What do we know about the tragedy in Charlottesville?

Here's the public story:

Virginia gave a permit to the "White Nationalists" to hold their rally in protest of the removal of the Gen. Lee Statue in a local park.  Later in the day, the permit was revoked.  Around midnight, another judge approved yet another permit.  The protest was being put on by neo-Nazis, White supremacists and the KKK under the name "Unite the Right" Rally.  (Coincidentally,) they were met by counter-protesters, presumably on the left.  Some claimed Trump supporters made up the counter-protesters. street brawls broke out (to no one's surprise) and Gov. McAuliffe declared a state emergency.  State Police and other law enforcement showed up to quell the brawl.

Gov McAuliffe blamed the neo-Nazis and White Supremacists for the deadly brawl. From the L.A. Times:

Addressing worshipers at the Mount Zion First African Baptist Church, a few blocks from where the clashes took place Saturday, McAuliffe did not mention Trump by name, but he blamed “political rhetoric” for “breeding bigotry.”

“To the white supremacists and the neo-Nazis who came to our state yesterday, there is no place for you here,” he said. “Shame on you.” [snip] Bloody street brawls broke out Saturday between far-right protesters and anti-racism counter-demonstrators, many of whom carried shields, weapons and Nazi and Confederate battle flags. One woman was killed when a driver plowed a sports car into a crowd of counter-demonstrators.

[Editor's note: notice how McAulliffe ties this to "far-right" protesters (racist Trump supporters) against anti-racists (polite, Sunday School teachers).

Rumor is that the man they say drove the car, James Alex Fields, didn't actually drive the car but is a stooge.  

Here's the true story from a guy who knows Bill Ayers, went to school with him, knows him very well:

"Good morning friends .Today in the aftermath of Charlottesvile patriots need to understand that Charlottesville was an agent provocateur incident incited by ANTIFA...This is a front group largely organized by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn of Weather underground infamy and funded by SOROs ANTIFA militants were bussed in primed to attack wearing helmets ,body armor and armed with clubs and brass knuckles .. As you watch news footage look for the ones dressed in black wielding clubs ..these are the ANTIFA terrorists This event was a replay of Ayers and Dohrn's 1968 " A Day of Rage " action in Chicago. (Google for more back ground )
The C' Ville event was planned to coincide with a parallel demonstration by KKK and others to provoke violence and to smear President Trump. as a racist . The left media is pushing this propaganda line .
Notice that Hillary swamp rat Gov. MCCauliffe's (sic)  statement wholly ignored any reference to ANTIFA's role in inciting violence and instead focused exclusively on the KKK and white "supremacists " The KKK ,David Duke and others protesting the removal of Lee's statue were wittingly or unwittingly the "useful idiots" and pawns of those like Ayers Soros and other anti American communists and fascists who orchestrated the ANTIFA attack to advance the left agenda to bring down President Trump 
As President Trump has said ...the single most important value to remember as we fight through this turmoil and sedition is that whatever is our race ,gender or creed WE ARE AMERICANS FIRST ."


The point here is that this was a fully orchestrated, false flag operation.  It was planned well in advance, the permit issuance and withdrawal and then re-issue in the middle of the night was part of the plan to give it a smell of validity.  It was designed from the beginning to be pinned on Trump in their never-ending effort to take Trump down.  It was no coincidence that Maxine Waters came out within a nanosecond to blame everything on Trump.  Unfortunately, most Americans will buy the story the media is putting out.  These people are putting everything they have into defying the wil of the voters.

Let's not forget, this is not a far left effort or a Democrat effort.

Again, from the L.A. Times:

"The White House and Trump associates, meanwhile, pushed back Sunday after critics, including prominent Republicans, condemned the president for not singling out white supremacists by name when he said that “many sides” were responsible for the violence in Charlottesville."  Notice, not one of them blame or even mention the ANTIFA as being part and parcel of the plan.  Wonder why?

So let's recap:

1. About 200 of these WS/Neo-Nazis were gathered from around the country to protest. "Gathered" is the key word - that's ALL "they" could get together for this, not 1000's as are claimed to be around.

2.  The media is hyping this 24/7 to make the gathering bigger and more important than it was until someone ran their car into the people, which is the only thing that gives it importance.

3.  Unreported is the guy driving the car is a staunch far-left anti-Trump person. Perhaps all the hype and efforts to remove Trump is having an effect on these nut cases.

4.  The media and some Republicans now have a new way to stop Trump when they know Trump had nothing to do with this but because he refused to call out the WS/Neo-Nazis by name.  Had he done that, called out all those responsible, he would have had to call out Soros (paid for it), McAullife (helped set it up), Bill Ayers, the KKK rally that was already scheduled to take place in VA with no outrage prior to this and on and on.  How well would that have worked?

5.  The goal is unmistakable: pin something else on Trump that he had no part of but maybe we should be pinning this on McAullife.

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Charlottesville was just like Orlando and others: not an organic protest, clearly coordinated probably by Soros as usual and bussed in. I don't know when they are going to stop when they know the violence could kill or maim someone. After Orlando video showed many who claimed to be badly injured were not, hard to know what to believe. Media is so shameful now

Time for some future (very future, and it would have to be retroactive) Pulitzer Prize-caliber media writers to step up and expose this conspiracy, which would put Water Gate to shame.  This is nothing short of the Fascists' and Communists' 180 degree-off manipulation of the news and public opinion shaping toward their nefarious ends.  These anti-American traitors need to be shut down now.  Let us all continue to expose and fight them.

The White Nationalists were attacked by the communists just like they did in Oakland. They attack conservative speakers and Trump supporters. Antifa was not even mentioned. The media will not call them out this is a real conspiracy.

We can bet that whatever the news says happened didn't happen the way they say it did. You can further bet that not one of those paid by Soros or McCauliffe will be accountable for what they did on the scene regardless the act. In the 90's the majority of those involved with this kind of "White power" or "Nazi" public displays were about 1/2 federal or government paid provocateurs investigating and instigating Militia and Separatist groups like what was attempted in Idaho with Randy Weaver.

So just now we learn that the driver of the car .... drove from Ohio ... was working for a "security company" ... and getting paid $650 every 2 weeks. So he can afford to drive all that way on that pay scale? George Soros is all over this action, wearing the same black helmets, black lives matter shirts, and red colored flags. This is his movie I'll call  ... a R E V O L U T I O N ... to destroy America by a racist, collectivist, political social justice, and economic inequality. Soros works towards his end to overturn Liberty to assemble and the Freedom to speak.

Charlottesville car attacker is identified as Anti-Trump ANTIFA supporter - awaiting confirmation but we know the media will never confirm this kind of info.  [LINK]

See video on Facebook for another take on the Charlottesville protests. CAUTION: very coarse language!!

Same video on youtube:

All liberals are far-left progressive Communists.  There are no moderate Leftists, ALL of them are far-left radical regressives and they are all  freeloaders, gaming America for whatever they can get out of it............welfare, food stamps, obamaphones, free Obama-medicaid healthcare.............ALL OF THEM!

Here's video from a protestor asserting that Antifa/BLM were given the right to protest, but NOT the "White Nationalists."  It also shows the Antifa/BLM thugs came prepared, with body armor, helmets and clubs, which they used on other protestors and inciting violence.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXuUgCebLlk

Here's another video from a different perspective.  Any discerning person looking behind the curtain can easily see that the WS were not the instigators. At one point, we see them standing quietly in the street holding their confederate flags. We may not agree with their positions but they had the right to protest. That's what this is about: Constitutional rights don't end where the bully's start.  This further shows that it was BLM (brought in just for this purpose) and ANTIFA, the strong anti-Trump thugs, were at the heart of the violence.  But who, even J Pirro on Fox, has told the bare truth?

When the law and the government shuts down everyone they disagree with, liberty is in peril.  If they come after these WS, they can come after the tea party, Trump rallies and every conservative group and individual.  This is dangerous stuff, very dangerous.  Please don't be one of those people who scoff and say well I can't be bothered with that stuff.

Is this the video you intended to publish?  I don't see any scenes from Charlottesville.  

It's a first person account by reporter Faith Goldy who was there.  Here is another if you prefer:

Do we all remember what President Obama said after Trevon Martin was killed? President Obama interfered with local law enforcement which was unprecedented and inappropriate when he said ... "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon" on March 233, 2012. Then again the words of "hands up don't shoot" come to the mind with indoctrinations. It always about "white racism" when black racism is never called out, for Al Sharpton will have not of that name.

Where was this media then ... in favor of those comments ... not letting our justice system move forward with investigations. Now this same with CNN is calling Trump out because he DID NOT follow the Obama rules of engagement complicit with the press's demands to speak out prematurely. At times like this domestically we are faced with the lefts radical, revolutionary racism, which demeans the individual choices and consequences of such acts deplorable as they are. After all it is the LEFT which labels us as "deplorables" as they rape our children's economic futures by debt.



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