The definition of early ballot is to have a ballot that is mailed to the persons who request them in writing. That request may have even been mailed to the Recorder or Secretary of State to get them put on the early ballot list to start with.

We find it strange that people who don't trust the mail to get their completed ballot back to the Recorder are the same people who send checks for payment through the mail, get their ballot through the mail, get their bank and credit card statements in the mail with very little failure on the part of the postal service. People who get their stuff by mail must pick it up either out of the box on their house, from a cluster box or from a postal box. But for some reason, they can't seem to get a completed ballot in a signed ballot envelope back to the Recorder by the same mail that brought it to them.

Most of us see how ridiculous this is. The fantasy that the post office does strange things with ballots is nonsense. Those who mail their ballots back seven or more days before the election can track that ballot through the Recorder's website and confirm that it arrived and was counted. They can't do that when they toss a ballot in a box at the polling place! Using the mail these days, with the current Maricopa Recorder, is probably safer than driving it to the polling place and dropping in a box that somehow gets misdirected. We know that because this last election, these boxes kept showing up for nearly a week after the election. Not secure.

Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita understands the concept of early ballot. Theoretically, it comes early so one can vote it early and be done with the process. Those who worry that something sensational will happen in the last seven days of the election month.... yes, we now have election MONTH... should vote at the polling place. SB1046, calling for mail in ballots to be mailed in, is good policy. It cuts down on fraudulent and illegal ballot harvesting, it is as safe as any ballot in the hands of the current Recorder and it is cost and time efficient.

That is not enough for Sen. Heather Carter (LD15) 602-926-4486 and Sen. Kate Brophy MaGee 620-926-5766, two lawmakers who forget how they got elected. The idea of Representative government is lost on these two. According to our sources, they are the ones holding up getting SB1046 through committee and to the floor for a vote. Some voters have become so accustomed to getting a mailed ballot but not returning it, they actually are horrified at the thought they should put it back in the mail. There is a nearly 30 day window to do research and then vote and drop the ballot into the mail. Those who refuse to do so are personally responsible for the hold up in the tabulation and are among the first to complain that the results are not available on election evening. This last general election saw 200,000 people dropping their ballots off at the polling place, tossing them into a box near the door.

Brophy MaGee and Carter are single handedly refusing to cast a vote in favor of this bill. It's an early ballot, intended to be returned by mail. What is so hard about that?

Contact these two McCain lawmakers and tell them to stop being obstructionists and vote for safe elections.

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I was a poll watcher in 2016 general and my chair was next to tables handling those who wished to vote but because they did not take responsibility were now being considered for provisional ballots. It was very busy tables. While I was there no one turned away for casting a provisional ballot. Now these same people being well informed that each had the responsibility to provide proof for their ballot to be counted with a by when date I thought to myself how many of them would? I suspect not many. 

Don't buy into this Democrat Motor Voter sophistry! Absentee ballots should be reserved for voters who cannot  vote on election day due to narrowly defined hardships, such as out of state military duty; not for mere convenience.

The most developed and hardest election/voter fraud to detect is phony voter registrations sent in by MAIL through the U.S. Postal Service. The larger the window to mail in votes the greater opportunity there is to commit fraud.

To say, " The fantasy that the post office does strange things with ballots is nonsense[,]" is like saying firearms murder people. The postal service is the tool, not the perpetrator.

Here is an image of one natural person potentially replicating himself 5 times to receive 6 ballots for which the signatures and addresses will pass the regitrar's examination as valid.

This type of fraud can only succeed by mail!We should return to paper ballots cast at the polls on election day. When the polls close, "found" ballots must not be accepted.

You are right on the target, my friend! We must fix the motives in order to fix the "rigged" voter system. One Thumbprint. One License to drive. One EBT card. ONE VOTE! 

Are there any Patriots in this group willing to take action to fix the "Rigged Election" System? Voter Fraud is how EVIIL gets in POWER! Learn how to fix it, Thursday night, at our online meeting. We are taking ACTION!

 The PIN# is 9586662#

Brad, which Thursday night?

In answer to the question for one reader as to how Barto can stop the Senate, I suggest she is whipping the vote against this bill if it gets to the House.  This is what they do.  As to the fact that it has passed the COW, not so.  In the COW (committee of the whole, not a bovine), it was sent back to Ugenti-Rita for amendment.  It's been that way since Feb 6.  I have not seen it on any Judicial agenda for a new vote.

I agree with Tom F that we should not be doing early ballots on demand.  It should be for legit absence, illness, disability.  The problem is the same as with prohibition. Once that genie is out of the bottle, it's not going back in.  We see now that the lawmakers, or the body I call the ship of fools,  can't even vote for people to do what the law was designed to do to start with.

Here is a screen shot I just took of the 1046 bill status:

My friend who I count on for info contacted Ugenti-Rita's office and was told it is going nowhere because these two named senators are holding it up.  I don't understand why George says it passed but then goes on to say these two senators are holding it up from passing.  Carter and Brophy MaGee need to get out of the way and realize we the people believe this should go to the governor where HE will probably veto it like he does with good bills that might thwart the illegal stuff by dems.

And it won't unless pressure is put on Carter and Brophy MaGee.

ALERT:  Rep. Nancy Barto was errantly named as a co-conspirator to Sen. Heather Carter.  That should have read Sen Kate Brophy MaGee.  We have made that correction and apologies to Nancy Barto.

Are there any Patriots in this group willing to take action to fix the "Rigged Election" System? Voter Fraud is how EVIIL gets in POWER! Learn how to fix it, Thursday night, at our online meeting. We are taking ACTION!
The PIN# is 9586662#






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