[Editor: The following is from Jim Ehl who has tried to bring sanity back to the AZGOP for years.  He has not been successful and in that, he is joined by many others trying the same. The problem is that the AZGOP is owned by the establishment headed and funded by John McCain. That is why we see rigged voting at AZGOP annual meetings and also at MCRC meetings (we know, the name changed again but this is what we all know Maricopa County to be named). Let's not forget, the AZGOP bunch of thugs literally took the Navajo County Republican Committee away from duly elected officers who objected to the chicanery going on in the AZGOP and gave it to some of their acolytes who did not even know what it is they are now chairing. Thank you, Sen. Sylvia Allen, for the mess you created.  This article is edited only for grammar to make it more easily understandable by those unaware of what the AZGOP really is.]

Succinctly, counties in Arizona are divided into ‘voting precincts’.  Within those ‘precincts’, registered voters who want to be involved in ‘grass roots’ politics either are voted for by the registered voters in their precinct, or appointed by the county board of supervisors to be Precinct Committeemen (PC).  The Precinct Committeemen in each county, in turn, vote from their number for ‘State  Committeemen’ (SC), to represent the county at the state level.  (Numbers are governed by population.) The duties of a PC according to the ARS are,  “E. The minimum duties of a precinct committeeman shall be to assist the precinct committeeman's political party in voter registration and to assist the voters of that political party to vote on election days. Additional duties shall be as provided for in the state committee bylaws of the precinct committeeman's political party.” 

However, there are no duties for PCs, or State Committeemen given in the AZ GOP bylaws.  Duties may be prescribed in County bylaws.


It stands to reason that to be active in ‘grass roots’ politics. a PC must be afforded good information.   Who provides what information to whom???  Take a case in point!  The ‘non-functional’ Executive Committee.  Carefully read the duties of the AZ GOP Executive Committee and see if you agree with it’s function.


“A. Executive Committee The executive committee of the state committee's shall consist of the elected officers of the state committee, the national committeeman and committeewoman, the chairman and first and second vice chairman from each county, three members at large from each congressional district, and the president/chairman of each nationally recognized Republican auxiliary organization with at least 2,000 dues-paying members in the state. The state chairman shall chair the executive committee. The executive committee shall approve the annual budget and review and counsel the state chairman on all programs relating to the state party. The executive committee shall meet at least three times each year”


First we see [at] the state that [the] chairman shall chair the Executive Committee.  Now, who usually controls the agenda for a committee??  The chair!!  Do we have the Fox watching the hen house???  But, on to information for the ‘grass roots’ workers of the party, not  only the State Committeemen members, but also the PCs in all the counties,  Has the committee met three times in 2017?  For the AZ GOP secretary, is what goes on at the Executive Committee meetings a secret??   When do SC find out what transpires in "XO" meetings???  The budget??  Who knows what is in the budget that is supposed to be approved by the Executive Committee??  The state chair didn’t even know the AZ GOP was in debt when he took office!  Does anyone have any idea as to what programs relating to the state party that the "XO" committee counseled the state chair???   Or, did you read any of that in “The Only Official Newsletter of the Arizona Republican Party!”   Did anyone provide any ‘summary’ minutes of the "XO" meetings to let the party know what is going on???   WOW, your party.  [Editor: This refers to a daily email sent by the AZGOP that simply relays what most precinct committeemen already know about world affairs and has nothing of interest about the AZGOP because whatever it is that they do IS secret.]

 But as we say goodbye to 2017, and maybe reflect back on all the ‘yester years’, WHO CARES???  It didn’t [a]ffect my pay or liberty and allowed the County Chairs to reflect on ‘oh, look how important I am’, without any interactions with the state.  Today’s email from AZ GOP says, “The facts are in, and 34.6% of registered Arizona voters are Republicans WHILE 30.2% of registered Arizona voters are Democrats… and that number is DECLINING! “  Someone explain what AZ GOP had to do with that!!!   Something is missing,  According to the SOS web page, the Democrats showed 1106675 for an increase of 3916 since April while the Republicans showed 1268748 for an increase of 7342, an increase of 3436 Republicans over the Democrats but trailing the ‘other’ in voter registration who increased by 7626.  The ‘others’ are almost ‘doubling, that of Republicans voter registrations.  Does the AZ GOP want to take ‘credit’ for that???  The ‘others’ show a total of 1250879 !!!  Let’s see what happens next November if the RINOs continue to take over! [Editor: what is unsaid in the numbers is how many democrats are registering as republicans to more easily control the republican vote.]


If you are a registered Republican, the AZ GOP is your party, like it or not.  Voters disserve the leaders that they elect!!!!   (Unknown is the status of non-elected staff members)   So, to put this AZ GOP on track, the ‘laid back’ county chairs must be organized by someone to take over the Executive Committee and guide the party!!!  We must ‘revamp’ and support amended bylaws.  Chairman Russell Sias deserves your support!!

[Editor: Mr. Ehl has called on County Chairs to step in and override the very bad decisions by the  last two chairs of the AZGOP.  County Chairs have not done that. Maybe it's because of what happened in Navajo County when that Chairman tried to do it - with next to NO support from other Chairmen.  To loosely quote Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor: When you stay neutral, you become the victim of the predators.]



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IMO, the only way to take back the republican party in AZ is for 1. McCain gets out of the picture as he has been the single most destructive force in AZ; 2. His minions don't do as well as he has and I don't know who they are but probably Ducey heads the pack; 3 good solid constitutional republicans get themselves elected as PCs and then SCs in big numbers. There are plenty of empty seats to be filled but then they have to go to meetings and get themselves elected as state committeemen. This is how "the little people' take back the party. They get control of the districts and then control of the counties and then get control of the state party. With the absence of McCain's democrat money, it will be possible. Ah, but there is the rub: who takes over for McCain or maybe McCain's ego is so darn big that he has groomed no one to do it?

As of today, Friday - 1/19/2018, at 8:30 a.m. still waiting for the AZGOP mandatory call letter.  I have worked with and supported Russell Sias, Chair La Paz for at least six months.  His complete rewrite of the AZGOP bylaws is an excellent start.   But will it be included in the call letter?

There include efforts by a number of us to get the bylaws changed to place limits an other restrictions on proxy abuse.  There were four proxy resolutions submitted to the Resolutions Committee.  One was from Russell Pearce.  All were not accepted by ridiculous vote of 2 yes to 15 nor abstain.  In anticipation, I have submitted a proxy limit bylaw change to the Lines appointed bylaw committee and also the same to elected Secretary Gabby Mercer.  In theory the AZGOP bylaws require the Secretary elect to include my proxy changes and Russell Sias's complete rewrite in the call letter.

Last I heard Matthew Keeney has not received any direction as to what to do with the bylaw changes.  I hope my fellow State Committeemen/women will reject the bylaw changes suggestions from the Petsas chaired bylaw committee and accept the change to limit proxies to two per carrier.  There is a lot more taking place behind the scenes leading up to the AZGOP mandatory meeting. 

Our bylaws spell out EXACTLY how to submit a bylaw change.  That process DOES NOT include a bylaws committee!  At all!  Because there is ALREADY a process in place, no one, including Chairman Lines, may arbitrarily decide to create another process to consider bylaws.

Had there not been a process, then yes, he could have created such a committee.  BUT THERE IS such a process in place.  Ask yourselves, what right he has to simply ignore an existing procedure and decide to create his own?  Answer:  None whatsoever!  Petsas and her gang of "confidentially sworn" committee members should not even be allowed to be heard in our meeting.

Or, is it OUR meeting?  At this point in time, that seems to be the real question here, doesn't it?  I mean, whose meeting is it, anyway?  The registered Republicans in our state -- or the cabal?  This is the real question!

Russell - I agree with you 1,000% but you are going to have to have a powerful parliamentarian to challenge the parliamentarian appointed by J. Lines.  That is the only counter at the meeting.  The first clue as to their strategy will be what is in or out of the call letter.  It should not surprise you, if Lines, Kenney and Petsas leave out your rewrite of the bylaws.  What is in or out of the call letter will determine strategy at the meeting.  I hope you  have already lawyered up to seek an injunction, if the bylaw changes are left out.

An update:  I just spoke with Gabby, and she allowed  Matt Kenny to use the excuse that all the printing was not done "yet" and so those bylaw changes that were submitted properly (to her) have not been included in the call letter that all will be receiving in the next day or two.

FWIW, Gabby was very clear that she DID NOT authorize the call letter to go out without being complete.  I understand that Archie Dickson and myself BOTH submitted to her our suggestions -- which according to Gabby, were promised to be included, by none other than Matt Kenny.

So, to the Robert's Rules of Order guys and gals reading this, do we have to put up with this from OUR party, and if not, what do we do about it?

Let's add to the confusion.  We have reports that people are getting Call letters addressed to someone else and some who are NOT state committeemen are actually getting Call letters.  How many ways can we spell incompetence?

Incompetence or deception? Or both?   And I am not referring to Gabby when I say this.





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