After years being the mouth piece for news here in the Valley of The Sun, this candidate for Governor will not back down or give out excuses !

Kari Lake, endorsed by President Trump for Governor of Arizona, had this to say to an Australian reporter.

KARI LAKE: "You're trying to twist this interview and trying to make me look bad. What I don't like about January 6th is that people are being held in prison without being charged. That's un-American.

Maybe they get away with that stuff in Australia. In Australia, you melted down all of your guns and you guys have no Freedom. You find that okay. But, here in America we do things differently.

We have something called the US Constitution and we have rights and we don't we don't take kindly to Americans being locked up for months on end without being charged - so charge them or get off the pot.

I feel so sorry for the people in Australia - you have no power - the only thing keeping us from being Australia right now or Canada is the Second Amendment and we will never ever let that go, mark my words.

When we saw what was happening in Australia - where you have internment camps and people are being forced if they've encountered anybody with Covid - to a quarantine camp - is the most horrifying thing I think I've ever seen a government do. It's frightening and if you can't see that I feel sorry for you."

More to come ... she's a pistol.

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