Meeting location is at the home of Mark delMaestro - 6 pm Saturday Jan. 6, 2018

                11814 N. 56th Drive

                Glendale, Az 85304
4000 sq ft home, enough to hold 80+ people.  

For anyone not being able to get to the meeting to hear Former Sheriff Richard Mack, the only serious strict Constitutionalist running, we have locations in our area we can meet people to have you sign his petition.  Just call me or email me to make arrangements of what best fits  your area.  

Peoria Grade School 63rd Ave/Beryl Ave
Glendale Library, Brown / 59th Ave
Glendale Community College, Olive / 63rd Ave

Our cross streets are 63rd Ave/Beryl Ave.  Call beforehand to make arrangements for us to meet you at one of those locations or our home.   
602-499-9553   /

We can even bring petition to your home if within our area.  
Petition gathering Friday, Jan 5, Sat Jan 6, Sun Jan 7, Mon Jan 8, Tues Jan 9, Wed Jan 10.  Petitions must be in at Secretary of State office by 5 pm.  
I will also have petitions with me Monday night at our LD20 mtg if you are a PC in LD20 and coming to the meeting.
You can also meet me before the LD20 monday night meeting 6:30-6:45 pm or after the meeting 9 pm - High School address:  4650 W. Sweetwater, Glendale

Hope to see many CD 8 voters at Mark delMaestro's home this Saturday, Jan 6, 2018 at 6 pm in order to hear and meet former Sheriff Richard Mack, Candidate in CD 8 special primary election for US House.

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Remembers  - Mack/Printz v USA.  Monumental Supreme Court Case restored Tenth Amendment.  The Victory for State Sovereignty!  Feb 28, 1994, Richard Mack was Sheriff of Graham County, Az.  He filed a lawsuit in Fed. District Court against the Federal Government (Clinton Administration) to stop gun control and destruction of State Sovereignty, associated with the Brady Bill.  Few Weeks later, Sheriff Jay Printz, Ravalli County filed similar lawsuit in Montana.  Five other sheriffs joined in the lawsuit.  Total of 7 Sheriffs out of almost 3100 nation wide, stood and fought the United States Clinton administration.  

RESULT!  They won and lived to tell about it.  Who else in this list of CD 8 Candidates can say they fought the US Government and WON!  Only Richard Mack.  He has been fighting to keep our Constitution alive for years and will plan to do so as  a US House of Representative for Arizona.  

Help us get Sheriff Richard Mack on the ballot in this Special election and win this Primary and then WIN the Election and become one of our next US House of Representatives we can be proud of.

ONLY residents of Congressional District 8 can sign this petition.  If Trent Franks was your Congressman before, you can sign the petition for Sheriff Mack.  If you are not sure, your voter registration card has your CD# on it.  This district is in the northwest Maricopa county.  Anyone can help get signatures.  Contact Francine as noted above to make arrangements.  The deadline for turning in signatures is looming so time is critical.

The Shrf. needs volunteers to help get the mandatory signatures to get on the ballot.   Anyone and everyone can assist this patriot to get there.  We need patriots in DC to help clean up the Swamp.   

I just want to give a hearty vote of confidence in Sheriff Mack!  I hope he wins!  Wish we had him here locally in Utah.  Provo missed its chance years ago.  I moved out of Provo after 32 years there.  Now I'm high in the mountains.  You people in Arizona will be so blessed and fortunate it you get Richard Mack AND all of us in the U.S. will be blessed if he's in the House of Reps!  Go Arizona!!!  Helene Holt

Thank you, Helene, for posting your thoughts on our site. It's good to hear from you on this matter since you have had some experience with the Sheriff.  Stay warm high in those mountains!

BTW, you will be electing a new Senator yourselves.  Who do you like for that job?

Well, I'm not a fan of Mitt Romney (he's too establishment for me) but it's very probable that he will run and be elected.  I'll have to see if someone else to consider steps up in a primary.  Utah used to be a lot more conservative than it is right now.  I think our whole nation is in a state of disrepair and dysfunction and  is in the grips of globalists. Trump has bought us time, but I don't think he can turn things around.  The enemies (elites, globalists, anti-American socialists, etc.) have too strong a hold and are too entrenched.  They will only let Trump get by with so much.  He crosses the line? Goodbye to Trump just like it was goodbye to JFK.  So sad for our posterity.  The millennials are some of the most ignorant Americans because of what they haven't learned through the globalist infiltrated school systems!!!  I pray that Sheriff Mack wins because he's got spine, spirit, and knows the scoop of what's going on!!!   -- Helene

Well, Helene, we dislike Romney intensely here at AFA.  You message tells me you are in the right spot here on AFA philosophically.  We all worry that we are losing our country, first by inches, then by feet and now by miles.  Pray for Donald Trump.

Please tell me you have a huge and impactful following!  Your email gives me hope.  At least in terms of Arizona!  One of my dearest friends is a man (and his wife and family) who moved here from Arizona!  He had an impression to move, just wasn't sure where, only knew it should be Utah.  When he came to the Wasatch Front (all the valley between Salt Lake City and Provo) he got no impression to move there.  So he kept driving south and headed up into the mountains.  When he came to my town, he saw a for sale sign.  Got out and when he stepped onto the property (and hadn't even seen the inside of the home) he had the impression, "This is it.  Buy this place."  So, he did.  I had a similar experience.  But even with these strong impressions, I have to say that this place is not perfect.  In other words, I don't know how awake many of the people are. BUT, I am with you on Romney!!!  And yes, America is in the grips of globalism and our precious freedoms are at stake.  I do pray for Trump.  I thank the Lord for him.

Does Sheriff Mack have a website for donations? Many of his supporters in Southern Arizona are eager to donate!

I'll second that, Angie.  Admittedly, I rarely donate to candidates, but this time I really, really want to.  Need a Donate! button for Sheriff Mack somwhere!

It's patriots like yourself, that gives hope to America.  Thank you sir.   






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