African-American Republican Legislator Calls Out East Valley NAACP President's Hypocrisy


PHOENIX – Rep. Walter Blackman (R-06), the first ever African-American Republican to be elected to the Arizona State House, rebuked East Valley NAACP-Arizona President Roy Tatem for launching personal attacks against him and for failing to defend the NAACP's mission statement.

Rep. Blackman, a 21-plus-year U.S. Army combat veteran, revealed how Tatem wrote directly to his followers on social media, telling them that the African-American Republican needed to be "taken to task" for "voting along party lines." He also recounted how he was warned by Tatem, who approached him earlier this month at the Arizona African-American Legislative Conference in Phoenix, to "watch his back."

"This man is not only hypocritical, but aggressive," said Rep. Blackman. "I'm honored to serve the people of Arizona as an African-American member of the legislature. I hope that by providing new leadership, I can impact and influence other black Republicans to get involved and not feel threatened by the NAACP mob."

According to the NAACP website, "the stated mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons."

Rep. Blackman contends that Tatem's recent comments and behavior reveal a deep conflict of interest that is in direct opposition with the NAACP's avowed mission to ensure "the political...equality of rights" of all persons.

Republican Party of Arizona Chairman Kelli Ward issued the following statement in response to the personal attacks made against Rep. Blackman:

"This type of rhetoric from the president of a local NAACP chapter is unacceptable and outrageous," said Chairman Ward. "Walter Blackman is an outstanding human being, not to mention a loving husband and father. He doesn't deserve this type of treatment from anyone—let alone the president of the East Valley NAACP. I have spoken with Rep. Blackman and assured him the Republican Party of Arizona is fully behind him and that we have his back."

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We the people

Drain the local swamp, as well!

Great statement Chairwoman Ward. 

I would desire you to help end the bullying of Representative Stringer by RINO vindictive members of our party.

I would submit that from the very first meeting of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, their position was determined to be, dare I say it, racist.  The fundamental focus, according to their (probably) intentionally chosen phrasing of the name of the organization, (even within the name they have chosen as a title) expresses the intentional position is to be a racist organization.

Anytime a special interest group sets out to advance their own group over or above the rest of our citizens, they, by the very nature of their actions, risk becoming discriminatory.  In this case, blatantly so.

We are ALL citizens, we are all equal.  It is high time we ALL acted like we understood this fundamental concept.

Very very sad that the NAACP has been hijacked by the ultra left liberals and "used" as one of it's weapons against black people and others who dare to question that ol "plantation mindset and or exercise a modicum of independent thought. I wouldn't even bother to be a member and pay dues to such a compromised organization today and encourage anyone/everyone reading this to keep your $30.00 in your pocket and look for a more worthy organization to donate to/join.  Great response Kelli...

Blackman is not deserving of the NAACP rhetoric. He is deserving of being watched by conservatives around conservative policy, he is falling a bit short around this. 





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