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If Antifa declares open war on uniformed first responders, then they will find openly declared (or more likely undeclared but still intense) war on them from a vastly larger group of citizen-patriots.  The anarchist and Marxist advocates will not bring down true Americans, esp. those who have military experience and are motivated to apply it to shut down these chaos-seeking thugs. Antifa has no idea what it will be up against, unless we are held back by timid and risk-averse local and state governments.  Antifa needs to study real American history instead of their little Red Books and theories from Alinsky and other theorists.

'BREAKING NEWS: ANTIFA Infiltrated by America's Militias'

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Antifa Reportedly Infiltrated by America’s Militias; List of Cities Allegedly Targeted for Nov. 4 Protests Revealed

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BREAKING NEWS: ANTIFA Infiltrated by America's Militias

---LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst U.S. Border Intelligence Group ASIS International Association of Former Intelligence Officers Association of Threat Assessment Professionals – Arizona ATAP International Association Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

This puts a new slant on this story. I've seen some of those militia guys and believe me, they are a bunch of tough warriors.  Combine that with law enforcement (if they do their job for a change on these things), I wouldn't make any bets on ANTIFA no matter how much dough Soros has paid out.  BTW, things would not have gotten out of control like this except for "leaders" in liberal cities refusing to allow their officers to intervene.  Not so in Arizona!  Guess that is why they aren't coming here... yet.

This infiltration would be even better than having older veterans and other patriots taking on these spoiled anarchists and Marxist-Wannabes in direct confrontation.

It's NOT a total breakdown of America.  It's a total breakdown of about 1% of the total idiots whose mommies and daddies refuse to keep them in at night.  PUTTING SOROS IN PRISON AND ONE GOOD ROUNDUP by the Police to capture a couple hundred of these a-holes would go a long way to stopping this freak show.

Most of these are the useful idiots the communists speak about in the planned disruption of our way of life. The leadership and communist organizers will fade into the back and slink away before the first shots are fired. Find the guys who are sneaking out the back just before and when the trouble starts and they are the leaders. Watch for any with their faces covered, they are intending to do violence and will scoot to the rear after they do it to be lost in the crowd. Be careful and protect yourself and any who cannot protect themselves. Move the aged and very young away from any problem early because it happens quickly and they can't move that fast.

Most Americans won't believe something as sinister as the Communists (both Russian and American) implementing their multi-point plan to fundamentally change the U.S. from within, away from the Constitution and toward European-style socialism, and then maybe even to communism.  They dismiss it as a conspiracy, but their open plan is being followed right down the line.

There will be a presence of American Patriots from various organizations who will be staging a "peaceful counter protest" to these so-called "Antifa" criminals at Wesley Bolin Plaza on Saturday Nov. 4 beginning at 9:00 AM. We will not allow a bunch of pimply- faced punks, many of which are still living with their mommies and daddies, dictate to the rest of America how we should act and behave. The Silent Majority needs to stand up to these brainwashed purveyors of Anarchy and Communism by letting them know that they are not appreciated and heavily outnumbered. Please join us on Saturday morning!

Peaceful ..... with my glock at my side.

Of course, 2nd Amendment practitioners are encouraged to participate....... 





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