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Hi everyone,

I hope everyone here is aware that our Senator, Krysten Sinema, has been defying her party line to keep the filibuster in place in the Senate.  I received this text yesterday as part of a campaign to pressure her into getting rid of the filibuster,

"Hi Aaron 👋! This is Stephanie  with Common Cause 🌟. The For the People Act, the comprehensive bill on voting rights and rooting dark money out of politics, is going to be voted on in the Senate this month. However, it will not pass unless your Senator calls to end the filibuster - which Senator Sinema has yet to do. Can you give their office a call right now and ask them to eliminate the filibuster? Reply YES to call.--"

Here was my reply, " Hell NO! We absolutely must keep the filibuster. The filibuster is a crucial tool for minority voices. Getting rid of the filibuster is utterly anti-people. Get off my phone."

I've sent a note to her office very much in support of her defending the filibuster. I think she should get lots more support than just me.

Us Arizonans may be represented by two Democrats at the moment, but lets encourage them to be as purple as possible.

Can people call, write, text, or tweet at Kyrsten Sinema, and show her she has lots of constituent support to maintain her current position? Thank you!

Aaron Ellsworth

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Agreed. Arizona is in the Left's sights  (am I a terrorist for using that metaphor?).  Heck, they're halfway there with Ducey as governor.

I agree!

Americans for Prosperity Arizona has a form where you can send e-mails thanking Sen. Sinema to encourage her to stand strong in supporting the filibuster. You can sign here: https://americansforprosperity.ivolunteers.com/ContactOfficials/Sin...

Hardly surprising.  That organization, founded I believe by RINO senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, specializes in funding the election of other RINOs to house and senate seats.  They are "progressive enablers", as every RINO is.

Forget Sinema.  Find her replacement.

Whoops...was thinking of Club for Growth.  Americans for Prosperity is the creation of the Koch brothers...same deal.

As I have said before, supporting a Democrat is a waste.  Worry about supporting a conservative to beat the senator in her next re-election campaign.

   RED Arizona 2022  ,, "Remove Every Democrat 2022"

Frank- you are not very strategic are you?

Meaning?  Not supporting any Democrats makes sense to me.

Like I said you are not very strategic. If you don’t understand that statement, you in effect prove my point.





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