over all branches by an activism ... not the meaning set forth by words that matter for our national security. This was a political grudge match of a choice ... a misdemeanor of political harm at election time to throw Joe out of office. Arpaio was never to be treated fairly ... so why is Hillary not in the same arena? Because of a last name and political class!

  Misdemeanor Contempt  Translation. A Judge can give you days in County Jail. 

I saw it handed out --One or two days in jail.--when persons smarted off to a judge

EXAMPLE: Father and daughter came to court. Daughter goes to Community College and got a parking ticket.

Judge calls daughter's name ( Who is registered owner  of the car) Father jumps up and blurts" We are here--and we want a trial"  Judge asks,"Did you get the ticket?"  Father-"No". Judge, "Have a seat, Sir". 

Judge calls name of issuing Campus Officer.  No response.  Judge asks daughter to stand. Judge states to her, 

" Miss_____, the officer did not appear. I can dismiss this, or we can re-subpoena the officer--what is your choice?" 

Father darts up, standing and almost yells-"WE WANT A TRIAL!--We came here for a trial !"  Judge says, be seated or I will have to find you in contempt". Father yells--"WILL I GET A TRIAL FOR THAT!" 

Judge to Bailiff--"Take him into custody--Two days in custody--contempt of court" 

There is no court that will take this on appeal for a misdemeanor offense. His best bet is to get the pardon.

This was a crusade against Arpaio, started by George Gascón Who was born in HavanaCuba, Gascón and his family immigrated to the United States in 1967 and settled in Bell, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.[citation needed] After dropping out of Bell High School, Gascón served in the United States Army from 1972 to 1975, receiving an honorable discharge as a sergeant (E-5), and earned his high school diploma.[citation needed] In 1978, Gascón joined the Los Angeles Police Department. He then became a sales manager at a Ford Motor Company dealership and then pursued higher education.[2] He received a bachelor's degree in history from California State University, Long Beach and a Juris Doctor from Western State University College of Law.[3] In 1987, he became a full-time police officer again and then assistant police chief and director of the office of operations.[citation needed] Gascón has been an active member of the California State Bar since 1996.

REMEMBER_-also the Mayor of Mesa, AZ. 

Obama Administration took note, and  sent  The DOJ Civil Rights Chairman to Arizona to continue it.

He is now DNC Chairman (Thomas Edward Perez (born October 7, 1961) is an American Democratic Party politician who has served as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee since February 2017. Perez was the United States Secretary of Labor from 2013 to 2017. Prior to that he worked as a consumer advocate and civil rights lawyer before serving as the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights from 2009 to 2013.ost famous statement-" I am proud to be a Latino")

Perez got charges filed on Joe Arpaio --For doing the job he knew how to do and voters elected him to do it
A Pardon is in Order 

Joe A  and his advisors have had a bad case of the dumb head about this whole thing, IMO YMMV.

If he had appeared,  challenged the courts jurisdiction, then not run for another term & retired.  Most likely the whole thing would have just gone away.

If Gascon joined the Army and made it to E5 in just three years, he must have either known somebody or have been one hell of a soldier.  That's incredible speed.  And how was he in only 3 years?  Politics?

Well, of COURSE he would accept a get out of jail free card from Trump, who has been too cowardly to offer i. Joe is great patriot, even if he sometimes gets carried away.

Sheriff Joe takes final shot at Obama; claims “fraudulent” birth ce...

Sheriff Joe takes final shot at Obama; claims “fraudulent” birth certificate image on White House web site

By George Miller Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio calls Obama’s proferred birth certificate a fraud: Says: It’s a fraudulent document Congress investigates undereinflated footballs but can’t be bothered with this I will turn this over to the federal government and Congress I hope that Congress will pass a law that Presidents will be vetted […]

It would be great to have an "Office of Sheriffs of the United STates of America".   An  "OSUSA"........wouldn't it? 

And Sheriff Joe would be an excellent choice to head it.



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