In the literary world, there are many forms of great drama, cosmic epics, and legendary stories of valor. These classic forms of communication come in both fictional and nonfictional varieties. But perhaps the greatest of all literary expressions is the Tragedy.


The tragedy conflicts with our sense of what is right and wrong, it connects with our sense of that which is fair and just, and it clashes with what we know is evil and that which is authentically good. The power of the tragedy is connected to the degree of goodness and the dimension of greatness concerning the hero; the greater the hero the greater the tragic ending.


Good Friday is perhaps the greatest expression of a true tragedy. For truly He who was completely innocent and perfectly good was tortured, shamed, and killed by those who were both malevolent and malicious. The evil angelic forces in the heavens and the sinful passions of mankind on earth came together to do pure evil to Him who was pure good.


But then there is GOD... And then there is "the rest of the story."  We call it Easter. It is more than cute little bunnies and better than any Easter egg whether chocolate or dyed.  It is the culmination, the consummation, and completion of the divine reversal of the fall of the first Adam in Eden.  It is the second Adam denying the lies of the devil and defeating death by offering a perfect sacrifice for sin and being seated on His throne.


As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.  We have the greatest hero ever known and we have the greatest story ever told. Be encouraged by the tragedy of Good Friday and the triumph of Easter Sunday and be exhorted to tell it.


Serving Him with you

Until He comes for us,


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The human body is the likeness of God. He knows how our humanness works, our past, present, and future. He knows us more that we can ever comprehend. Each of us has a "spirit" within, just as Christ did ... and does ... for he is alive, directing our paths with wisdom and an understanding ... if only we allow him to. This is our choice.

That is the choice we all have. To see, hear, and answer his calls to us. He does answer our calls, though it may not be in the manner of which we would desire. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes is for others to learn from, sometimes it's through a "failure" that we learn his ways for us. But this I know ... He never deceives ... for He is Mercy and Grace ... for his is only a goodness towards others. As we learn more about Him we are less to ourselves, for it's not about you a human, it's about me ... Jesus Christ. This I know by his understanding.



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson



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Suppose the earth and its inhabitants exist in order to identify just what causes mankind continually to suffer so many troublesome problems and afflictions.

At present, most persons decide to act on whatever happens with their thoughts. But doing so puts them in competition with one of the creator's natural laws first identified by Richard Wetherill.


The answer is not complicated. People must stop basing their behavior on their personal thinking. Instead they have to act on the creator's thoughts, here being described in the English language as rational, honest, and morally right.

No longer should people reason from their concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, likes and dislikes, or whatever else comes to mind. Instead, mankind must think the creator's thoughts. That enables them successfully to do what is rational, honest, and morally right.

That may seem incredible until understood. But, consider that it is the way that mankind can escape the death penalty everybody has been paying since the days that people were created.

Join the survivors who have stopped their personal thinking. They now base their behavior on the creator's guiding thoughts to act in a way that is rational, honest, and morally right.

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