This was published on  You need an account to read the entire artcle.  Use the headline from this to search on their site.  We post this because we posted the same activity by Wendy Rogers who distributed an 8 page "newspaper" pretending it was real news but is only about Wendy since her campaign thought it was a good idea to try to trick voters.  It now seems Kelli Ward is doing the same thing.

Someone along the way commented on Ward's drumbeat to get Arpaio out of the race.  The statement, loosely, went like this:  Trump had  eleven opponents.  Not once did he call for any to drop out.  

We believe every person in America can strive to run for office.  They need only get sufficient signatures to get on the ballot but do not need anyone's permission.  The voters will do the rest.

NOTE:  Pres. Trump has avoided endorsing or supporting anyone in this race but if he did, he may well endorse his friend from day one, Joe Arpaio.  The other two are faking having been on the Trump Train from the beginning.  Thanks to RJ for this report.


Yvonne Wingett Sanchez


Kelli Ward, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate, is distributing a campaign flyer with a photo of herself standing alongside President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Trump agreed to pose for a photo with Ward during the December 2017 visit but specifically asked that it not be shared, according to a White House official who witnessed the brief exchange but is not authorized to speak publicly about it.

Ward, a former state senator from Lake Havasu City, has been seeking the president’s endorsement since the earliest days of her campaign; she also failed to capture Trump’s endorsement during her unsuccessful 2016 primary challenge of U.S. Sen. John McCain. For nearly a year, Ward has touted a tweet in which Trump invoked her name while slamming U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake, who is retiring.

The matter is not trivial: Trump’s blessing could be a crucial factor in the

three-way Republican primary race, which also includes former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Trump political ally, and U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, who also has been touting her access to Trump on the campaign trail.

So far, Trump has not officially endorsed any candidate in the Arizona GOP race.

Early ballots for the primary will be mailed out Wednesday.

Prior to emailing questions Monday afternoon to Ward’s campaign spokesman about her use of the photo, The Arizona Republic could find no other instances in which the photo of Ward and Trump was shared.

Monday evening — after her campaign exchanged emails with The Republic about whether Ward had permission to distribute the photo — Ward blasted out the photo of her with Trump on Twitter, along with a tweet he posted in August 2017.

Ward wrote in the tweet that she thanks God every day for Trump and “the amazing job he is doing” to “Make America Great Again,” a nod to the president’s 2016 campaign slogan.

Zachery Henry, Ward’s spokesman, said in an emailed statement that the White House official’s description of the “photograph/conversation” was inaccurate.

“Dr. Ward is quite proud to have spent time with the President and received his tweet of encouragement last year,” Henry wrote, adding that the other two GOP candidates are playing up their own relationships with Trump.

The White House’s press office did not respond to a request for comment.

A person familiar with the operations of the Trump campaign said in a written statement Thursday that the president “likes all of the candidates in the race very much” and looks forward to supporting the Republican nominee in the general election.

“President Trump has not endorsed anyone in the GOP Senate primary in Arizona and any photos or other general expressions of support shouldn’t be read as such,” the person wrote.

The small photo on Ward’s flyer appears on the left-hand corner of a onepage primer illustrating the differences between Ward and rival McSally, of Tucson.

McSally is the best-funded Republican in the primary, and polls show her leading. She is currently on the air with ads using sound bites from Trump praising her as “the real deal” and “tough.”

The picture could imply Ward has landed an endorsement she does not have in a race where Trump’s approval is the most coveted endorsement of all.

The flyer’s photo is accompanied by the August 2017 tweet from Trump that blasted Flake, who condemned the nastiness of Republican politics in the era of Trump in announcing he would not seek re-election.

“Great to see that Dr. Kelli Ward is running against Flake Jeff Flake, who is WEAK on borders, crime and a nonfactor in Senate,” Trump’s tweet said. “He’s toxic!”

Trump’s tweet has been featured on the campaign’s social-media pages for the past 11 months, Henry wrote.

“... and we’re quite proud of it,” Henry wrote. “Especially considering our two GOP opponents have received no such public encouragement from the President.”

Ward’s flyer added a speech bubble that pointed to Trump’s tweet.

The bubble said, “AND ‘Martha McSally is Worse than Jeff Flake,’ ” a reference to a headline from an opinion story published on the politically conservative website

Ward’s campaign flyer was distributed to voters at a Republican women’s club event last week.

For many of these voters, candidates’ loyalty to Trump is the key to their vote.

They are fed up with Arizona’s two senators, McCain and Flake, whose animosity with Trump began in 2015, soon after Trump announced his presidential bid.

All of the candidates for the GOP primary are touting their relationship with Trump in campaign ads, during media interviews and in stump speeches.

If elected, Ward pledged to help the president build a wall along the U.S.Mexico border and repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Strongly supports President Trump and is a true advocate for the America First agenda — proudly voted for him in 2016,” her campaign flyer said, in attempting to draw a contrast with McSally.

McSally did not endorse Trump in the 2016 election — and may not have voted for him.

Follow the reporter on Twitter @yvonnewingett and on Facebook. Reach her at yvonne.wingett@arizona

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Replies to This Discussion

I for one would not be excited for a Ducey as Senator, the open border governor, just what this border state needs and don't forget his cave to #RedforEd.  I think you were joking right?

I'm just thinking we need a non-McCain person as Governor.  And besides, if Ducey runs for senator, he might lose and be out of the picture completely.

Bingo Larry! If we are to ever make dents in the long standing McCain political war machine in AZ politics that would take cycles of elections voting in candidates that challenge the status quo.

Then candidates we do elect hold them accountable.

SMH! People were so POed that Wendy Rogers did that but now, Kelli was told by the Trump team not to use the pic but you, Larry, don't mind?  She was specifically told she could have a photo-op so long as she didn't use it for campaign purposes and she broke her promise to Pres. Trump.  And you are good with that?  Exactly how is that any different with dems who do the same crap?  I think we were all upset with the Arpaio decision and it may or may not change the outcome but I am with Jasper.  In America, we don't decide who can and can't run for office.  We can vote, tho which is the way the system is supposed to work.  Look at the stiff competition A. Lincoln had in his first campaign.  Did he whine about his competition?  No, he just paid close attention to his own campaign and got elected.  Case closed as far as I'm concerned.  I tell all my activist peeps to closely look at attitude of the candidates before they vote.  It's a myth that Trump prefers Ward.  The myth was started by Ward.  Another fake news event from the Ward campaign. Character counts and she seems not to have any.

I don't mind.  I don't know if President Trump is irked that Kelli has their picture on her flyer.  I'm sure he knows that she is a Trump supporter.  Tell you what, why don't you ask him?  I don't think having a picture on a flyer comes close to any of the hundred things McCain has done.

McCain is not running and never will again. Ward supports Trump I'm sure, now.  But she supported  Cruz for months. I don't believe that disqualifies her from being a Trump supporter now.  This election year, every candidate is a Trump supporter, just not from the beginning as so many claim. Easy to find by doing a google search.

Trump does not prefer Ward and never said he did. He chose to stay out of this race. No myth here.

No he actually has not definitely came out in the primary  for one or the other -- smart.

Right, he didn't.  Odd that Ward intimates he supports her.  Way to do that with images, not words.  Many forms of communication.

Pat, slews of candidates sally up to the President. If I had a photo op from a meet & greet with my President I would post for all to see.

In events where McSally spoke from what she says you are led to believe she and Trump are best buddies.

Dr Gorka endorses Ward. I spoke with Gorka when he was with Ward in PV. One thing I discussed was the Sheriff in the race. Gorka said its a problem and conveyed that the President was aware.

If we are hung up on a photo op G-d help us.

Yes, Patricia. None except Rogers and Ward are using those in campaign ads that I've seen but the key is that Trump's team made it clear they were not to be used for campaigns and I would think these candidates agreed at the time or there would be no photos taken. This is classic for both Rogers and Ward to break promises, nudge the rules.  That is what voters should be "hung up" on - the campaign trail is littered with promises made to get something and broken the minute they get it.  That is just what everyone claims they so dislike in candidates, promise anything, forget later.  We are not discussing what candidates infer on the trail.  Gorka isn't being discussed in the conversation and is irrelevant.

It matters to me.  And I don't think you have to spell God as G-D.  We are adults aren't we and know God exists and rules?

Pat I don't actually know for sure that she was told not to use the photo.



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