This might not - is not - the best choice for Governor.  BUT... he has experienced how to run a governor's office, is a fiscal conservative and is very good at it and probably would not have signed off on the extremely bloated budget based on money on the come to pay for teacher raises.  He would not have signed a "school safety" bill that denies due process to the accused.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain in starting to dismantle the McCain machine by defeating Ducey. Read on and then take action.  Send to everyone you know, Republicans and Independents.  Post on social media.  Let's beat the drum loudly against Doug McDucey.


Hello everyone,
Let's sign the petition to get Ken Bennett on the ballot to be the Governor of Arizona.  


There is SO much to discuss but right now we have to get Ken Bennett on the ballot to force our Governor to have the discussion. 

Governor Vetos 10 bills.

Last Friday, April 20th, Governor Ducey vetoed 10 bills with the message  "Please send me a budget that gives teachers a 20% raise by 2020..."


Arizonans are confused with the headlines and are asking questions.  A teacher raise by the
State versus the local school boards?  Seizing guns? Caving to public employee militancy? Across the board raises with NO merit review? Increasing the Medicaid Expansion tax to pay for salaries instead of medical care? Increasing Medicaid Expansion instead of working to get rid of Obamacare?  There is a court ruling that education is being illegally funded? Do the taxpayers have to pay that back?   

How are we  going to pay for all of this?


Arizona deserves answers. For now – sign Ken Bennett’s petition to get him on the ballot to force Ducey to answer.

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Here is how someone smarter than me explained why Bennett is important. We have seen Ducey come to life in the last few weeks where he never went before. He has pushed a huge tax bill on us based  on the hope of future income (which, BTW, would come in anyway if it comes in at all and could be used for many other things), a gun-grab law that does nothing to protect schools (I gave up reading the jibber jabber after about a dozen pages) that is so unconstitutional that it is mind boggling and now he's pressing ADOT to raise taxes by increasing auto tags when we are already among the highest in the country.   Move over CA, AZ wants the top spot on the tax and spend register.  All of these things hurt low income people and fixed income people. But he's embolden to do this anticipating he has already attained that second term. That second term is called the "I can get away with anything" term.  We need to support Bennett to deny Ducey that second term where we will be pushed around via the McCain machine for another 4 yrs. He will have nothing to lose.  If we are really going to be practical, this is the practical explanation - don't let Ducey have that second dangerous term.  At any cost.

I am thinking Bennett is a true RINO and as one poster has said "another country club republican just like McCain and Flake".

Is Ducey a RINO? Yes he is. 

Reality descends upon us. Choice between two RINO's. Exchanging one RINO for another how does that help a darn thing?

Honestly is there not another choice? I really do not know.

Given the inevitable it seems during the primary that there is a battle between Ducey vs Bennett I ask myself is Bennett in the category as Gov. Kasich was to be the disgusting spoiler against President Trump? Don't know. I then ask myself how this match up in the primary could energize the democrats. I think it just may.

I would be thrilled as punch to actually have what I truly believed was a 'true' conservative running for Governor. 

I've given this some serious thought.  I agree with the concept that the second term is where the damage is done by these fake republicans.  I don't want to give Ducey a second term to do the damage he already started a couple of weeks ago.  I will work to elect Bennett because he is NOT a McCain RINO and that makes a difference to me.  Because he is not boxed in by one of the most evil people on the planet - mccain - he might be slightly better but he won't be any worse.

So that means what???  Wasn't it his money to give to a primary candidate, or does that make him a Democrat conspirator? I supported Cruz at one time .... but once it what Trump who was the candidate, what was I supposed to do ... sit back in apathy .. or get out and fight for the Republican brand ?? I suppose ( if your married today)  you dated around to find the one most compatible for you and your future. I did, and that makes me "changeable" to circumstance, the same goes even for my vote.

So he gave money to another republican. If he'd given it to Bush or Kasich, I'd maybe worry. You would be surprised by the conservatives who donated to less conservative candidates. Does that disqualify all of them?

So, Ducey donated $2500 to Mitt Romney (RINO), $1500 to AZGOP (crooks supported by McCain), and John Shadegg: $2800

Who is the biggest RINO? Bennett gave $$ to Rubio
This helps in gathering evidence. Thx Joe

And speaking of RINOs, I grabbed this comment off another blog site today regarding all the people who support Ducey that are tied to McCain:

"I meant to add that I heard that also. I’m not quite sure what to make of the Seth and Chris Show. I listen to them when I’m in the car. They can sound like conservatives but have RINO self-promoter Robert Graham and John Shadegg’s former chief of staff, Sean Noble, on way too often for my tastes. When Shadegg was in congress he accused Arizonans who desired border security of being “xenophobic and intolerant.” I’ve never forgotten that insult. I’m not alone. Some friends we went out to dinner with recently brought that same comment up in conversation.Those who had never heard it were shocked. I told them not to be. McCain and Kyl both “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” promoters (AMNESTY for ILLEGALS) were instrumental in getting Shadegg to run."

Ducey is one BIG RINO along with Kyl and McCain and Shadegg who put Ducey in office. Sean Noble is so deep in the deep state in AZ you can barely see his horns about the deep state. He, you may remember, was fined $1,000,000 along with Robert Graham for money laundering.  All these people named are McCain Machine people.  Tell me that is better than a RINO who supported an Independent in a city council race.  Then we have to wonder who Ducey will appoint to take McMachine's senate seat on June 1 or shortly thereafter.

Where can I find the petition, I will sign it. I tried and it was blank.

Patty, you have the correct web address

At the top of the page are 4 yellow boxes.  Click the first one that says Sign my Petition and if you want to make the Clean Elections donation for him to get funding, click the one below that one that says Make a $5  Clean Election Qualifying Contribution  

No, this will not force Ducey to answer . Ken Bennett would likely have done the same. He went to the protesting teachers to get their signatures . The Republican candidates so far mirror each other so I will see if someone better decides to run for Governor.

Myrna, That is what I am doing waiting to see if a better candidate runs. I too do not see Bennett as a better option.






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