The Senate Conservatives, few though they are,  are asking Republican voters to contact :

Sen John McCain - 202-224-2235

Jeff  Flake - 202-224-4521 

Protest of their support for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R acting like a D-KY) “continuing resolution” for Planned Parenthood.  They are among the 31 senators who voted with McConnell.  DEMAND they pass a REAL budget!!

We say that the "Senate Conservatives" all need to be contacted because ONLY Sen. Cruz actually stood alone against this funding.  Where were THEY when that vote was taken?  Not one of them stood up with Cruz to defund Planned Parenthood.  So our question is: just how conservative are they and how do they define "conservative?"  Do they define it like McCain and Flake who both call themselves conservatives?

Time to change our vernacular.  The true conservatives need to call themselves Constitutional Conservatives.  At least for a while, that will set them above the "conservatives."

See our Home Page for contact information to all Senators and Representatives as well as to our state legislators!  The links are beneath the flag on the left column.  It's always there.

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ALL these Republican Senators ...  EXCEPT CRUZ ... and most in the House have neglected their Constitutional responsibility of the purse, by refusing to stand up to this sociopath of a President named Obama. 

ALL the spending bills since 2011, with very few exceptions, has been funded by "continuing resolutions" and omnibus spending bills. These are deals crafted between congressional leaders and the White House behind closed doors, and never are argued about the details in the public.  They are just rubber stamped as OK, and passed by the political elite!!!

That's why these so-called Republican leaders of Congress are nothing more that PUPPETS of the global financiers who have given us a "debtor nation" status brought on by Obama.  Obama has no reason to veto these spending bills ... because they NEVER GET TO HIS DESK FOR A VETO.  These are all pre-negotiated settlements giving the appearance that Congress approves of them all, for they have given up their Constitutional rights of "spending approval" to the insiders of the Executive branch, and those who make up the Washington DC establishment .... on BOTH SIDES of the isle.   

The Republicans always argue ... wait until this or that happens then we can do something ... but they can't when the "budget baseline accounting" scheme continues in Congress that increases spending automatically.  So what we have is that ... SOMETHING ... is to DO NOTHING to change the status quo.  

Republicans will be unable to achieve the 60 vote thresholds to roll back key big government programs even if they hold the House and Senate, or gain a President who doesn't know how, or doesn't want to give back Congress its power of the purse !!

John McCain and Jeff  Flake are NOT conservatives.  Conservatives don't support the leftist agenda of lawless murder of the unborn for convenience.  I wonder if they get money to vote for Planned Death of the Family !

How long before this cadre of elites votes for euthanasia? 

How about the roll call vote allowing for 3rd term abortions?  The 54-42 roll call Tuesday 9/22/15 by which the Senate blocked legislation that would prohibit most late-term abortions. 

There were 2 Republicans who voted WITH Democrats in favor these 3rd term abortions?

Collins, Maine & Kirk, Ill.

Republicans Not Voting - Murkowski, Alaska

We are becoming an amoral society by "transformation" into a Soviet style collectivism.



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