This might not - is not - the best choice for Governor.  BUT... he has experienced how to run a governor's office, is a fiscal conservative and is very good at it and probably would not have signed off on the extremely bloated budget based on money on the come to pay for teacher raises.  He would not have signed a "school safety" bill that denies due process to the accused.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain in starting to dismantle the McCain machine by defeating Ducey. Read on and then take action.  Send to everyone you know, Republicans and Independents.  Post on social media.  Let's beat the drum loudly against Doug McDucey.


Hello everyone,
Let's sign the petition to get Ken Bennett on the ballot to be the Governor of Arizona.  


There is SO much to discuss but right now we have to get Ken Bennett on the ballot to force our Governor to have the discussion. 

Governor Vetos 10 bills.

Last Friday, April 20th, Governor Ducey vetoed 10 bills with the message  "Please send me a budget that gives teachers a 20% raise by 2020..."


Arizonans are confused with the headlines and are asking questions.  A teacher raise by the
State versus the local school boards?  Seizing guns? Caving to public employee militancy? Across the board raises with NO merit review? Increasing the Medicaid Expansion tax to pay for salaries instead of medical care? Increasing Medicaid Expansion instead of working to get rid of Obamacare?  There is a court ruling that education is being illegally funded? Do the taxpayers have to pay that back?   

How are we  going to pay for all of this?


Arizona deserves answers. For now – sign Ken Bennett’s petition to get him on the ballot to force Ducey to answer.

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Mr Bennett has my vote. 

Many of you know that Governor Ducey fired me for taking a criminal fraud case of a large heath care facility to the AG's Office.  This facility is owned by a friend and donor of the Governor.   Tim Jeffries was released at the same time because we opened a similar inquiry on a $150M software program (boondoggle) which was a failure and embarrassing to the Governor  -- it is called HEA Plus.  Neither of us had any recourse because when you are at-will, they only say your are not needed anymore, not the reason.  For some reason over the past couple months others are pointing out of procurements issues arising from the Governor's Office.  

The best way to keep the Arizona Governors Office red is supporting Ken Bennett ---- plus I think he is a good guy.  

Thanks for reading and please go online and sign his petition, I just did.  


Done, and Done   2  $5.00 and 2 signatures

I'm not interested in him either he is another country club republican just like MC Cain and Flake.  

Bennett is a RINO. He seemed to support an Independent ( who was a Democrat  until the election) for City Council over a Conservative. . I do not like him nor Ducey. It is too early but perhaps there will be others who are interested in becoming Governor.

Ducey is a McCain crook.  He ran Cold Stone Creamery into the ground.  As they say, he could not even run an ice cream store. He stole franchisee money and never repaid it.  When the new company that bought it announced at a staff meeting that Ducey was gone, the entire room cheered.

Bennett has some deficiencies but he is NOT a McCain or Country Club republican.  He will be better than Ducey by a mile.  Maybe two.  He's got my vote, signature and $5


Already signed the Petition

Ken's family has been here in the Prescott area a long time


Ken (Jeanne) Bennett,

I know Ken and trust him

Not a reason to get my vote. He is a RINO. 

So he's a RINO!  What the hell do you think Ducey is?  He's the worst kind of RINO, he's a McCain Machine RINO.  You think this tax increase, the ADOT tax increase, the stupid safe schools bill is the last of it?  HA.  He's just getting started. At least someone new will have a  while to find his way around and will hope for a second term and so won't show his RINOish so much. 

To whoever said "it's early." No, it's not.  Deadline for signatures is looming.

They are both RINOS, Ducey and Bennett. However, Bennett supported an Independent which changed to the Democrat party for the election of City Council. He did not support the  Conservative candidate.  He contributed to Marco Rubio's Presidency, and Rubio was part of the Gang of 8 along with Democrat Schumer. Perhaps there will be another candidate but for now this is what we have. Let's see who the Democrat candidate will be..

Well, it's clear you would rather have a McCain owned governor than one who gave $250 to Rubio and supported an independent instead of a conservative.  There are other republican candidates already and the democrats have several candidates already.  No one else is likely to get in now.  It's late and Bennett will be lucky to get enough signatures by the coming deadline.  I find it interesting he's running clean which tells me he does not have establishment behind him. 

So I take it to mean you would rather have a democrat gov than a RINO republican which hardly falls into the issue of voting for "the lesser of two evils" that some yammer on about (not you) which I think is a stupid POV anyway when all of them fall into the "evil" category.  It appears to me that you have a particular issue with Bennett.  Fair enough. We all should vote our consciences with research under our belts.  For me, I will vote against McCain candidates 100% of the time.

Pat J, I too will vote against the McCain and Flake look alike in the Primary that is why I am all in for Dr Ward. Then I will do all that I can that she prevails in the General.

With Bennett vs Ducey it is about to me who has the best chance to keep AZ red. And yes 'keeping AZ red with a Republican Governor" and I at this time do not see a wide enough difference between the core of Bennett and Ducey. Wish I did. 

I did not vote for McCain in the primary in 2016. For the general I wrote in Dr Wards name. Some say that by writing in her name was a vote for the democrat. If the race outcome was I thought to be that close my writing in of Dr Ward decision would have been more difficult. Voting for McCain for me was a hold your nose kinda thing. 

I think all the members here are truly trying to do due diligence and also stick as close as possible to their own core values. 

Patricia: You might want to rethink supporting Dr. Ward. She spent time in the state legislature and never did she make any effort to get America out from under the monetary policy called for by the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto. This is perhaps the most important issue of all. To continue electing people who lack the knowledge and/or courage to recognize this issue and expect them to change meets the definition of insanity.






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