Schools Must Be Prepared To Teach English To Huge Influx Of Migrant Students

Has anyone reading this page and the underlying article been involved in learning a foreign language on a foreign land? If so, there is a 99.9% chance that you agree completely with the SEI method of learning. The reason why Udall, Hoffman, and others of their ilk oppose SEI is that it actually works, and produces results contrary to their socialist agenda of creating permanent government dependency.

Regardless of one’s position on immigration, it is a fact that for the foreseeable future we will have non-English speakers in our classrooms. This article makes some important points.

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No public school for illegal aliens! The left wants them? Then set up schools at the left's expense and watch them completely fail! Has everyone gone Mad?

The GOP is so spineless and weak, we would end up paying for those schools--you can make book on it.

From posts here I can't disagree that most of those who invaded our country and the our sovereign state of AZ should be deported. A pipe dream I think. Given that I think our focus might be better spent that for the continued learning of citizen students that the per pupil $$'s follow the citizen student to the school the parents best pick for their kids. 

We need an AG or Governor that will take on the job and do it regardless what the Feds do or don't do.

And that is the big problem--states having to the federal government's job.

What chance do we have with so many traitors in our midst by our own choosing? Here is another of Jose's Blogs on AFA it names those in the Republican Party in office right now voting to install more Socialist/Communist ways to teach the children in Arizona take a close look at this and tell everyone about what these people have done here. See link below please.

Democrats are not the only anti-American loons pushing CRT, etc.  But American parents are not responsible either--without covid-19, they never would have known what their kids were being taught.  Bad parenting at work for the Deep State swamp.

There is nothing in this article that remotely suggests that it encourages or condones unlawful presence by students or anyone else. 

They never do. They have made the statement that they must prepare for a "huge influx" and we do see in the news that our borders are jammed with people trying to get into the US of A and it isn't the Canadian Border that is slammed in any of the photos or reports I have seen so far. Immigration is a Legal Process in this country and in most of them. What we are seeing is an invasion and they are intent on coming here for some reason without the legal process I just wrote about above. Our own "President" and his minions are apparently going to give all these people something wether legal status or just here and undocumented as his mentors have done in the past the kids will end up in these schools and wether or not the news or anyone else acknowledge the truth their primary language of the majority is going to be Spanish as it has for the last 30 years in American Schools trying to teach children from other places. No one acknowledged this before in the press or Government and I don't expect that to change.

Dear Jose Borragero:

Please read the comments below.  It appears we have consensus, we don't want to teach illegal invaders English.  We prefer to have them deported.  Please work toward that end.

Yours truly,

Legal Arizona Citizens.

If they entered the country illegally, Jose, they should be deported--not educated, fed, and cared for medically on the U.S. taxpayers' dime.  Capisce?

I should not have to post this twice, but unfortunately, too many people comment without reading first.  Here it is for the second time:

"There is nothing in this article that remotely suggests that it encourages or condones unlawful presence by students or anyone else. "





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