Some of you have been keeping tabs on what is happening in Navajo County since AZGOP Chairman arbitrarily snatched the Navajo County Republican Committee away from the duly elected officers and gave it to Sen. Sylvia Allen.  Chairman Steven Slaton decided to fight for what he thinks is right.  Far too often, we as Republicans just roll over and play dead so as not to be labeled "controversial."  It's because of that fear or because Republicans are very polite as a rule that we get rolled all too often.


Republicans of Navajo County

Once again Slimy Sylvia Allen and Jimmy Vance, of the Navajo County Republicans Club are portraying themselves as the Navajo County Republican Committee.  Their continuing lying acts as if they are the official NCRC and is shameless.

Folks these people are people who do not, nor will, follow the rule of law with Slimy Sylvia  Senator Allen behind these people.

Steven Slaton the official Chairman of the Navajo County Republican Committee along with the executive committee has filed a civil law suit against Jimmy Vance and the others. Jimmy Vance as well admitted in an e-mail that they didn't follow the Rule of Law!

These people are so incompetent they also stole our logo that we used, and developed. I attached the civil suit front page.

If anyone would like a copy of the law suit, contact Chairman Slaton. It’s completely laid out on Slimy Sylvia Allen and Jimmy Vance’s illegally trying to take over the NCRC by violating State Statues and NCRC Bylaws.

These people have no respect for the RULE OF LAW!  Slimy Sylvia Allen is a liar. We'll have more coming out on her which will expose the lying Senator Allen!

Hopefully you folks will denounce Jimmy Vance and Sylvia Allen for their lying to you along with their illegal actions.

Steven Slaton




[For no reason that we can prove, Wells Fargo, who held the NCRC funds, handed those funds over to Jim Vance, the rogue "chairman" of the stolen organization] Steve Slaton: "Wells Fargo sent our NCRC funds to the Fake NCRC. They told us they would wait for the hearing outcome. They Lied."  [There was a hearing set to take place but WF transferred the funds even before the hearing took place.]


This is the latest update:

The Commission on Judicial Conduct has opened an investigation case on the miss-conduct of Judge pro-tem David Martin.
Navajo County Chairman Steven Slaton filed a complaint with the Arizona Supreme Court on the case against Jim Vance and others on there Illegal Taking of control and monies of the Navajo County Republican Committee. 
The Superior court of Navajo County never notified Mr. Slaton on the judge. Pro tem Judges, if assigned, have to be given consent by both parties. This did not happen. 
Also a Complaint is being filed with the Arizona State Attorney General Office on the failure of the clerk of the court not notifying Mr. Slaton on the Judge as well after many attempts by Mr. Slaton to find out who was the assigned Judge. Mr. Slaton found out through the (news)paper. Mr. Slaton does have witness in the failure of the clerks office of Navajo County.
We'll keep you posted.
Steve Slaton
Chairman NCRC

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Is this whole Navajo County political mess really just one-sided, with the present NCRC leadership being completely good guys and Sylvia Allen being the evil and "slimy" bad 'guy'?  I haven't seen that nefarious side of her down in Gila County.

That is a good question, Mike.  An AFA team member was present when this first got going.  That is when Sylvia Allen called two AZRA members, who had been invited as speakers, Nazi's.  Needless to say, that set off a few people and was a disgusting thing to say. She later apologized when she made a grab for the floor (Slaton graciously allowed her to have her say) but after the meeting, her buddies and family members started a fist fight and Allen's husband called our team member a stupid bitch.  Our team member was engaged in a separate conversation at the time but Sylvia intruded and started another verbal attack.  

The strange thing is that when the properly elected board took over the NCRC, it had been dormant and mis-managed for several years.  Our team member could not explain what Sylvia was thinking.  She had been to other NCRC meetings that were properly conducted, very professional and fair.  Sylvia was not at any of those!  She clearly came with an agenda for some reason.

Regardless of what was going on with Sen Allen, she and Lines illegally took the checking account and formed another group that Allen claimed was not another NCRC, but was the intent.  We hear about people unfit for office.... Sylvia Allen is unfit to represent anyone.  Her behavior in this situation is counter to what elected officials should be doing.  Yep, she is a great chameleon when she wants to be.  We are hoping Brenda Barton takes that seat as she is refined, knowledgable and knows how to treat voters.

Drain the swamp

I'm still scratching my head over this mess in Navajo County, wondering how it could have gone down the way it did.  Chairman Slaton was duly elected and did nothing that would warrant removal from office. And if that were to occur it should have been conducted by the a meeting of all PCs in that county.  Which, to my understanding, did not occur.

Chairman Slaton and Karen McKean are patriots with spines standing on principle and the Elites don't cotton to that. It's time that we let them know that we (the grassroots Trump supporters) are not going to allow them to continue to roll over us. There is a wave moving through this party that is going to upset a lot of Establishment apple carts which they brought upon themselves.  The election of Donald Trump is only the beginning of what is taking place. 

The establishment has the Chairman and the 3 Vice Chairmen -- everything, in fact, but the Secretary who has in effect been locked out.  And their supporters show up with stacks of proxies.  Thanks to Ducey and Lines, the establishment blocked the bill in the legislature that would have partially remedied this inequity.  And the GOPe even runs the Rules and Bylaws Committees to further shut out grassroots Republicans.

Withholding our donations to the state party might not have as much effect as we hope for given the establishment's deep pockets and big donors.  So, within this unfortunate and unfair reality, we need some clever, insightful strategies to get a grassroots foothold (or two) in the state party board and in their committees.

Tom - AZGOP by-laws and the NCRC by-laws do not require cause for officer removal. Correct me if I am wrong.  The committee officers are elected and serve at the pleasure of the PCs Slaton is not innocent it all aspects.  The NCRC by-laws passed on January 5, 2017  are not in compliance with the AZGOP by-laws.

Tom - would you have changed the by-laws to have the power to hire and fire a Treasurer and a Secretary by the county chairman?

I would not.

I would not have done that Bruce.  But I would have insisted that everything be conducted in the light of day.  Also, and this is more directed at the current and immediate past chairmen of the AZ GOP, I would have never run an election that could not be audited with a trail of paper votes.  In my opinion, none of this would be occurring if proxies and electronic voting processes were not allowed.  

My concern remains in the fact that we are losing good people because there is a growing discontent in the grassroots with the way party business is being conducted.  Case in point, last Tuesday's election in CD 8. That election is a warning sign to our party, or it may even be a indicator of a mass migration of the very frustrated and angry grassroots into a brand new party.  I am not saying this cavalierly, rather, I am saying this based on what I am hearing in my travels around the state, speaking with conservative clubs.  

Thank you AFA for staying on top of this travesty of MIS-JUSTICE by the AZ GOP Chairman and Sylvia Allen.   There is no greater injustice than for those in charge to ignore the rule of law..... those duly elected who have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution have become the predators who do just the opposite.    The despicable actions of both Allen & Lines, not to mention Jimmy Vance, has been well documented...... summarizing it will be helpful for Brenda Barton's campaign against Allen this August.  !!!!!!!!!     

I have spent some time trying to research this controversy. I thus far concluded that the rule of law was not followed and it was a power grab. The power grab was no surprise.

Under all this I'm thinking it takes on the smells of RINO/CINO shenanigans vs the goal of shutting down conservatives.

Bruce M Piepho; Cochise County PC and SC

Since my posting on 4/20/2018 there has been communications between me and both the Slaton Group and the Vance Group. Both groups probably will not like my additional comments and observations.

I was asked why - I in Sierra Vista got involved.  It is easy to understand.  I am a PC and more importantly an SC concerned with the upcoming November 2018 election.  Republican voters deserve party unity from top to bottom.

Arizona is targeted to flip from red to "blue" making the November 2018 elections very important.  When/if Arizona becomes a ‘blue’ state, some PCs may think GOP leadership did not take enough preventive action.  If the party leaders don’t care, that indicates the PCs that elected them don’t care, so why bother? Well I am taking the time to bother and hopefully help gain party unity.

Some of my conclusions on April 20 were premature regarding NCRC officer removal. I supported Steve Slaton. He in my opinion is a patriot and willing to help remove the current AZGOP Chairman and update the AZGOP by-laws. But I have taken a neutral position going forward.

The Special Meeting aspect that Slaton and I say was the correct procedure was avoided by Vance. The Vance Group did not have confidence the appointed secretary would issue a call letter. She was not elected but instead was appointed after the NCRC by-laws were adopted on January 5, 2017. The key word is appointed and I will have more later comments on that aspect of the by-laws.

NCRC by-laws:”Removal of Officers.

An Elected Officer of the NCRC may be removed at any time by a vote to that effect
by three quarters (¾) of the Voting Members of the NCRC, but may not be removed
at a Special Meeting unless the proposed removal is set forth in the call of the Special
Meeting as one of the items of business for such meeting.”

The “at any time” does not explicitly require to hold a removal meeting by one of the four by-law defined meetings.

Vance stated: "I never called for a "special meeting." It was a meeting I called to remove an oppressive and tyrannical executive committee in compliance with the NCRC By-Laws. I hope this helps you understand the process." The you was directed at me – I understand.

The Special Meeting procedure was not explicitly required in the by-laws.

Vance did not ignore or disregard the NCRC by-laws. He did not believe an appointed secretary would issue the call letter.  I would have called for a Special Meeting and if the appointed secretary did not comply, then proceed with officer removal at any time at any meeting at any place.

I think I understand what you have just wrote.

Recently a Republicans Women's Club the exec officers took it on themselves to run a Kangaroo Court to remove an officer duly elected and installed. The truth of this is that the one officer removed was viewed as a disruption to their status quo -- imagine grown women, being all professionals in their own right, feeling a perceived burr affixed to their behinds never laid cards on the table to work out all issues. Instead they proceeded to stack the deck against another. Members of the Club deliberately kept in the dark as the Kangaroos carried out their will. Bylaws  were insufficient  and there was no due process and the Standing Rules conceived by the execs with no buy-ins ever sought by membership or a request for approval.

As with the shenanigans of the AzGOP to seize power by any means its just rampant up and down the food chain.

 To diminish this type of power grabs will take fighters to try and end.

Bylaws, like the Constitution, are for a MORAL people.  They are useless for any other.  Benjamin Franklin, more or less.





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