[Editor: The following is from Jim Ehl who has tried to bring sanity back to the AZGOP for years.  He has not been successful and in that, he is joined by many others trying the same. The problem is that the AZGOP is owned by the establishment headed and funded by John McCain. That is why we see rigged voting at AZGOP annual meetings and also at MCRC meetings (we know, the name changed again but this is what we all know Maricopa County to be named). Let's not forget, the AZGOP bunch of thugs literally took the Navajo County Republican Committee away from duly elected officers who objected to the chicanery going on in the AZGOP and gave it to some of their acolytes who did not even know what it is they are now chairing. Thank you, Sen. Sylvia Allen, for the mess you created.  This article is edited only for grammar to make it more easily understandable by those unaware of what the AZGOP really is.]

Succinctly, counties in Arizona are divided into ‘voting precincts’.  Within those ‘precincts’, registered voters who want to be involved in ‘grass roots’ politics either are voted for by the registered voters in their precinct, or appointed by the county board of supervisors to be Precinct Committeemen (PC).  The Precinct Committeemen in each county, in turn, vote from their number for ‘State  Committeemen’ (SC), to represent the county at the state level.  (Numbers are governed by population.) The duties of a PC according to the ARS are,  “E. The minimum duties of a precinct committeeman shall be to assist the precinct committeeman's political party in voter registration and to assist the voters of that political party to vote on election days. Additional duties shall be as provided for in the state committee bylaws of the precinct committeeman's political party.” 

However, there are no duties for PCs, or State Committeemen given in the AZ GOP bylaws.  Duties may be prescribed in County bylaws.


It stands to reason that to be active in ‘grass roots’ politics. a PC must be afforded good information.   Who provides what information to whom???  Take a case in point!  The ‘non-functional’ Executive Committee.  Carefully read the duties of the AZ GOP Executive Committee and see if you agree with it’s function.


“A. Executive Committee The executive committee of the state committee's shall consist of the elected officers of the state committee, the national committeeman and committeewoman, the chairman and first and second vice chairman from each county, three members at large from each congressional district, and the president/chairman of each nationally recognized Republican auxiliary organization with at least 2,000 dues-paying members in the state. The state chairman shall chair the executive committee. The executive committee shall approve the annual budget and review and counsel the state chairman on all programs relating to the state party. The executive committee shall meet at least three times each year”


First we see [at] the state that [the] chairman shall chair the Executive Committee.  Now, who usually controls the agenda for a committee??  The chair!!  Do we have the Fox watching the hen house???  But, on to information for the ‘grass roots’ workers of the party, not  only the State Committeemen members, but also the PCs in all the counties,  Has the committee met three times in 2017?  For the AZ GOP secretary, is what goes on at the Executive Committee meetings a secret??   When do SC find out what transpires in "XO" meetings???  The budget??  Who knows what is in the budget that is supposed to be approved by the Executive Committee??  The state chair didn’t even know the AZ GOP was in debt when he took office!  Does anyone have any idea as to what programs relating to the state party that the "XO" committee counseled the state chair???   Or, did you read any of that in “The Only Official Newsletter of the Arizona Republican Party!”   Did anyone provide any ‘summary’ minutes of the "XO" meetings to let the party know what is going on???   WOW, your party.  [Editor: This refers to a daily email sent by the AZGOP that simply relays what most precinct committeemen already know about world affairs and has nothing of interest about the AZGOP because whatever it is that they do IS secret.]

 But as we say goodbye to 2017, and maybe reflect back on all the ‘yester years’, WHO CARES???  It didn’t [a]ffect my pay or liberty and allowed the County Chairs to reflect on ‘oh, look how important I am’, without any interactions with the state.  Today’s email from AZ GOP says, “The facts are in, and 34.6% of registered Arizona voters are Republicans WHILE 30.2% of registered Arizona voters are Democrats… and that number is DECLINING! “  Someone explain what AZ GOP had to do with that!!!   Something is missing,  According to the SOS web page, the Democrats showed 1106675 for an increase of 3916 since April while the Republicans showed 1268748 for an increase of 7342, an increase of 3436 Republicans over the Democrats but trailing the ‘other’ in voter registration who increased by 7626.  The ‘others’ are almost ‘doubling, that of Republicans voter registrations.  Does the AZ GOP want to take ‘credit’ for that???  The ‘others’ show a total of 1250879 !!!  Let’s see what happens next November if the RINOs continue to take over! [Editor: what is unsaid in the numbers is how many democrats are registering as republicans to more easily control the republican vote.]


If you are a registered Republican, the AZ GOP is your party, like it or not.  Voters disserve the leaders that they elect!!!!   (Unknown is the status of non-elected staff members)   So, to put this AZ GOP on track, the ‘laid back’ county chairs must be organized by someone to take over the Executive Committee and guide the party!!!  We must ‘revamp’ and support amended bylaws.  Chairman Russell Sias deserves your support!!

[Editor: Mr. Ehl has called on County Chairs to step in and override the very bad decisions by the  last two chairs of the AZGOP.  County Chairs have not done that. Maybe it's because of what happened in Navajo County when that Chairman tried to do it - with next to NO support from other Chairmen.  To loosely quote Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor: When you stay neutral, you become the victim of the predators.]



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I support Russell Sias / Drain the Swamp

Not all county chairs have refused to try and fix the obvious corruption described above.  I, as the county chair of La Paz County, have tried.  Everytime I read our current bylaws I cringe at the many, many statements within them that suggest ...at the direction of the state chair... or something like that.

We are supposed to be a party of the people, supporting republican principles.  Not a bunch of sheep, led around by deception, confidentially, and secrecy.  When I, as a county chair, can be locked out of an illegally formed bylaws committee for the stated reason that I did not sign a confidentially agreement, the whole committee becomes a manipulative joke of the first order.  (This joke is on all of us!)

Our bylaw amendment process is spelled out in present day bylaws.  Since when, does a state chair have the right to decide that he is going to, first ignore our bylaws, then set up another process to change our bylaws in ANY OTHER manner than the one spelled out in the bylaws?  The answer, of course, is no right whatsoever!  He simply should never be allowed to do such a thing!

This flagrant violation of our bylaws is just one example of many.  Which is why I have submitted, legally, I might add, a whole new proposal for our bylaws.  They can be viewed at https://www.speakupsaveamerica.com/azgop-proposed-bylaws.html in their entirety as well as a comparison side-by-side view for easy reading.

It is my belief that our party, as we know it, is dead, our members just have not figured this out yet.  Our last and best hope, as imperfect as they are, is this proposed set of bylaws.  Since submission, I have identified some things that I failed to consider.  However, the bylaw proposal does provide for a legal, transparent, and functional bylaws committee, that will allow fixes to correct my omissions, and fine tune them to what our members want.  Even so, they are, as they stand, far, far, more helpful to save the party than our existing bylaws.

The main point I wanted to make with my submission is to restore our party to actually being OUR party, and not the party of the cabal, with the power to tell us, the registered Republicans in our state, how the cabal is going to run OUR party.

It is my opinion that our party has become so corrupted that it is about to die.  Either we restore control of OUR party to the people, or else.  I consider the above link to the bylaw proposal, and the effort to actually get it passed to be the last best hope for our party's survival.


Once upon a time I too was a Republican PC. But after discussing with Cong. Franks and Gosar and Sen. McCain the need for action to correct our unconstitutional monetary policy and the change in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure that stole voters Constitutional RIGHT to common law grand juries (5th Amendment) and the unlawful installation of the 17th Amendment (see http://thecnc.org/Documents/17thAmendment.htm) only to find none of them would recognize, much less act on these needs, I concluded these folks don't represent "we the people" and could care less about honoring their oath. I quickly became an ex CP and Republican, learned to accept that we are "governed" (ruled over) by a two party tyranny and that for there to be a peaceful revolution to restore our Republic we as voters must look to a third Party. I have found the Constitution Party to have people with integrity.

Walter, everything you said there is correct, but I have found third parties to be an exercise in futility.  The Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party both adhere to the principles upon which our Republic was founded, far more so than today's Republican Party.  They deserve to be elected.  Unfortunately, the D's and R's have rigged the system to the extent that it is virtually impossible for a third party to have an impact.

I used to look at the Socialist party in the twenties as an example of how a third party could have influence: they never got more than about 10% of the vote, but the Democrats co-opted all the Socialist Party issues to get that 10%.  And, of course, we then got the New Deal and the Constitution got utterly trashed.

Today, if the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party could get 10%, the same thing could happen; the Republicans adopt their principles, get that 10%, and we could restore the Constitution.  But the D's & R's have made that impossible.

First, they have made ballot access extremely onerous.  The Libertarians expend a HUGE effort just to get on the ballot in all 50 states.  The Constitution Party has not come close even to doing that.

Second, the D's & R's have effectively excluded third parties from the presidential debates.  Even the League of Women Voters, which used to sponsor the debates, QUIT doing so in 1988 because of the D & R shenanigans.  Here's a video of their 1988 press conference, from CSPAN:


Third, the mass media outlets are totally controlled by the Left, and they actively work against anyone who is even slightly to the right of Bob Dole.  Look at the favorable treatment that socialist Bernie Sanders got.  And then look how constitutionalist  Ron Paul was shut out (as even leftist Jon Stewart noticed):


The result?  Like it or not, our only hope is to work within the Republican Party.

Walter, Authur, I am not ready to cave in yet.  I think there is still hope, at least I am willing to hope there is hope.

If, I say, IF, we can force adoption of the bylaws to which I posted the link, perhaps we can help Pres. Trump drain the swamp.  Perhaps.  If we can remove party manipulation, it seems to be to be a chance to help in the cause.  Big if.  I understand that, and if it fail, which I expect to happen, then it is time to start over - from scratch.

Let me add one more item to my list:

Fourth, there are many, principled and Constitutional patriots within the Republican party.  In numbers that are far larger than can be found in either the CP or the LP.  Arguably, there might even be a majority of them. 

Recall the McCain censure.  That obviously passed!  It was at that point that the organized shutdown of the grassroots began.  And it worked; recall that the Anyone But McCain resolution and the Robert Graham Censure were not allowed to go to a vote; they were shut down by a hired gun parliamentarian before they even got to a vote.  They would have passed and the GOPe knew it. 

So, here in Arizona, the true and principled Republican grassroots are likely a majority.  A majority that has been shut down by an extremely effective and well-financed GOPe led by the McCain cabal (the so-called Arizona Grassroots Action, etc).  With McCain exiting, some work on our part, and hopefully some grassroots leaders to stand up,  I believe we can take it back. 

And it will be a force to contend with.  That's why I'm staying in the Party.

Who has McCain anointed to take over the party apparatus when he dies so the swamp continues in AZ????

Let me make this point. Some years ago I went to the legislature and and asked to have the signature requirement for Independents reduced to match the highest other party requirement or perhaps maybe 5% higher.  I was told in no uncertain terms that independents were not a political party, the PNDs are not a political party. Recognized political parties such as Libertarians, Green party etc have much lower requirements. So if anyone wants to get independents on the ballot, organize them into a political party.  Now they are in limbo land by choice.

Is a third party what we need?  R's or D's, corruption and self-serving interests abound.  It seems that maybe it is time to trash them both -- and simply start over.  Let's wait till we see if we can change the bylaws AND put some teeth in them so we can deal with out of control leaders.  On the 27th, we will know, I'm thinking.

History has shown we've had but a two party tyranny. America's voters have tried to bring about a change by alternating the party in control only to find their is no change. To continue this process and expect a change is by definition insanity. And though we might gain control of the Republican party at the local or state level it would make little difference so long as you have the McCains and Franks and Gosars etc. at the national level. WE NEED A FRESH START!!

Robert David Steele has partnered with Dr. Cynthia McKinney (former Congresswoman) to offer a plan. There is a great deal of information via writings and video on it. You can start finding it by going to http://robertdavidsteele.com/bigideas. With access to today's internet and social media I think there is an opportunity to bring about a peaceful revolution IF people will honor James 4:17 and begin to do what's right. The alternative doesn't bode well.

Russell Sias is someone who can be classified as the Establishment Elite's (Ruling Class) worst nightmare because he won't go away. They fear tenacity and he has it.  Now, if he succeeds in dislodging the powers that be, please do not take that as a win.  Rather, take it is a first step (in the journey of a thousand miles).  Because the Establishment is tenacious as well, and they will fight for a return to power as hard as we fight to remove them. Do not let them fool you with yet another snake oil salesman claiming to be one of us, as they have done in the past. "Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it."  Edmund Burke                                                                               

Which is exactly why I have posted a side-by-side comparison of our present bylaws and my new proposal at https://www.speakupsaveamerica.com/azgop-proposed-bylaws.html in the hope that we can return our party to those who should be running it -- the Republican members of our state, which now have so little voice that they are never heard.

When bylaws are violated, the people lose.  When secretaries cannot get the old records, the people lose.  When resolution committee chairs can arbitrary decide who can submit a resolution, the people lose.  When state chairs decide, independently of the bylaws, to go their own way and call a bylaws committee, a secret committee, no less, (who cannot even communicate amongst themselves), the people lose.  When a county chair (me) gets thrown off this fake bylaws committee for not agreeing to the confidentially and secrecy agreement, the people lose.  When a state chair, who is the ex-treasurer, can get up in his first exec meeting, and say he was surprised that the party was about a quarter million dollars in debt, the people lose.

The reason I say "about" a quarter million dollars, is that what he actually stated on 11 March was $220,000.  Then the minutes of the meeting stated $250.000!  Wait, there is more...remember just a few weeks later, he reported that he had retired the $230,000 debt?  Remember?  So, who knows?  These very records have been denied our new treasurer, so once again, the people lose.

Isn't it about time that we changed our bylaws so that the leadership of our, that's OUR party, is responsible to the people?  I have offered a way.  WE, the people, can do this.  WE can do this on the 27th of January.

It is high time we took OUR party back!  Back from those who manipulate our party for nefarious purposes!





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