Hero's are hard to come by these days.  Everyone is mad at everyone else.  Little cliques form up to castigate other little cliques. Unity is just a word in the dictionary.  A columnist at a California rag sheet posted a scathing rebuke of her "Trumpets" neighbors who, uninvited, plowed the snow off her driveway without an invitation to do so.  She (democrat) noted it was a very professional job, perfectly done.  But no, we cannot accept the kindness of strangers anymore.  A polite "thank you" is out of order now!

We are seeing something similar, but more critical, right here in Arizona.

You probably read our article in December about Rep. Mark Finchem, LD11, who stepped up and outflanked our pouty Speaker of the House, Rusty Bowers, when said Speaker refused to provide the House chambers to conduct an informal hearing on the alleged fraud on November 3.  When Bowers (upon orders from Ducey, perhaps?) stood pat, Finchem just rented a ballroom in a local hotel and conducted the inquiry, hearing hours of testimony under signed affidavits from those who personally witnessed oddities and irregularities on, before and after Nov. 3.  It's rumored Finchem ponied up the costs to do that, which would be substantial.  Bowers, however, is kissing up with Ducey as they proudly certify the outcome of an obvious travesty of an election that every rational person could clearly see was rigged.

Not done yet, Finchem went to D.C. to take in President Trump's speech for unity and patriotism at the Ellipse.  That speech started late and was still in progress as the riot at the capitol broke out on the far side of the capitol.  That is a 45 minute walk from the Ellipse so we have to wonder if the time warp kicked in and Trump's words incited the riot even before he spoke them!  But back to our hero, Rep. Mark Finchem, a true warrior of the American way!

Here is a letter he sent out and we were fortunate to get a copy of:

Rep. Mark Finchem
DATE:      February 8, 2021
RE:          Desperate Dems Motion to Expel Mark Finchem From the House of Representatives
Earlier today, all but a few House Democrats filed a motion with the Office of the Clerk of the House, HR-2006. The text of the bill can be seen here https://www.azleg.gov/legtext/55leg/1R/bills/HR2006P.pdf . The cancel and erase culture is in full swing and I am in the cross hairs of their attack. The contents of this fallacious and defamatory document are designed to disparage me and to defame my record of strong support of civil rights, free and fair elections, and the rule of law in Arizona.
I am writing you to tell you that the accusations made in this document will not go unanswered, but my legal counsel has advised me, "keep your powder dry" for the time-being. It is tough for a guy who has always stood up in defense [of] others, to stand by and allow the Democrat leftists in our state to weaponize the political process, and attempt [to] destroy my character. My answer will come very soon and you will know it when you read it.
In the mean time, if you wish to give to the Guardian Defense Fund you can send a check to the fund at Attn: Randy Pullen, Treasurer, Guardian Defense Fund, 7150 E. Camelback RD, STE 444, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. The on-line donation portal is not yet set up, but will be soon.
Mark Finchem


Now, if we had all Republican-true Republicans in the legislature, we would know this would go nowhere.  But then, there is that pesky Speaker Bowers to contend with.  He will have to check with anti-Trump Ducey.  In the meantime, help out our warrior hero wipe this absurdity off the books.  Send a check of any size to the address above to save our state from the dems who have lots of money!

We will let you know if we need to put pressure on the Republicans in the House.  This is a terrible precedent to establish, much like impeaching a former President for being America First!

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Not gonna make a lot of friends by posting this, but it's time we conservatives take a page or two from the leftist playbook... because it works. It's time that Bowers, Boyer, Ducey and the like feel the heat... where they live, where they shop, where they recreate, wherever they appear in public. Otherwise, why belong to a party whose "leaders" know that it really isn't ours?

I'm sending a donation, I wish we could  RECALL all these Rinos!!!

Well, if we want to do that, we'd better hurry... there's a bill working its way through the House right now, HCR2016, that would raise the threshold from a simple majority to a 60% supermajority, making it that much harder for Arizona citizens to place a grass roots initiative or referendum on the ballot. If this passes, it wouldn't surprise me if recall "reform" isn't next. By the way, HCR2016 is a Republican bill... 


I'll be sending a donation as well.   Bowers is out of control, and for a while, there was a movement to have Fincham replace Bowers as Speaker, so he's probably just throwing up roadblocks wherever he can.   I hope the constituents of Bowers and Boyer send a clear message!  The rest of us can do it too, but the people who vote for them get the biggest notice!

Did Boyer join the Democrats to stop the forensic audit of the election irregularities?

Excellent on Rep Finchem.  It's time for a Republican politician gets bold and gets things done.  Thanks to AFA for brining it to our attention.  few others bother to tell us what goes on behind the scenes.  I will be sending a donation to help out. Finchem makes us proud in Arizona where few of our legislators do.





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