There is a quiet hum among State Committeemen in some areas of the state about the coming AZGOP Mandatory meeting.  By the end of Thursday, there will be an all out buzz.  That's not too unusual... after all, this is the Republicans who have a hard time getting along!  We Republicans tend to be independent, not followers, thinkers  and sure of their own point of view.  Right or wrong.

On the heels of the recent Maricopa County Mandatory meeting, its a sure thing that there will be some fireworks on Saturday.  That is one thing we know.  We don't altogether blame Chairman Ward for this.  When one is being threatened - threats come in many colors - it's hard to stand your ground.  It's a time in the Republican party when the hierarchy pulls rank.  The RNC controls the money and Gov. Ducey is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the RNC.  He's an opportunist looking toward winning the Senate seat in 2022 when the current term - once held by the universally hated (at least by conservatives) John McCain - is up for re-election.  Do not underestimate the power of that coming election and it's influence on this meeting.

What we know:

--The Rules of the day will most definitely favor the orders given to the Chairman.  They will, by and large,  ignore the body of from 1000-1200 elected State Committeemen.  The SCs will revolt.  Earplugs might be a good thing to bring to that meeting.  It could get very loud.

--There is unrest among the conservative State Committeemen and possibly a bit of trepidation among the usual establishment SCs.

--The Resolutions Committee appointed by Ward has been replaced by the Ducey Committee.  There will be no resolutions worth a tinker's damn.

--There will be hordes of conservatives swarming the grounds gathering the needed signatures to get the Russel Pierce-led resolutions on the agenda from the floor.  They need 20% of the attending body to meet that threshold.  No one actually knows that number until all SCs have credentialed in.  Among those resolutions will be anti-red flag, anti-illegal "refugees" influx, anti-ABOR for allowing DACA kids to get lower college tuition than some American-born kids.  And they want a resolution to fully support our President Donald J Trump for re-election.  All of the resolutions are attention-getters for the media and opposed by Ducey for his own reasons (like McCain, he needs the independent vote to get elected to his next gig).  There will be ceremony, pomp and considerable circumstance.  Senate Candidate Daniel McCarthy will petition to be able to speak since, once again, Martha McSally will have a speaking time.  Given that McSally is the favorite of few if any conservatives, we support McCarthy to be able to participate in the meeting.  This is a CRITICAL election given how razor thin the U.S. Senate Republican majority is!  Voters across the country are fed up with some of their liberal R Senators.

What we predict is this:

--One, the Robert's Rules of Order guru, Joe Neglia, will play a part in the hysteria.  He is not to be messed with when it comes to knowing how this meeting must be conducted, what the By-Laws require and how to use RRO to force items onto the Agenda.  What he will do is a mystery yet but he will be a strong player in the events and is one to watch!

--There will be a battle for the conservatives to take over the leadership down ballot.  There is no doubt an effort to get conservatives to vote as a bloc.  How successful that will be remains to be seen but if they do, they could change business as usual in the party.  We suspect they will be looking for those who can play well with others and who are strong enough not to bend at the wrong time.

--We also suspect the two sides have built their "dream team" of candidates for election to fill out the open seats on the Board.  Look for a strong candidate to challenge the Sargent-at-Arms who has been in that position since the turn of the 20th century (snark) and has never been very good at it given he, too, is owned by the McCain machine.  We also predict Pam Kirby, former Scottsdale School Board member (the most quasi-conservative one Scottsdale has had in ions) will walk away with the prize at 1st VChair... and should!  

--There will be an effort to get rid of Cindy "I support LGBT*#RSUblahblah sex education for 7-year olds" Coleman for 2nd VChair.  We previously introduced you to Ray Ihly.  A vote for him is a vote for sanity!

--Third vice chair is up for grabs with a candidate who is a one-man wrecking crew who is the only announced candidate for that spot.  It's a not very important slot, with no particular job description, but this guy is a certified loose cannon on a deck of explosives, capable of destruction to rival what McCain created as a naval pilot.  The good guys will drum  up a candidate for that slot if they have to drag someone off the street!   They will need the votes to get that person elected.  If you are a SC, vote for anyone in that slot that runs from the floor!!  If there is more than one, pay attention to who speaks for each candidate.

--Those who are not known to be hooked to Ducey will be favorites among conservatives.  Among the SCs, it appears to be very evenly split between conservatives and McCainiacs with a few fence-straddlers to make it interesting.  However, the field of candidates is not littered with solid conservatives and conservatives will settle for those who can play well in the sand box, so to speak.  We would be very surprised if there is not a conservative slate passed around.  There usually is.  Find it. Vote it!  

We predict a close vote and we understand there will be electronic voting so anything is possible.  Consider: when Republicans hold their annual state meeting, Murphy is proven to have been an optimist!

One final thought: again,  Joe Neglia will be a big, although unofficial, part of this day.  He knows his stuff and if you are a smart SC, you will follow his lead.  He won't disappoint!

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This is shaping up to rival the Schiff Sham Show. Oh, nooooooo.

Splendid post! I'm printing this out to bring with me to the convention. It will get pretty dog-eared. I will be referring to it often. I can't wait. Sorta.

We the people

Nothing is impossible if one is willing to take the consequences.  You are the guy who thinks you know everything but I don't think you understand how much pressure she is taking from ALL sides.  Give the woman a break until YOU have walked in her shoes.  Look back at some of my posts and you will see I'm no Ward fan but I am a fan of reason.  I would hate to be her just now and you should give others a break once in a while.  You, sir, have your own faults that are not called out here.  Take a breath.  I think you are right on standing the ground but the PCs need to have her back so she is not fighting against all comers.  Trump is good at that but no one else is.  Maybe you think Lines or Thorwald would have been better? Run better candidates and by that I mean, those with financial connections to get the funding RNC would deny them

I'm sorry but your reasoning makes no sense.  Only a person who runs can win. by your reasoning, no one should have been elected to chairman.  Of course there was the other guy, Doyle, but no one knows anything about him, either, and he disappeared after that meeting.  Excuse me for seeing your circular thinking.  Just because you personally stood up to pressure which is undefined doesn't mean everyone can and that doesn't make them bad people.  Because it's not about you it's about someone who has been in the shoes this lady is in.  You could not say the pressure Trump is under is anything like any pressure you may have felt.  I don't know what the pressure is (but can imagine) and neither do you or most of us.  Maybe AFA knows?  And the same about the senate in 2018: sinema and mcsally?  Only those two were running.  Write-in for you?

APPEASE is a word that doesn't belong in the Conservative's dictionary. We are in this mess because too many go-along-to-get-along. You can ignore Reagan's 11th Commandment when appropriate!

Much appreciated commentary.

I want to unabashedly tout the horn for John Stevens for assistant Treasurer. John possesses the qualifications. Plus John Stevens each and everyday is admired for his constitutional conservative bona fides.  He is a true patriot. Please cast your vote for John Stevens. If you do expect to enjoy more transparency.

Glad to learn about John Stevens. Thank Patricia!

Nan, With permission from John Stevens I am attaching a pdf of his flyer ---  John is well qualified for Assistant Treasurer. John without any doubt from me is a fine upstanding citizens. He is a good "true"  constitutional conservative.

Here is his flyer: John%20Stevens%20Flyer%20AzGOP%20Asst.%20Treasurer_2.pdf

 Beautifully written, once again. Agree with all that you wrote, but am wondering if Neglia will stand with Ward calling out her version of the Politburo. The grapevine is heavy with the usual, including belief by some that Ward may want Boyer. What I don't know is if that's good, bad,or indifferent. Just throwin stuff against the wall. Any opinions?

That guy is interested in the rules but I don't know if he cares about anyones opinion.  Think about that. I bet he keeps his personal opinions out of the mix and sticks to the rules rules rules.  Boyer: the worst county chairman we ever had.  All promises, no delivery. He showcased Ward in a huge video when there were 3 republicans running for Senate.  Think about that too.  Worse than the chairman this year.  Want Boyer for what? a place on the board? ha ha ha back to the mess again.

Your comment on Boyer is fairly consistent; thanks for the feedback.



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