The following is a perfect letter for those of us who knew what this election was really about. It is a homerun.

By Rick Manning

Dear America:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You just saved the nation.

All of those unconstitutional pen and phone executive orders to do what Congress rejected — ripped up.

The regulations that are intended to destroy the coal industry and drive up the cost of manufacturing forcing jobs overseas — rescinded.

All the bad, bad trade deals that put the wants of big donor multi-national corporations ahead of the needs of American workers — torn up.

The job killing highest corporate tax rate in the world that has stifled economic growth — lowered.

And the near permanent takeover of the Supreme Court by those who don’t believe that the Constitution should be their guide, but instead hate the idea of individual liberties that come from God Almighty himself — prevented.

America, Nov. 8, 2016 will go down in the history books as the day that the people stood up and remembered that their country is one of laws and not men and women, rejecting the easy temptation of continuing a slide into the recesses of history, instead choosing the more difficult, noble path of freedom.

Your choosing in favor of our common national bond over those who would hyphenate each of us, separated by our race, religion and even sexual preference stops the slide into the abyss of mean-spirited fights that deprive us of our individual and national character.

The very transformation that you rejected is one designed to conform our nation to the world, rather than playing the role that God created for America to be a shining beacon of freedom for all in the world to see and be inspired by.

Donald Trump is just one man. He is flawed like all of us. He will need to be kept in check, just as the Framers intended for all presidents. And he may falter and fail, but the vote of 2016 signals that America is not dead, but instead is a concept that its people still cherish and are willing to fight for.

Hope for the future can now replace the despair of acceptance of a new normal where every day each of us were just a little less free, with a little less opportunity to make our own way without Uncle Sam’s forceful guiding hand.

In the end, that is what America is about, a land of individual opportunities to try, sometimes fail, get up and try again with an eye to becoming the best that each of us can be with the collective result being a strong, vibrant people and nation.

America is about an abiding faith that our freedom comes from God Himself, and cannot be taken away by men. A freedom worth fighting for not only here, but abroad as we help others overcome oppressors to join us in the light.

We were losing that confidence and sense of purpose and vision for ourselves. On Nov. 8, a glimmer has been restored in the lamp of freedom.

Thank you, America, for taking a chance on yourself again. Now, let’s get to work with the hard task of restoring our nation.

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.

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I fervently believe that the Trump victory is only the beginning. Without the active rededication of the American people to our founding principles, he will be unable to effectively change the culture that has infected our political system. In other words, WE have to start living it, to make it so: 

We Won. Now We Must Rededicate America to Founding Principles

Let's wait and see what really happens.  But, I'm always for acting as if and believing. 

Beautiful! I sincerity believe he will do everything he can to keep his promises. He will only be able to do so much in 4 years. We all need to pray for our PRESIDENT and our country.

Rick, I love your letter. God answered our prayers!

For anyone involved with corporate management, it's all about leadership: humility, lead through others and a host of other attributes best articulated in the book "From Good to Great". Donald has been mostly observed on the campaign trail with some harsh attributes, all designed to leverage attention to achieve a win. The real man is mostly known to his family, employees and acquaintances. We will soon see those attributes come through and realize that we truly elected a wining combination along with his Christian VP...
Δόξα το Θεό. Γεια σου ΓΙΑΝΝΗ
Αληθώς ο Κύριος. Για σου Larry...

Please don't rush into thinking Trump will truly try to "Make America Great Again."  To do so will require America be in control of its own destiny. This demands America get out of its commitment to support decisions of the United Nations, bringing monetary policy into compliance with the Constitution, and repudiate the ungodly, unconstitutional, and un payable debt we theoretically owe the FED. I've never heard him acknowledge these needs. Today it was announced he is considering nominating a wall street insider as Treasury secretary. Talk about the fox guarding the chickens: this is it.

In the farewell address of George Washington he warned us of the peril of foreign international entanglements. Yes, the UN should be kicked out of the USA, and we not support them as in the past with $425 million in "dues".  Washington understood the necessity of certain alliances in dire emergencies, but his general view of foreign policy encapsulates a wisdom that has been forgotten by today's generation of political leaders. Today it seems we have woven a web of deceit, set out to rob America ... of God's given Grace. He has shown Mercy upon us by this last election to save us from our socialist fate!  As a businessman, Trump knows it isn't t over until the die is cast with his appointees so rumors, and rumors of rumors is not an action  ... so let's just see what he does vs. the words of a hypothetical action.

It was ALL of us.  WE did it.  With the Captain of the hosts of the Lord at the head.  And it feels good.

America IS a Christian nation.........again!     Goodbye, Hussein!

In fact I LOVE this!!!



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