This might not - is not - the best choice for Governor.  BUT... he has experienced how to run a governor's office, is a fiscal conservative and is very good at it and probably would not have signed off on the extremely bloated budget based on money on the come to pay for teacher raises.  He would not have signed a "school safety" bill that denies due process to the accused.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain in starting to dismantle the McCain machine by defeating Ducey. Read on and then take action.  Send to everyone you know, Republicans and Independents.  Post on social media.  Let's beat the drum loudly against Doug McDucey.


Hello everyone,
Let's sign the petition to get Ken Bennett on the ballot to be the Governor of Arizona.  


There is SO much to discuss but right now we have to get Ken Bennett on the ballot to force our Governor to have the discussion. 

Governor Vetos 10 bills.

Last Friday, April 20th, Governor Ducey vetoed 10 bills with the message  "Please send me a budget that gives teachers a 20% raise by 2020..."


Arizonans are confused with the headlines and are asking questions.  A teacher raise by the
State versus the local school boards?  Seizing guns? Caving to public employee militancy? Across the board raises with NO merit review? Increasing the Medicaid Expansion tax to pay for salaries instead of medical care? Increasing Medicaid Expansion instead of working to get rid of Obamacare?  There is a court ruling that education is being illegally funded? Do the taxpayers have to pay that back?   

How are we  going to pay for all of this?


Arizona deserves answers. For now – sign Ken Bennett’s petition to get him on the ballot to force Ducey to answer.

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Bingo, Walter.  Ward did nothing during her short stint in the state legislature. She introduced 57 bills and only a few even got a committee hearing but she did get "Wear Red Day" passed. WOW.  That changes everything.  People refuse to use strategic thinking.  We see on this thread that they are willing to give McCain a second term as gov because they can't see the strategy or the danger. Yes, there is a BIG difference.  She is no more conservative than Ducey.  But we can tell them 1000 times and they won't go look at her record.  They say, find it for me.  I say, you find it.  It will teach you how to research.

As to your 5th plank, you are right on. No one wants to see that, either.  Everyone points to someone else when things go wrong but it's the voters who give us lousy politicians who care little for the underpinnings of this country.  Because they don't see them or want to.  Emotional voters.  We see them on many blogs. SMH

Pat, I look at it this way. I ask myself if the brunt of the bills introduced represented conservative policy. Then I contemplate the reasons why the bills did not make it out of committee and/or to a floor vote.

Reasonable thinking also if submitting a bill was done for political looks only.

Then all the pragmatic reality comes into how I make my vote cast.

Pat:  The failure of every elected official I'm aware of to surface the "money" issue is to support the ungodly and unconstitutional policy being forced upon us by enemies of the Constitution. This - by definition - is Treason but it seems few people care. It's a shame common sense doesn't grow in more people's garden.

And we wonder why America is in such a mess.

Reply to Patricia: I'm happy to hear you have looked at Ward's failed term as state senator.  Can you please name just one of her proposed bills that were worthy of getting out of committee but didn't?  I followed her a little esp after she handed her 2184 over as a striker to neuter the SPI.  I did see what bills she had put into the hopper.

Walt, Pat: I'm encouraged to know you guys get it.  I'm wondering over what seems to be a conflict.  Patricia will stick with Ducey because she wants to keep the governorship in the hands of Republicans. That is the goal.  But she also sticks with Ward who cannot by any measure defeat Sinema so therefore is not applying that same desire to hang on to Republicans in Congress.  She seems like a nice lady but not savvy in political maneuvering. Like Pat: SHM

Walter, Appreciate your input. 

I will stick with my support of Dr Ward. 

What in the world has McSally done on this issue or for goodness sake Sinema?

No, I would not prefer a Democrat Governor

With all due respect, for I don't know you, but please give us more than simple words. Just the facts that would "support" your statement so we can all have our critical thinking button pushed to the "on" position. Your word "seemed" is a red flag.

John, I'm thinking the proof is available with an internet search and by doing the research one can make up their own mind.

Ok then let's make it easy for all readers to this forum .... links please that would support your position? Otherwise it's pure hearsay and unsubstantial. Constitutional conservatives deserve to know from where you get your information ... for we know that Truth is dangerous to those who want to enslave us ... and we will not be misled by false innuendo.  

Voters have alternated between the two parties comprising the two party tyranny and changed the faces within the parties; all to no avail. To repeat a process and expect a different result is the definition of insanity. I seriously doubt another change will produce the needed result. Perhaps it's time to abandon the two party tyranny monopoly. I find the Constitution Party to be the best alternative and will help it gain ballot status. Anyone wishing to seek real change is urged to go to, download the petition, and join in an effort having the potential to produce meaningful results.  

It would be a pleasure to vote for Mr. Bennett. Thanks for posting this!

I am choosing to not jump on the Bennett train. I'm attempting to be pragmatic here unless a whopper of a conservative candidate steps into the race then it's down to Ducey vs a true blue demo-rat.

Reality sucks at times.






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