I will work for Trump here in Tucson and I believe he will be the "NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE  UNITE STATES" why, YOU ASK? HE is saying what every one thinks but will not say. Most of the thinking citizens will not vote for another traitor Repub or Demo again. They are all Snakes. The only thing they can do well is :Lie." 

If you have not, please read the book, "Uncle Big Rat, Rats and Snakes ALL LIE" get in on Amazon. Illustrator is from Tucson, Bob Zaborsky. author is Skyler. Pray for the Country, ask God to Bless us.

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Most of the thinking citizens will not vote for another traitor Repub or Demo again. They are all Snakes. The only thing they can do well is :Lie."  - true...

WATCH AND HEAR why Donald Trump has shot so fast to the top of the GOP Presidential race polls! He pulls no punches, especially when it comes to Hillary Clinton!

Trump Gave to the Dem's in 2006 and they took over the house and senate. He is a a blow heart. We need some one like Dr. Carson to heal our nation and right our ship. Trump is in the hotel industry do you not think he has hired illegals I bet the RNC and DNC  have so much dirt on him he will be destroyed by Dec.

Border Security?
That's why Trump has risen, for the political class within the Cabal Of Thieves have NONE of them.
Most all of Congress as a whole doesn't have ethics ... they have opened the taxpayer wallets by Obamacare and Trade approvals, and increasing the nations debt ceiling while at the same time causing our credit rating to lower.
Morals? How many have cheated on their constituents by VIOLATING their Oath of Office to the Constitution for self-interest gain?
Border Security? BUILD the dang fence they told us, a high tech fence would solve the problem ... and then it was deemed to be unworkable, and now we have no fence at all.
Convention Of The States (COS) they told would give us a balanced budget and reduce our taxes over time. 
NOW THAT IS impossible with the ruling on Obamacare subsidies FROM THE TAXPAYERS wallets ... and the courts same sex ruling that vacated individual AND states liberty to chose for themselves what is called a "marriage".
Politics is a dirty "business" of compromise ... with EVIL !!!
And  the Donald knows what EVIL is, and where it sits.
We now see a light in the darkness ... that will make the cockroaches run for cover.

We had to watch it on the news since we were turned away after standing in line in the hot sun WITH TICKETS for 90 minutes.  And we didn't show up late.  They need to get their act together if they plan to hold events where they give out too many tickets and turn people away.  And have the candidate show up at 4pm for a 2pm event.  I like what he's saying, but his people need to get ready for hosting these events without pissing his supporters off.

I watched  it live on the internet and he arrive shortly after 3:10pm ... but they had better get used to the idea that the public wants and needs a leader, not just a talker without a teleprompter.

His message needs continuity of points in a shorter time frame as I was getting bored by the end of it.

Jean - You can see the full Trump speech at this link. 


The over-subscription and the change of venue (I heard there were actually two changes) is the best "bad news" a candidate and the AZ GOP could get. I commend all concerned with the event for managing to get the AZ Conv Center on short notice ... 

Trump's candidacy is important, whether he wins the nomination or not. If he does not, then Jeb Bush can beat almost any of the fine conservatives on the roster. He has the money and the establishment GOP behind him. Those GOP old bulls would much rather lose to the Democrats than cede any more ground to conservatives. Bush is their designated loser this time around, joining the Dole / McCain / Romney conga line of gracious losers.

The most important candidate at the moment is surely the one who looks like he can displace Bush. And right now that's Trump. No other is close, and with the vote split among so many good conservatives, the old bulls of the GOP are sure they can force Bush onto the ballot -- if only they can handle Trump.

Trump isn't my principled favorite, but if he can beat Bush, we have a strong chance to beat Hillary. Bush would mumble his way through a presidential campaign, spouting platitudes and promises that his handlers would never let him keep even if he wanted to. He'd lose to Hillary, and then where would we be? 

WOW.  But that is what happens when people get free stuff, many just don't show up.  It's common to give out more free tickets than there is room for that reason.  Trump showed up at 3:07, not 4:00 but I can understand why you were steamed.  I expected it to be a chaotic madhouse so I thought I would watch it on Ch 12 but despite all the reports that it would be carried live, they didn't show it either.  So I will watch it on Ch10's website.

I attended the Trump's rally with friends.  True we had to stand for a long time inside, but when Donald arrived there was such "enthusiasm" that has been missing from our party (Rep.) for a very, very long time.

Kinda like when the rescue boat finally comes to your Island where you were shipwrecked for Years and you had to eat Bugs and coconuts to live and you grasped at anything to save your sorry ass.. We've seen a reported Messiah  try to come to the rescue before and his name was BHO. Hey all stop with the adulation thing and think in the second four years he is not answerable to the people because he is self funding, look before you leap. Where is the Continuity??? He is a business man you are his commodity. The Convention CTR said no weapons Guns Knives, AZ is Constitutional carry welcome non existent 2 nd amendment remember No Water bottles,flags with points no signs were allowed in I had to throw my sign away. It said; "No Sanctuary Cities", outside water was sold for 2 bucks a bottle and you couldn't bring it in and had to repurchase when inside. Try telling that to WE The People of 1776 and a riot will break out. We are dumbed down Chattle now a mere commodity to the well heeled..

I was fortunate to be able to attend - and, having been involved in campaigns in the past, I can surely understand the disappointment of the many people who were turned away.  My understanding is that when they first booked the Biltmore, the number of people interested was reasonable, but small.  However, as the word got around it was necessary to grow the location, not once, but twice.  The Phoenix Civic Center was already booked, so they say, so the largest venue to be had was where it actually took place in.  Of course, my snooping around uncovered info that says there was a 10,000 person capacity space available not being used and never offered.  It makes me wonder just how much anti-Trump influence Greg Stanton - the Phoenix Sanctuary City Mayor used or had in keeping Trump's Rally limited to the number the space could hold, resulting in the turning away of 3 to 4 thousand ticket holders.  As always, this will be discussed and the truth eventually learned, but on short notice....?  All I can say is....folks, let the "Donald" Campaign people know for future events that he is your guy and don't let your support fade.  Indeed, let him know that he is speaking your language and we aren't in the mood to be burned time and again by candidates, nominee's or politicians.  He needs to laser focus on the immigration issue - and Amnesty is not in our vocabulary, no matter how they want to cloak it in sweet sounding liberal words and phrases.  Send them home and let them get in the line that says "the Legal Road to the USA."  Get on board because the Trump train is leaving the Station.  America, with your help and Trump's Leadership....is going to rise again!!  Believe it!!

Right now the only viable candidate is Trump as far as I am concerned. We know all the others are controlled by lobbyists and money, and they'll sell us all out at the drop of the hat. Maybe Trump willt too, but I think he's an American first and a globalist last. Not like all the others especially democRATS. We'll soon see. Just take the negatives from the media with very large grains of salt.





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