[Editor: Maybe you believe that any state party, including the AZGOP, has no authority or influence over politics in your state.  That is totally wrong.  Here is how it works in most states:

Precinct Committeemen (PCs) get elected or appointed by precinct in their legislative district of which Arizona has 30.

Elected PCs then elect the district board of directors and state committeemen.

The PCs in some counties also elect county boards of directors.

The State Committeemen (SCs) go to the annual state meeting and elect officers for the state party and approve the Bylaws that are to govern how the state party acts, theoretically.

The national party, in the case of Republicans, the RNC, sends big chunks of money to the state party to help elect federal candidates to Congress.

The elected Congress and Senators vote on someone's behalf, usually lobbysists and themselves, thus run the country if they are the party in the majority and in truth, even if they are not because now the country is run by the Uniparty!

We tell you this, even though many of you already know the drill, so that everyone understands exactly why our once red state elects people like McCain, Robert Graham, Jonathan Lines and Jeff Flake.  They control the money!  The PCs control the power until they willingly give it up to the Uniparty which is why the Congress and Senate also controls the power.  Money + power = Control.

When the officers of the State Party are self-serving, which in Arizona is just about always the case, the Bylaws, the rules for the party, always favor those in power.  Because they have the money, power and control.

So, when someone from out of state asks you why a state like Arizona would elect people like McCain and Flake, you now can tell them how it works.  Bylaws!]

For more about this, here is an article by Jim Ehl who lives in Cochise County and has been around Arizona Republican party shenanigans for a very long time:
From the current AZ GOP bylaws: “C. Applicability of Bylaws These bylaws apply fully to the county committees of the Arizona Republican Party. County bylaws may not conflict with these bylaws.”  That means that thousands of ‘grassroots supporters PCs’ are subject to the guidelines therein, and the ignorance and disregard of the bylaws by the members and chairs is appalling.  
By now one has read the Town Crier email on amendments to the bylaws according to the current bylaws.  And yet one can see how messed up this procedure has become, especially ‘members’ of the ‘bogus’ bylaws committee.  What goes on with that committee??  That committee had a meeting on 4 November.  One of the ‘leaders’ in the party who is a member of that committee was asked for a summary of that meeting that could effect thousands of ‘grassroots’ PCs.   Here is the answer!
Per the conditions of being able to serve on that committee, members were asked to keep discussions in those meeting in confidence. As I grew up in a world where my word is my bond, I am not at liberty to share that information with anyone.”

As for why XXXXXXX has stopped answering your emails, I have no idea as we never talk about you or your emails. Sorry I can’t help with that either.

Can one believe that??   What is one’s take on attendees that agreed to that secrecy?  A member reported would not sign that agreement and therefore was prevented from participating in the meeting!  Here is another take on the meeting - - “Talked to a representative on the by-laws committee.  Apparently the chair Petsas and committee members have not gotten through the entire by-laws.  NO conclusions that we know of BUT Might have some by-law changes drafted by the executive leaders of the AZ GOP - Petsas, Lines and Kenney.  Not much to hope for anything worthwhile.”  Well, whatever they come up with must be voted on by the membership.  We still haven’t heard from the secretary as to what she intends to do according to the current AZ GOP bylaws. Standby for heavy rolls to starboard port!!!
That is AZ GOP leadership in action?  Has anyone heard from the state chair on this matter??  In fact, has anyone heard anything besides glowing ‘campaign’ reports like a secondary campaign committee.  How about AZ GOP information?
Whatever the state chair comes up with, the key is with the secretary!  All proposed amendments go to the secretary for mailing to all the members (state committeemen).  The proposed amendments are then voted on, yes or no, by the membership!  So don’t be too discouraged, Mr. Lines  (or his unelected shadow, Kenny) can’t really run away with this, especially if enough of the county chairs have enough backbone to get involved!
Jim Ehl
Editor, Town Crier
[We understand that there will be a clause in the new bylaws that will prevent any Recalls of the Chairman and, we presume, the Board, by Special Meeting. Sweet.]

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Drain the swamp

After these shenanigans, whatever secret bylaws they propose have a Snowball's chance of passing.

Don't count on that. The same group who voted in Lines will be voting on the Bylaws. This is how they keep control: paper proxies.  Yeah, I hear that conservatives should get out and fill those seats and they should. But we have to remember the AZGOP PAYS people to go out to do that for the establishment and then if the precinct is full, McCain pays with democrat money to be sure his paper PCs get elected.

I wouldn't put it past them to have two sets of bylaws: one for SCs to see and one that they actually vote on at the meeting where no one will be reading them. Crooks do these things and no one says anything at the time. What we need is not just more PCs but more honest people in the party.  People on this site for instance.

Bylaws and all laws are useless in the hands of crooks. It sure seems wrong that a few people can get away with violating their own bylaws against 1200 state committeemen. What's wrong with this picture?  Too  many of the 1200 are crooks too.

As a past Chairman of the AzGOP Resolutions Committee, I can tell you firsthand that even in the hands of the best committee chairmen, there are stooges implanted in EVERY committee by the State Chairman who stymie the efforts to bring honesty and transparency and integrity and equity to the committtee's decisions.  By "equity", I mean to empower the PC's with the abilities that they are touted to have.  As a Committee Chairman, I perceived that my duty was to represent the PC's in the state.  This allegiance was in direct conflict with the intent of the State party Chairman who seemed to feel that I was beholden to him to carry out his designs upon the committees deliberations and conclusion.  This was all made known publicly in the State convention of 2014 where motions were made from the floor, duly seconded, voted upon by the body at large and accepted, whereat I was removed from the podium and Robert Graham brought forth his stooge who was allegedly a "parliamentarian" imported from the squad of RINO's ever present in the shadows at the beck and call of John McCain who OWNS the AzGOP.  The stooge thereby declared that the vote just taken by the assembly was "out of order" which was a complete falacy.  Witness this whole event on YouTube.

We are not sure if this is the video referenced by Ray Sweeney but we can say that the so-called parliamentarian mis-read the Roberts Rulles in order to protect Robert Graham from being CENSURED by the body of State Committeemen who did everything right.  This is not the usual parliamentarian who serves AZGOP but was brought in expressly to protect Graham from this embarrassment.  In our view and the view of hundreds of State Committeemen, Graham should have been censured and would have been if a vote had been taken as was proper.  Because Graham committed so many infractions over a four year period, it's difficult to narrow down one in particular.  If this is not the correct video, perhaps Ray will provide a link to the correct one.  In the meantime, take a look at Graham's face (just behind the podium to the right chomping on some kind of food - embarrassing in itself) to see it is clear he knows just what is coming.

Drain the friggin swamp





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