I will work for Trump here in Tucson and I believe he will be the "NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE  UNITE STATES" why, YOU ASK? HE is saying what every one thinks but will not say. Most of the thinking citizens will not vote for another traitor Repub or Demo again. They are all Snakes. The only thing they can do well is :Lie." 

If you have not, please read the book, "Uncle Big Rat, Rats and Snakes ALL LIE" get in on Amazon. Illustrator is from Tucson, Bob Zaborsky. author is Skyler. Pray for the Country, ask God to Bless us.

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I need some clarification. I was under the impression that the Maricopa County Republican Party organized this event - with absolutely no support from the state organization. So why is it Trump's fault that they gave out more tickets than they had spaces. Why isn't Graham on the carpet? Why wouldn't you want Az voters to be introduced to the current top dog in the race? This is the kind of poor leadership we are coming to expect from this corner of the party.

Unless I am mistaken, which could be the case. AFA to the rescue?





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