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Feb 14 (1 day ago) Friend,

Your support has been essential to our success! We appreciate everything you have done for the conservative cause. It is because of you that we are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

 We were doing our final review before our special enrollment period closes tomorrow at midnight and we noticed your Charter Membership is listed as EXPIRED and LAPSED for 2018. We can only hold this special February open enrollment period open until tomorrow at midnight."

Maybe it's a phishing scam? No matter, just in case I replied with the following;

 I am not a Republican. Because the R half of the Big Government Party has so many RINO-CINO obstructionists I left the 'party' sometime back. You want me to re-join? Then you must call out the RINO-CINOs like Flake, McCain, McSally, Ryan & McConnell & the ones not listed and find honest conservative replacements. Big Government RINO-CINOs are worse than the Dems. RINOs pretend to be conservative when running but if elected they spit on We The People.

Some of those listed, among other fake conservatives, are now supporting a huge amnesty bill to give citizenship to ALL illegals & those that can sneak in by June 30th.

Then there is the total debacle regarding getting rid of Obama Care. Don't forget the crap bloated deficit bill increasing spending  that CINOs backed. Also: Where is the funding for the wall??? Where is the support for the Mr. Trump's urgently needed travel ban???

You really need to clean house of the fake R's & phony conservatives if you want any of us who have left the 'party' to come back. Out here in the real world we are sick and tired of more big government that so called Republicans push. Since we have the fake conservative Repubs, who needs the progressive left? Too many R's are fellow travelers with the progressives. The RINOs promised a LOT of positive change. So where is it?????

This message will be posted at two conservative websites. We are joined to vote out RINO-CINO Congress people & will vote in real conservatives. You want to know why the R 'party' is dying, just like the D 'party'? Re-read this message. I didn't even go deep into why R 'party' is losing support.

Thanks for nothing Republicans!!

Sam Fox

Rimrock, AZ

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Unlike you, Sam, I am staying in the R party because the only way to change it is from the inside. But just like you, I don't give them a dime.  I donate to a candidate I like but that's it.  The voters are the ones who send people like McCain and Ryan and McConnell back to Congress out of ignorance. And the R party uses a lot of their cash to get the RINOS re-elected year after year

We never send money to the RNC or certainly not to the NRSC: National Republican Senate Conservatives.  We suggest if you make a donation, make it directly to the candidate of your choice.  Don't let this organization use your money to support the GOPe candidates.  Just a suggestion.

I agree with everything Sam Fox said. I will no longer support the GOP because of RINO's like Flake and McCain. I will still support the honest candidates individually, but it seems now harder to find one who will do what they promise when they get to Washington. History shows most turn out to be liars and concentrate on getting rich while in office.

I think most true-blue republicans would agree with Sam and you, AZ Griz. I do. But I am hopeful now that we can get rid of some of them since they are being outed as the liberals they are.  But then, there is always the majority vote who don't pay any attention but do spend a lot of time griping.

I fully agree with this article above. Give to your favorite person who is running. Make sure they do not have the Dark money behind them too. We have lost a lot of Republicans because of all the Lies that are told and the Dark money issues. We do have to stay and fight for our cause or they win. Pres.Trump needs all the help he can get from us with good honest people that are running for office. Please help !!

Is it not self-evident we are governed by a two party tyranny?  Trump was going to jail HRC. Trump was going to stop funding "Planned Parenthood" but just fully funded it in the latest budget, Trump was going to MAGA but has totally ignored the three pivotal issues that must be addressed if America is to be in control of its own destiny and in a position to MAGA; namely get the US out of the UN, bring monetary policy out from under the 5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto and into compliance with the Constitution and shed America of the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt that is a direct result of current monetary policy and foe which not a single penny can be repaid under it. To my knowledge NOT A SINGLE POLITICIAN has submitted any legislation to address these issues. ALL are guilty of "adhering" to the desires of the Rothschilds and their minions which by definition is Treason. Will we never learn? Will we ever stop alternating between the two parties comprising the two party tyranny?  Being one who believes our Constitution - though not perfect - is the finest governing document ever penned by man I much prefer the Constitution Party over the tyranny

I don't believe Trump funded anything. That is the job of the House who did fund all of Obama's agenda. To my knowledge, Trump has not signed the budget, not sure he has to.

I can't agree with what Trump has or has not ignored just because he has not shown his hand. We've seen he keeps his cards close to the vest. Besides, it's been barely a year and everyone I know is disappointed because he has not addressed their pet issue when the swamp is chock full of crocodiles. Superman would have a bit of trouble taking care of all of them in his first year. But no one seems to take that into account but just criticizes when not one of us out here in peevedand knows what is truly going on.  We do agree that it is the job of congress to work with the president or get out of the way which many are doing- the very ones who gave Obama everything whining they are only part of one small section of government.

Sam is right. How many times do you have to hold your nose and vote. I voted for the democrat instead of McCain, why would I let him think that I supported him. I told fellow r’s to make the party believe we would not support him, but the demos, if He won the primary. No one listened, and so we get the Flakes, MCCain, etc and now Romney in Utah. Trump needs to get his work done and start a new party, without members who are for open borders, no wall, Daca, the Gay Agenda, and no federal budget, and more Islamic Refugees, and Foreign Entanglements. Ps The Lord is Coming back soon. God Bless Sam he is right.

I also voted for the democrat.  I think Trump could start the America First party and we would all flock to it.






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