Has anyone in our legislature really looked at just how deep the hand of George Soros goes in all the organizations that work to destroy our country?  Not just our country but many others that operate on a "Capitalistic" model and based on Constitutional principals, giving freedoms and liberties to the people to govern themselves?  And why are so many in our U.S. Congress taking money from him and supporting his causes knowing what his ultimate goal is?
Do you wonder why our schools are so distressed educationally and politically left leaning?  The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is a Soros funded organization.   Check out the list.
Here is a list of organizations that he either directly funds or is funded/subsidized indirectly through other of his organizations he supports and operates. 
And in case you were wondering, here is a list of our "politicians" that take his money as well, yes our very own John McCain is guilty.  Then there's the many, many democrats.  Isn't this treason?  Or at the very least supporting the overthrow of our government?  Well, hey, I guess it would be treason anyway you want to cut it up, my opinion anyway.
We must educate the people in our sphere of influence and make a stand against this corruption and evil around us.  Hold our local politicians accountable, demand true transparency in government and get rid of the "RINO's" turning our beautiful state and country into the biggest, smelliest swamp we will never be able to drain.  It's not there yet but how much more can we take?
Randy Miller
PC LD 21

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Are you kidding me you guys just now understanding this half the country is commie's John Mc Cain Jeff flake Commie said there are no streets named after Senator Mc Carthy the one that fought the commies. They control both parties the military and all of our government,  

Drain the friggin swamp

Soros and his boys there is no doubt. at least to this common folk old lady, one at the root of destroying America. Since he funds the RINO wing of the uniparty that informs us why there is no cries to shut the Sorus' down.

Remember Matthew Kenney being so adamant when he told Gabby Mercer that "It was the donors who insisted I be hired" as executive director? I wonder if, by chance, Soros might have been one of those donors to our Arizona Republican Party.

I must admit that I have been wondering who those big donors are who have funded our AZGOP.  

I don't see McCain or Flake's name on this list.....  


Joanne, For McCain I read that Soros gave the John & Cindy Foundation a 100K. 

Another issue of the swamp dwellers are foundations.


I checked out the McCain Institute..  Link to the website:  https://www.mccaininstitute.org/

Board of Trustees  https://www.mccaininstitute.org/staff/?filter=board-of-trustees

Donors:  https://www.mccaininstitute.org/donors/

Eye opener of who is on the Board!

Yes that board revealing. My who would think that a board would have that many members that is telling in and of itself. You pat my back and I will pat yours kinda thing.

Last time I saw McCain was at his Prescott ofc close to the general election. I had a burning question on my mind for him. I suppose since I was a little old lady in a wheelchair he finally after keeping my hand in the air chose to take my question.

My question was simply why as the powerful armed service chair allowed a 65 billion dollar contract to go to Australia to build cookie cutter ships and subs instead of putting Americans back to work, think of the downstream jobs that would have benefited. His answer don't you like the Aussies? I responded not about liking Aussies its about American citizens and I followed up with who will be checking on that China steel going into the cookie cutters? 

McCain finally said it had to do with cheaper labor. I was ready for that one. I had done research and for the folk doing the hard work the labor cost pay is not that significant I told him and besides I said it was a missed opportunity for apprenticeships, recall Rosie the Riveter? To that McCain said if you don't like my answer then don't vote for me! I responded I had already decided not to cast a vote for him.

I voted in the primary for Dr Ward and wrote her name in on the general ballot.

Please vote for Dr. Kelli Ward this time around.  Draining the swamp means voting for  a true conservative such as Kelli. But I suspect you already know this.  

Dr Kelli Ward has my vote. Friday will meet her and Dr Gorka, Prescott speaking at a breakfast.

Wish I could go. Just too far for me.  Enjoy.





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