[Editor: since this story was posted there is ample evidence that the leaks of the Trump video was orchestrated by Speaker Paul Ryan.  It was part of another of his grand plans, very intricate, to ruin Trump.  We'll go into that more later.  But as you read this article, think about our own AZGOP.  They were calling for Trump 3 hrs a week on Tuesday.  But if you went to the AZGOP office at any other time to call for Trump, you would end up calling for McCain!]

Donald Trump’s get out the vote efforts have been sabotaged at every level by the GOP, sources report exclusively to this reporter. Some of the sabotage is obvious and clear, and others is more subtle. Their motivations for sabotage vary from personal and professional jealousy to financial.

The bait-and-switch.

When a Donald Trump volunteer goes to the local GOP office to get out the vote, she’ll be sent out to knock on doors for down ballot candidates in neighborhoods Trump has already won.

Would be volunteers have reported to me that when the showed up at the GOP office, the local office would tell them to campaign for other GOP candidates. When the volunteers told the local office that they wanted to campaign for Trump, they were told to leave.

[embedded tweets]

The big ignore.

Other would-be volunteers have told me they’d show up to GOP offices only to find the doors had been locked. Their calls would go unreturned. It was simply impossible to volunteer to get out the vote for Donald Trump.

Journalist Mike Tracey observed that the Lancaster Co., PA GOP headquarters was closed on a Sunday – a huge day for voter registration efforts.

Continuing reading....

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It is absolutely stunning that greed and pride are guiding elected leaders to commit such atrocities to ruin what our forefathers worked so hard and diligently for and guiding us for more than 200 years. Satan is hard at work and only by countering this with prayer and guidance from our heavenly Father, will we survive. God give us strength and courage to do what is necessary to come out of this election in one piece.

In every general election cycle there's always talk about the "coattails" of the Presidential candidate. This year NOT A PEEP. Why is that? Because the GOPe doesn't want to appear to support Trump due to not "offending" Democrats in the House & Senate. These rabid dogs only want to "shake the hands across the isle" while the Demon-crats throw flaming darts in OUR backs? General George Patton was right to call these types COWARDS.

Trump is crushing Hillary on the "independent voters" and nothing is said? The GOP will be black & blue when this fight is over with a Trump V I C T O R Y.  The Spiritual War is real, and named.

I'm so furious!!! Steam coming out of my ears!!

Time for the revolution to begin.

You guys might like this about Ryan's Congressional leadership conference call:  http://www.lifezette.com/polizette/rep-king-no-one-defended-ryan-de...

Need proof or something more solid than "there is ample evidence"   that Paul Ryan is the traitor.   How do you know that?

Oh Glory: we don't know that for sure or we would have put out what we have gathered. But we expect something solid will come out unless the media suppresses it.  Very credible journalists and others investigating this.  Handy for one.  Others. Suggest you put everything on an exact time line and see how it looks to you.

   I trust that you will find the proof. Will be interesting.  



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