Giving our Governor a second chance to get it right:

During the budget negotiations, Governor Ducey vetoed 22 bills without regard to their worth, in an apparent attempt to teach the legislature a lesson. He apparently was emboldened by the lack of legislative resistance to his arbitrary executive orders dealing with the COVID state of emergency.

The legislature’s response has been to re-introduce all 22 bills under new bill numbers, and under a suspension of the rules.

Most of these bills cleared both chambers and were sent to the governor for his action. Some have been signed and some are still pending.

Under current rules, the governor must act within ten days after Sine Die. If he does not, the bills sent to him will automatically become law.

Those voters who have an interest in the bills pending the governor’s action may wish to contact him and express their opinion. This may be accomplished by using the contact information at the end of this article. Here is a list of those 22 bills.

SB1830 credit for donation. Creates a corporate tax credit for the donation of real property to a school district or charter school. Signed by governor

See complete list of bills HERE

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I am delighted that you have published my article. Just a gentle reminder that it is customary to give credit to the author of the piece whenever it or any part of it is quoted. 

The article is sourced in the HERE button at the end of the article.  That is our policy.

So what happened to all the election bills he vetoed???

Good question!

Most of them died.  I will have a full report in about another week or two. Information is still coming in, as well as bills to include in the report.

Uh, what is the motto for this site?  Let me get it.... ..... ..... ....

"It's surprisisng how much you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit."

But in this instance, credit was given through the link like always. And it's a great article.  Thanks, Jose.

I don't care. People copy my work all the time without giving credit and I don't bitch about it. I only care when it is part of a publication that is copyrighted. 

We feel your pain, Jose.  But AFA used the same standard policy of redirecting readers to your original article as is our policy.  But we also get copied all the time and sometimes it's your work and there is little to be done except to educate the uneducated.  That's enough for us.  We have actually gotten our own original articles back from readers that got it in an email body and not from the link.  They want us to post it!  We just thank them and send them the link.  No slight intended but we did want people to read the entire article since we only post a teaser.  It helps the website we get it from by sending traffic their way.  ADI has become an exceptional website under its editor.





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