[Editor: Picked up today from MCRC Briefs AFA Editor's comments added in brackets.]

“Too Late - Cat's Out Of The Bag Now,” responded one reader when the individual learned that the LD23 Executive Committee decided to take no action on LD23 PC Ardith Hildebrant’s “Calling Out the Guisling(sic) Resolution.” The resolution, that pointed out alleged misbehavior of some LD23 PCs, has circulated throughout Phoenix for over a week.  [Editor: See Resolution here: Calling out the Quislings. It seems to us that LD23 decided to hang PC Ardith Hildebrant out to dry in favor of capitulating to the Quislings.  In our opinion, humble though it is, that is a bad precedent. What did we learn from the Trump victory?  Oh, yes, never capitulate to the bad guys unless you want to continue doing that indefinitely.  We are reminded of the words of Andrew Breitbart: “Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you. All those things are said against you because they want to stop you in your tracks." Are you listening, LD23 Board? Only Hildebrant had the guts to do that.  AFA believes they have thrown out the good guys and emboldened the bad guys.  One of the "quislings" ACTUALLY showed up to the meeting with a Scottsdale Policeman to protect him from.... words he might not like. The taxpayers picked up the bill, presumably!]

[Editor:  This is a curious situation.  Lines was the hand picked candidate by Robert Graham aka John McCain to be the next chair and Graham made sure the election went to Lines. So why didn't Lines know about the debt he inherited?  He was the Treasurer for the past two years, also hand picked by Graham.  What did Lines know or not know about the checks he signed, the budget he was supposedly involve with and making sure the AZGOP stayed on track with that budget?  Did Lines just sign a batch of blank checks so that AZGOP could fill them in when they needed to write a check?  Or is Lines playing a cat and mouse game with the precinct committeemen?  Or both? Where is all the $millions Graham claimed to have raised the last two years? Can't Lines raise $millions, perhaps from McCain's buddies, too?] The AZGOP Has Its Knickers In A Bind over the recently surfaced debt for the “Ballot Harvesting” court costs incurred over the past year. Newly elected Chairman Jonathan Lines got hit with a “surprise” bill during his second week in office.  There is no doubt that AZGOP owes the legal beagles for their winning work. As explained during the AZGOP/PCs tele town hall last night, the AZ Attorney General  simply doesn’t have the resources to fight this case alone. Nor is there any doubt about the importance of winning this case and how winning will make ripples across the nation. Make no mistake, the Dems are going to fight like hell as this case moves into the “trial portion” this fall. So AZGOP faces even more legal costs as this important case moves along. Since learning of the debt - inherited with the oath of office - Lines sent out a plea for funding from Arizona PCs. During the tele town hall, Lines revealed he is also reaching out to others facing ballot harvesting problems. Let’s hope they are generous – after all, if Arizona wins, they can win. The eyes of the nation are upon us… and the AZGOP legal counsel! - ft 

“B…S…,” bellowed a caller after the town hall session ended and participants weren’t told how much debt AZGOP has incurred on the “ballot harvesting” proceeding because leadership doesn’t want the Dems to know. [Editor: Allegedly, even the NEW Treasurer doesn't know and the records were sealed and he was told it was none of his business. Allegedly, that is what is going on. But you have probably already heard that rumor.] Does anyone really think Dem leadership hasn’t picked up on the scuttlebutt regarding the AZGOP debt? We’re told how “transparent” the AZGOP is, but newly elected Chairman Jonathan Lines says the debt came as a “surprise” when Executive Director Avinash Iragavarapu and transitional team member Teresa Martinez, informed him two weeks into his chairmanship… never mind that he had been the AZGOP Treasurer for two years prior to moving up the ladder. Of all people, why wasn’t the treasurer kept better informed? Maybe because he resides in Yuma and isn’t in headquarters every day?? After all, that’s quite a drive. But why all the secrecy?? 

    Ironically, the “little secret” has been circulating among “folks in the know” since the first of the year. Why wasn’t GOP leadership  up front with accurate figures instead of letting speculative six digit figures float around in the shadows since early 2017? It’s not as though the debt hasn’t been growing for months. 

    Others wonder why anyone would take on the chairmanship if they had any clue of the Party’s legal debt. Stuck with the bill, Lines says he has been reaching out to potential funding sources since this case is really a national issue and will affect other states. Does the Republican National Committee (RNC) question what is/has been going on in Arizona when approached to help bail out the AZGOP? After all, the former Arizona Chair Robert Graham was all primed to step into Reince Priebus’s shoes… until that backfired. The coming year is going to be an interesting ride. – ft  [Editor: Lines is now trying to coerce Republican PCs into sending in donations to cover these unknown legal bills.  We suggest that instead, if any PCs have extra money, send it to the LD23 Board to retire the legal bills that Robert Graham, et al, ran up for LD23 while trying to deny 119 legally elected state committeemen to be allowed to vote in the Chairman's election. We suspect that Graham had his orders: be sure Jonathan Lines walks away from that meeting as the new Chairman, no matter what you have to do! Here's how you can help LD23: LD23 Republican Committee, 8776 E Shea Blvd, #106-341, Scottsdale 85260]

State Committeewoman Shirley Dye of Payson brought up an interesting issue during last night’s AZGOP tele-town hall. Dye, concerned over the use (abuse) of proxies at state committee meetings, wants to know why the AZGOP can’t do away with the controversial proxies and return to the days when an alternate was sent to the state meeting to represent an absent voting member. Those alternates were voted on by their legislative district instead of someone carrying proxies from uninterested people who were signed up as PCs so the power hungry can use their vote to gain more party control. Lines assured Dye the issue would be discussed. It has since been pointed out by a PC, that “discussing” doesn’t mean the state executive committeemen will have the cajones to take action to correct the situation. – ft

Some other interesting questions were answered during last night’s AZGOP tele town hall that was scheduled to start at 5:30 pm, however, Briefs phone didn’t ring until 5:45 pm when a voice announced the “town hall was in progress”. I assume the first 15 minutes provided preliminary information regarding ballot harvesting. After the town hall call ended, Briefs learned that some people who had registered for inclusion on the phone list – never got called to sit in or participate. - ft

[Editor:  We have talked to several PCs because Lines' message has said to sign up to be on the call but it also said all PCs would be called.  Well, that's confusing.  Some said they did not sign up for the call but got one anyway - about 5:45.  Others said they did sign up for the call, sat by their phones until 6:00 and realized, they'd been victims of a bait and switch. Maybe they were just trying to get people's cell phone numbers? Looks like precinct committeemen are in for a very long two years!  We congratulate Jim O'Connor for being under God's wing on this one.  And shame on those who voted for Robert Graham's third term.  We figure the DNC is having a great insurgency at AZGOP's expense.]

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The truest line in this entire report is "And shame on those who voted for Robert Graham's third term."  They must all be on the take in some way but had more state committeemen voted correctly - anyone but Lines/Graham - they could have overcome the clear cheating by Graham in the counting of the vote.



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