[Editor: Nothing annoys us more than to be in agreement with the Arizona Republic.  We wish they had not been given such a good opportunity to, yet again, criticize republicans for their mis-steps.  The tactic described in this article was used in Iowa in the Presidential Preference Primary by the Ted Cruz campaign.  The intent was to shame voters into voting for him.  You may have noticed that it backfired in a most colossal way!  People feel their privacy is violated in every way possible these days, so to have their voting participation records sent out to their neighbors is the height of stupidity.  There are some areas that it's a good idea to maintain at least the appearance of privacy.  Even though these are public records, who actually goes to the website to get them?  This was a really bad idea and may result in the loss of hundreds, maybe more, registered republicans, at a time when Trump has been the catalyst to bring in thousands, 100s of 1000s across the country, of republican voters into the party of Lincoln.  Once was the party of Lincoln!  If people want to vote, and we hope they do, that is their choice.  If people don't want to vote, same thing - their choice!  The parties are suppose to give them a good reason to vote, not shame them into it!  What a waste of money and good will!  That is our view!

But that simple message eluded our current Arizona Republican Party Chairman, Robert Graham.  We just have to shake our heads in wonder at this boneheaded decision!  We are trying to WIN this election, not disaffect our registered republicans!  This shows again how desperately the state needs a new, more mature republican chairman.  Hopefully, the vote in January will yield such a chairman.  Of course, that requires mature republican State Committeemen to do the voting!  Let's hope cooler heads win that one!]

An ominous mailer from the Arizona Republican Party landed in Lourdes Hayes' mailbox on Wednesday. Within minutes, the Cornville resident decided to end her long-standing relationship with the party.

"It's intimidation. And actually, the result of this is that they've lost this household as Republican voters," the 69-year-old said. She called the mailer "outrageous."

The flier, titled "Voter Report Card," suggested her voting history would be publicized to her neighbors if she failed to cast a ballot in the general election. Even though she said her husband dropped off her early ballot at the post office more than a week ago, the mailer gave Hayes an "F" grade and a score of "0%." Beneath her name were the names of six of her neighbors. All had "A" grades and scores of 100 percent.

"What if your neighbors knew whether you voted?" the mailer stated. "You and your neighbors are receiving this report because of low expected voter turnout in your area. Your individual voting history as well as your neighbors' is public record: just like you can see their voting history, they can see yours. A follow-up report may be issued to detail who in your neighborhood does and does not vote in the November 8th election — voting in this election will improve your score."

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I bet they did it with the intent of chasing votes away from Trump. The defenders of the establishment are very worried Trump will win.

By now the RINOs had to have known that the idiotic tactic backfired on Cruz, a good thing. You can bet that Trump has no idea that the AZ R's stabbed him in the back again with this stupid trick.




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