It seems that every two years, the Maricopa County Republican Committee finds a new name.  A couple of years ago,  Chairman Tyler Bowyer changed the name to the Republicans of Maricopa County.  Not to be outdone, last year, Chairman Chris Herring renamed it again.  This time it is the abbreviated Maricopa County Republicans as if they just couldn't raise the energy to add that last word, Committee.  One might think the chairmen are embarrassed to be called by their name: Maricopa County Republican Committee.  Since this Committee is closely tied to McCain and got elected by McCain sycophant, Robert Graham, former AZGOP thug, we don't blame them for wanting to try going incognito.  They have a blog that has not been updated in five months. In hiding?

To our point, the Watchamecallums are having their annual meeting on January 13 at Church for the Nations.  The primary business at hand, other than telling all constitutional conservative precinct committeemen that they are "out of order," is to elect new Members-at-Large.

To that end, the Watchamecallums have floated their establishment slate.  We don't know who paid for the full color flyers but it would be unseemly for the Watchamecallums to use party money to do that. We have to ask, "Whatever happened to party neutrality in party elections?"

For your voting information (if you are a PC in Maricopa County, the fourth largest county in the country that Chairman Herring thinks is the largest), these are the candidates to vote for if you prefer a status quo, establishment, anti-Constitutional, anti-Bylaws board:

Wally Campbell (female) (LD13), Dino Eliades (LD18) (who we remember once being a conservative), Van Di Carlo,  Johnny Melton (LD21) (LD22, arguably the most liberal LD in Maricopa County) and Columbian-born, Monica Yelin (LD1).  This is your "we will vote just the way we are told" candidates for the Member-at-Large seats.

There are a total of 16 candidates.  Of those 16, only FIVE (5) - FIVE - are true conservative, anti-establishment folks who do not run for every and any office they can find, just for the fun of it:

Tristan Manos (LD24), Joe Neglia (LD26) (Parliamentarian), Janell Soyster Buchholdt (LD23), Kay Reardon (LD16), Elwood "Butch" Kuentzler (LD4).

If you are happy advancing the politics of establishment Robert Graham, vote the first group. 

If you would prefer to help return the Republican party to its roots as the party of Lincoln, vote for the second group.

If you don't give a rip, vote for any five of those not named here.

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Editor's note:  We inadvertently listed LD22 as "arguably the most liberal LD..." when in fact, we should have put that label on LD21.  Sorry for the confusion.

Congratulations to Tristan Manos, Joe Neglia and Janel Buchholdt on winning three of the five seats for Member-at-Large at today's Maricopa County Republican Committee Mandatory Meeting.  The prevailed in a field of 16.  The other two winners were Monica Yelan and Johnny Melton.  We are happy to report the strongest Constitutiional conservatives took the majority of those seats.  Full report to come.





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