We remember the time when Rusty Bowers was a conservative and honest lawmaker.  That was years ago when he was in the legislature the first time.  That was a  time the McCain machine didn't think to buy off our lawmakers.  We were recently asked who in the legislature could we trust.  So we did some research.  We can report to you there are woefully few lawmakers in the legislature today who can be trusted to adhere to Statute... any Statute!  Arizona has been bought and paid for and the Demlicans are in charge.

Last session in early 2020, we saw Speaker Bowers at work when he pulled perfectly benign election amendments and also allowed by his secret actions to let the Elections Committee in the House get totally our of control.  He not only orchestrated such behavior by not attempting to stop it, he is the chief suspect who removed security officers just in time for the mayhem to begin.

Despite others running for Speaker for 2021-22, Bowers pulled out a win again... 

We wonder what that cost to pay off legislators who voted for him...

You may remember it was Bowers who accused Rep. David Cook of misbehavior with a lobbyiest with no proof whatsoever.  He got the idea to expel Cook like was done earlier with Don Shooter.  The big difference is that Cook was completely innocent and he hired his own attorneys.  Bowers was forced to slink away to his cave with quite a bit of embarrassment... if he even has the embarrassment gene.

Now the key questions are:

Which Representatives were paid off (by the Goobernor/McCain/Crow cabal?)

What did they get for betraying everyone's trust?  And perhaps violating law and or tradition in the process?

What bills will Rusty refuse to allow be heard in the House Committees in 2021?

Will Speaker Pro-Tem, Travis Grantham, remain a conservative working behind Bowers?

Was any taxpayer money spent on this escapade?

Who does he have in the crosshairs this year?

Our suggestion is to not trust Bowers and watch him closely and connect the dots.  Attend committee hearings with a jaundiced attitude.  Watch the Elections Committee Chairman.  Get on Request to Speak and read important bills.  You will get a list of important bills to watch starting in the 2nd or 3rd week of January.  Pay attention.  It's YOUR govenment... not any legislators and certainly not Rusty Bowers'!

Hmmm.  It seems we are not the only ones suspicious of what is to come from the legislature in 2021.  Here is a post on the dreaded Facebook from one of the good guys, Bret Roberts:

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To MAGA we must begin by recognizing every elected official has, by act of omission and commission, supported the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto.

If all people want to do is replace them in lieu of holding them guilty for their crimes a good starting point would be passage of the following. 

 Whereas, two of the most viable means for citizens of the United States of America to peacefully hold their public officials accountable is via the jury and ballot boxes, and

 Whereas, evidence clearly shows that voting machines and mail in ballots are susceptible to being fraudulently used in order to thwart the will of the voters,

 Be it resolved the Legislature of the State of __________ hereby directs that all future votes cast in this State shall be by paper ballot, that the ballots (votes) will be counted by the precinct supervisor of elections and his/her assistants, that the canvass (tally) sheet shall be filled out in triplicate and certified by the supervisor of elections and his/her assistants; one copy of which shall be posted on the wall of the place where the voting took place, one copy of which shall go to the County Clerk for use in determining the entire vote count in the County, and one copy of which shall go to the County Judge, and that upon the application of any group of 25 or more voters from that precinct, the ballots shall be made available to such group or their designated representative for recount in the presence of the precinct supervisor of election and

 Be it further Resolved that the ballots, upon delivery to the County Clerk's office by the precinct supervisor of elections shall be recounted by an automatic counting machine and if there is any difference between the precinct canvass and that of the counting machine, the ballots shall be recounted by hand in the presence of the County Clerk or his/her representative and the precinct supervisor of elections delivering the ballots and
Be it further resolved that the total votes cast in each precinct for every individual/item on the ballot or which shall have been written in shall be published in the Counties most widely circulated newspaper in the first issue following the election.
***************end of bill***************

 In addition to computerized vote fraud, steps must be taken to insure only authorized voters have access to ballots. This might require another bill.

Sure, I agree with you Walter there, but the real problem to getting to where you propose we go is to run better candidates who will, if elected, uphold their oath to the people.  None of the current crop will do that and I mean NONE.  Oh maybe a legislator here or there but not enough and not for long.  Good honest people won't get in that swamp bc it will ruin their families, their businesses and everything else. How do we overcome any of that? Now we are stuck for two-four more years of our garbage electeds.

Jaspergoat - I can suggest many actions through which we could have better representation. Two are to organize ourselves into an undeniable political force and to better "vet" candidates using a questionnaire such as that at https://friendsoflibertyunited.com/?page_id=345.  Unfortunately, both actions would demand people use some common sense; a quality lacking in most people. Let us never forget; America’s future will be guided by the action of its citizens.  It is tough to act when just playing keyboard cowboy or thinking we can educate or problems away.


Our  founding fathers were pretty smart folks.  They gave us term limits.  In our ignorance, we have ignored them for congress, and most elected state positions.  We, in most cases, should not be re-electing anyone, unless there are very, very special reasons for doing so.  We just shouldn't.

These positions, mostly, should be considered service projects.  Short term projects.  Definitely NOT careers!



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