included in the language is to defund Planned Parenthood. 

The House narrowly passed legislation on Thursday to partially repeal and replace Obamacare, giving GOP leadership and the White House a major legislative win after weeks of negotiations with conservative lawmakers who pushed for a tougher bill.

The House voted 217-213 to pass the amended American Health Care Act, after deciding late Wednesday that the votes were there thanks to last-minute changes that appealed to centrists.

When the vote was called, 20 Republicans voted against it, just under the threshold of 22 GOP lawmakers that could vote against it and still have it pass.

The vote is a win not just for Trump, who has been pushing the House to vote for weeks, but for Republicans who have been looking for a way to dismantle Obamacare since it was passed in 2010.

[The fact that the vote was narrow shows that republicans still want to keep Obamacare and all the personal benefits that accrue to those members as a result!  Any House Republican who did not vote to repeal this bill must be primaries out in 2018.  Political memories are short. Will voters just take the easy road and vote for the guy they know?]

Speaker Ryan took credit and pretends to laud President Trump for getting this done. We know that Ryan is a conniving rat behind the scenes.  So don't consider this done just yet.

CALL YOU SENATORS and demand - DEMAND - they support this bill, imperfect though it is, and send it to the President's desk.  The visuals alone will be destructive to Obamacare and there will surely be additional amendments in the next few years.  It's a start!

Along with contacting your Senators, you can sign the ACLJ petition HERE  ACLJ and Jay Sekulow have made this a centerpiece of their work for years and we can credit them for helping defund Planned Parenthood!

You can read more about this on the Washington Examiner.

Here are the Republicans who broke ranks and voted against repeal.  Most likely it's because the bill left out their personal points and not because they don't want to get rid of Obamacare. But if we wait for the perfect bill, it will never even get off the ground as has already been shown time and again:

Here are the 20 Republicans who broke ranks.

  1. Andy Biggs, Arizona
  2. Mike Coffman, Colorado
  3. Barbara Comstock, Virginia
  4. Ryan Costello, Pennsylvania
  5. Charlie Dent, Pennsylvania
  6. Dan Donovan, New York
  7. Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania
  8. Jaime Herrera Beutler, Washington
  9. Will Hurd, Texas
  10. Walter Jones, North Carolina
  11. David Joyce, Ohio
  12. John Katko, New York
  13. Leonard Lance, New Jersey
  14. Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
  15. Thomas Massie, Kentucky
  16. Patrick Meehan, Pennsylvania
  17. Dave Reichert, Washington
  18. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida
  19. Chris Smith, New Jersey
  20. Michael Turner, Ohio

Why did they vote no? Let’s take a look at some of these politicians and their reasons.

They didn’t get the changes they wanted

As Republicans rushed to make changes to the bill that would please those previously set on voting no, lawmakers were given the chance to propose amendments. Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Arizona, said he voted no because his two proposed amendments were not accepted.

“The two amendments I offered to the AHCA were made in good faith, were reflective of my district’s desires, and would have come as close as possible to a full ACA repeal,” Biggs’ statement on the issue said. “I am disappointed that my amendments will not be included in the final AHCA package. However, I remain committed to a full repeal of Obamacare and will continue to work with my colleagues to accomplish this end.”

They opposed specific aspects of the bill

Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colorado, felt the bill would negatively affect patients with preexisting health conditions hoping to get insurance.

“At this time, I cannot support the AHCA with the MacArthur amendment because I’m concerned that a small percentage of those with preexisting conditions may still not be protected,” Coffman said. “I made it clear that additional language was necessary to protect this vulnerable group.”

Representatives Frank LoBiondo, R-New Jersey, and Charlie Dent and Ryan Costello, R-Pennsylvania felt similarly.

Rep. Dan Donovan, R-New York, says he voted no because the bill would impose a tax hike on New Yorkers and that it conflicts with local insurance laws.

They don’t think it goes far enough

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Kentucky, was part of the group — the Freedom Caucus — who pledged to vote no the first time around because they felt the new bill didn’t completely repeal and replace Obamacare. He feels the same about the second version.

“I’m voting against it because it’s not a full repeal,” Massie told The Blaze on Tuesday.

Why Democrats voted no

Democrats in the House opposed the legislation for many reasons, especially those who are proponents of Obamacare and don’t want to see it repealed. They also oppose the loss of coverage for millions of Americans and call it a tax cut for the wealthy.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

[REMEMBER: This is a minor victory. More work is needed. The Senate is set to torpedo it. There are going to be many steps to get rid of this altogether if that is even possible with republicans and democrats alike feeding at the trough on this bill.  Don't get discouraged!]

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Many political commentators have now told us that the reason 20 voted no was because they were RINO's who support the Obama health care legacy. They knew what REAL changes were made ... a tweaking of Obamacare only ... no repeal, just window dressing to public consumption, and I agree with that. Just how does the Republican leadership THINK that they will get 8 Democrats to jump on our side of the isle? They won't and there will be several Republican Senators who will vote no. Just another "nuclear option" waiting in the wings of Congress, which IS Constitutional, not the filibuster. Just another of a series of insurance lobby's victories. REPEAL then build a "service" people will buy, at their timing, that Doctors and hospitals will  accept, and with a cafeteria plan ONLY. You can't keep your Doctor or hospital if they won't accept the "insurance". Pre-existing clauses are in policies for a reason ... for profits ... and tax write-off losses.

Here is another point of view: 

GOP healthcare bill is not repeal — it is ObamaCare-lite, or worse

NOTE: The HILL is often critical of all things republican and also of Trump. Read the bill for yourself.

Anyone who actually thinks we are ever going to get a perfect bill is fooling themselves.  The Senate will tamper with this for a while and it will get worse, most likely.  But a lot of hold outs voted for this Bill in the House!

Yes true ... the real test of the "principle of the person" will come when the Senate is done and the House gets it's time again to vote. I believe that many voted for the House bill so that they could kick that can to the Senate for a filibuster agreement with Democrats. That way the Tuesday group & RINO's can blame someone else. Schumer & Pelosi won't let the Obama legacy leave so easily, nor let any deflector go to the Republican camp when voting comes, so it will most likely die in the Senate.

Here's why I believe Obamacare won't be repealed, but that it will be gone. 

First, it's not a true repeal, it's another attempt to keep most of it.  Call it Ryan II

Second, President Trump is actually not too worried about it cause he's got other tactics and reasons that he knows it's going away.  It is actually self-destructing. 

Third, Obama's plan was to bail out the insurance companies annually, costing America ~$1 Trillion annually.

Four, without this annual money dump, the individual States must bail out the insurance companies.

Five, the States CAN'T DO IT......and Trump knows it.  So, he says, "Let's move to other things and just wait till it implodes."

Six, it's just a matter of time, the States can't do it, it's actually people like Ryan who are desperate to pass SOMEONE.....ANYTHING that keeps a semblance of Obamacare and Trump knows it and will just wait them out. Smart man.

Now all of what you said makes some sense BUT ... the Senate will do it's usual tampering and add those earmarks that will only make Obamacare worse as these Democratic senators running for re-election in 2018 know. The alternative is another "nuclear option" which McConnell won't do, nor does he have the balls to do so, for Congress loves that spending drug of habit. Let Obamacare implode as it has already destroyed the free-market competition by allowing "subsidies" from the taxpayers to make it affordable at ANY cost. Yes,Trump can wait it out but the Republican leadership can't stand the heat of that fire ... for it's NOT in the belly, compromise always is.



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