I am amazed that we can get frequent insightful recognition as to what is happening to our party, and yet when I attend regular meetings held by republicans, the leaders of these meetings still chant “Vote republican” and “Loyalty to the Party” nonsense.  Yes we mustn't let democrats take control, but with what we all witness, has there been a difference?  This must stop.  Here are just two examples taken from the Republican Briefs on October 2, 2018, http://republicanbriefs.org/ .

Rob Haney, “progressivism” has a way of diluting an organization’s principles. “ and further stated “It seems axiomatic to me that the farther a ‘progressive ideology’ penetrates an established organization, the less the organization adheres to its founding principles,” and “It follows then that it is less likely for the hierarchical leadership to have the discipline required to enforce their founding doctrine.“

Bruce M Piepho, wrote: “Self-serving interests are the rule in the swamp.” And “Money = POWER and POWER equals CONTROL.  The RINOS, GOP elites and all democrats only want to control us.”

This is clear recognition, not just from me, that our party has sailed, not just drifted, from our founding principles and works for their own interests.  This has been deliberate in my opinion.  I haven’t been writing for all to see specific violations of law done by our party members just for fun.  Pointing out constitutional violations due to ignorance or deliberate disregard is not just to say “Hey, by the way, your rights and liberties are being stolen by your party.  No worries, go about your day.”  Yet this seems to be what has been happening.  I count on the law of physics in a way, “Every action causes a reaction”.  This law only works if there is an observer, if you understand Schrodinger’s theory.  What the hell people, is nobody observing?  Does nothing resonate with the idea that your allowing your sovereign freedoms as an individual and as a state to be TAKEN from you and your family by republicans in concert with democrats? 

I will not just give up, and I hope you all will not either.  This is our fight, not my fight, so grab your computers, do your research and inform everyone what you find that is wrong and a violation of law, our constitution.

Write about how your representatives put forth legislation that are in violation of law, and for Gods sake, stop voting for them!  Go to your city council meetings, school board meetings, LD meetings and say something other than ra ra ra for your elected person sponsoring and voting for the NPV, supporting and voting for teacher pay raises yet again, when it isn’t their responsibility, etc.  Haven’t you had enough?


Randy Miller

Recovered Constitutional Republican-LD21

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Randy & I have discussed this several times, in fact at a meeting this morning we went over the New Props Recommendations by the GOP on the Golden Slate handed out in LD 21 and for the most part they don't make sense except of PROP 127 is a NO Vote but 125 they say Yes, we say No, 126 they say No we say Yes, 305 they say Yes we say No, 306 they say Yes we say No, and after the meeting the person who claimed this was the committees decision then said it wasn't voted on by the Committee but this was outside after the meeting so said he'd clear it up at next meeting. The GOP is more PURPLE than Red these days in DC and AZ and we the Voters are the only ones I believe who can fix this, however to do that all must get informed before the next Primary cycle so we can defeat the Incumbents who Vote Against Us and for PACS, Lobbyists, etc., this is up to all of them and us to inform them and once again like it or not the Elephant in the Room is the $$$$$$$$$$$$'s needed to do the job, as of now they have all the $$$$$$$$$'s needed to Misinform so as to Mislead the average Voters to Vote for them, this can only be fixed by those willing to step up and solve the problem as many found out once again in the 2018 Primary can't be done without the $$$$$$$$'s no matter how Right you are on the Issues, hope all will take this Fact into consideration long before the 2020 Primary Cycle which Officially begins Nov. 7,2018, and not a minute later. God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 

Van, Yes the GOPs in Az is at best Purple. 

And thanks to Ducey, or one of his guys, the legislation that was moving along nicely in the last session to limit proxies to two per person was suddenly pulled before making it to the second committee.  The GOPe has a stranglehold on the state party and can keep the Constitutionalists completely out of power with their continued shenanigans.  None of Lines' vice-chairmen are true conservatives, making it very difficult to ever vote in a Constitutionalist state party chairman.  

So true Mike.  We need a new state Chair.  I know a good one and he is running.  Just waiting for his okay to say so. 

When I was at the last state meeting, it quickly became very contentious between the establishment members and the Constitutionalists.  Sadly we were voted down on every candidate and almost all, if not all, measures.  I truly hope that there is enough anger this time among the state committeemen to vote Lines (and his annoying hired-gun parliamentarian) out.  Then the new Chair would have to be quite strong to deal with a full slate of establishment vice chairs, unless we make a dent there, too.

I have been hoping someone of our constitutional bent would step up to run for State Chair.  We also need to find some folks to run for the other state executive offices up for election in January.  Since I am in Rural AZ, it is difficult to know the great potential candidates that are in the valley area that could be actively involved in the state party affairs.  We look forward to a great slate to vote for.  We have done are party in Gila County recruiting more elected PCs so we now have 7 more votes than last year that will attend the state meeting.   If other conservative counties also recruited more PCs we can make up the 35 vote deficit that prevented our guy from winning last time.  Hopefully you will announce some good candidates asap, so we can campaign for them. 

I was so proud to become a PC. Likewise  was equally proud to be a certified poll watcher. I would be overjoyed to be a SC.

That last joy most likely would not come to be. 



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