The Watergate scandal of 1972-74 was uncovered largely because of outraged Democratic politicians and a bulldog media. They both claimed that they had saved American democracy from the Nixon administration's attempt to warp the CIA and FBI to cover up an otherwise minor, though illegal, political break-in.

In the Iran-Contra affair of 1985-87, the media and liberal activists uncovered wrongdoing by some rogue members of the Reagan government. They warned of government overreach and of using the "Deep State" to subvert the law for political purposes.

We are now in the midst of a third great modern scandal. Members of the Obama administration's Department of Justice sought court approval for the surveillance of Carter Page, allegedly for colluding with Russian interests, and extended the surveillance three times.

But none of these government officials told the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that the warrant requests were based on an unverified dossier that had originated as a hit piece funded in part by the Hillary Clinton campaign to smear Donald Trump during the current 2016 campaign.

Nor did these officials reveal that the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele, had already been dropped as a reliable source by the FBI for leaking to the press.

Nor did officials add that a Department of Justice official, Bruce Ohr, had met privately with Steele -- or that Ohr's wife, Nellie, had been hired to work on the dossier.

Unfortunately, such disclosures may be only the beginning of the FISA-gate scandal.

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I thought to myself, "will this NEVER END?"  Then, instantly thought, "Of course not.  This is Washington with all the corruption that entails.  And many of the states as well."

Corruption appears to be endemic to government at all levels.  Law enforcement via "suspicion and accusation, plus 'legality' simply steals money from individuals without recourse." 

When I don't understand, why did they release the memo? If all of that information is true, why didn't they go ahead and indict them.

Something is drastically wrong and River city!

Facts Matter:

By Dick Morris 
February 5, 2018 at 12:50pm

It was always hard to understand why dossier author Christopher Steele needed someone else to transmit his phony dossier to FBI Director James Comey.

After all, shortly before the election, Steele told David Corn of Mother Jones that “he regularly consulted with th U.S. government agencies on Russian matters.” He informed Corn that he had given the FBI the first memo in the dossier and characterized the FBI’s reaction as “shock and horror.”

According to Steele, the FBI then asked for his sources and materials, so it would seem like he wouldn’t need an intermediary to hand the full dossier to Comey.

But now we know that all was not well with the relationship between Steele and the FBI.

In fact, the FBI had fired him for discussing his role with them and for reporting confidential material to the media.

So, apparently, Comey wouldn’t be taking his calls.

But the pro-Clinton/anti-Trump people didn’t let that stop them. They kept Steele’s termination to themselves. Then they searched for a highly respected person to lend credibility to the dossier and deliver it to Comey

Enter John McCain.

McCain was the perfect target for delivering the anti-Trump document. He despised Trump for several reasons. First, he hated him for Trump’s public disparagement of his years as a POW. Trump said McCain wasn’t a hero because he had been captured.

Understandably, McCain, who suffered lifelong disabilities after his years of torture, was upset. In addition, as a strong supporter of the pro-Western forces in the Ukraine, McCain was shocked by Trump’s pro-Russian statements and hiring of Paul Manafort, a long-time consultant to the Russian puppet in the Ukraine.

The dossier folks went into action. At a conference on national security in Nova Scotia, McCain was approached by Sir Andrew Wood, a former U.K. ambassador to Russia, who was secretly working with Steele. Wood briefed McCain on the dossier — although he claimed had not seen it. Wood claimed he was worried that Trump might be vulnerable to bribery if the allegations were true.

Then a cloak and dagger James Bond-like operation was put in place and a McCain associate visited Steele to get the dossier. It was sent by encrypted fax to Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, co-author of the dossier, who gave it to the McCain associate.

Then McCain set up a meeting with Comey

Initially, McCain denied that he had the dossier, but he soon changed his story and admitted that he had been given the dossier. Within a few days, he met with James Comey and gave him the dossier. It was then summarized and given to President Barack Obama and President-elect Trump. And then, of course, it was leaked and published by BUZZFEED.

That was the goal — to get it out in public to try to destroy Trump.

No mention of the firing of Steele. No mention of Hillary Clinton funding it. No mention that the allegations could not be verified.

The Clintons had succeeded in getting the lurid and phony allegations out in public — even if it was too late for the election. They had produced and commissioned the dossier, paid for it and arranged for it to go into the public domain.

Steele’s termination by the FBI was just a bump in the road

Off the point, but Trump is right on McCain. He is responsible for the death of 134 sailors hot-shotting his plane in a wet start. Also, dumped a few of those expensive planes in the ocean. Many men were captured by the N Vietnamese  but we haven't lifted them up as heros, have we? McCain wouldn't be either if he hadn't made his way into the Senate to torment America for 30 years.

Even back at the time, it always puzzled me that simply being captured somehow made him a "hero".  I wondered who had put up the funding to spread the story.  Heros do heroic things.  Getting captured isn't one of them.


You're right, heroes happen every day but few are recognized. Who put up the money and/or brought it to the media? Could be the same people that are supporting him now!

Or earlier such people, Marc.  I believe this is all part of the efforts to corrupt the Constitution, alter or defeat parts of it and turn us into a "world state", no different than any other.  The DemoProgs are just a tool of the deep state and I doubt many of them even recognize that they are dupes.



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