Never in recent history, in fact since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1861,has a President been so hated by so many who stand to benefit by the policies Trump puts in place.   As difficult as that was on Lincoln, he didn't  have to face TV media, rabidly liberal democrats and social media but he did have to do battle with his own party.

Lincoln was widely hated by his own party, the democrats, the citizens and some in his own cabinet.  He was the "Trump" of his time... he would simply critically-think his way through difficult decisions.  In many ways, Lincoln changed America forever when he waged a war every bit as controversial as the Vietnam war 100 years later.  Had he not done that, we really would be a racist country, thanks to the southern democrats who vehemently fought to keep slavery. Lincoln literally died for his country over slavery who was on a civilian battlefield throughout his presidency. Only after his assassination did he finally receive the respect he deserved throughout his time in the White House (built by the Lincoln administration).

Slavery in the democrat party is still around, just in a more subtle way: antifa is about as racist as it gets and would love to make whites into slaves for reparation! It is populated by ignorant truly uneducated young people who don't even know it is they who are the facists.   BLM was based on fake stories and is mostly made up of young whites who themselves hate "white privilege," whatever they perceive that to be and who, themselves, fall into that category.

You can be certain the confirmation of Amy Conley Barrett to the Supreme Court will bring out the gutless thugs once again... not that it's not going on still under the radar! Why did so-called Republican Susan Collins vote against her?  Why did anyone vote against her?  It's been years since a person so qualified has been confirmed.  Justice Scalia is probably the last along with Justice Thomas.  

The meaning of a 5-3-1 court (the 1 is Chief Justice Roberts who seems confused about what the Constitution calls for), is significant beyond all measure.  Except for Roberts, the other five are fully aware of the halo-effect that goes with being a Constitutionalist on the Court.

The incredible thing is how calm, for democrats, the dems were about the process.  It's because Justice-to-be Barrett rejected the hot potato questions and comments that were lobbed at her.  Unflappable to a fault, a highlight was when she turned the tables on them.  The other highlight was watching Minority Senator Chuck Schumer rail and whine about what her confirmation means for Obamacare.  Why is that his leading issue?  Because it's coming up and he knows it is unconstitutional and may well be dumped in the trash heap of democrat ideas.

This is especially crucial to Arizona.  She will hopefully hear the appeal of the Arizona ban on ballot harvesting.   At least 4 Arizona citizens were thrilled when the   U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review the decision of a federal appeals court which earlier this year had voided the state’s ban on “ballot harvesting” after concluding that the Republican-controlled legislature enacted the 2016 law with the intent of suppressing minority votes. That law makes it a felony, subject to one year in state prison and a $150,000 fine, to carry anyone else’s already and often un-voted ballot.  This is a critical issue in Arizona and other battleground states.  Hordes of paid operatives have fanned out across America to coerce vulnerable voters to give over they ballot to be delivered to the elections departments.  Some, maybe most, are not voted or if they are, they will be reviewed by the democrat party to see how it's been voted.  

This may be the most important election issue in America today.  And it all started right here by ordinary citizen activists.  Imagine.  If this makes it to a hearing as it well might, let's all go to DC to be on the court building's steps to be among the first to know the outcome.  Ahh, the celebration if this is judged legal... as it should.

Keep your eye on this and watch how many times you hear democrats blubbering about "voter suppression."  And thank the two Michelle's: Michele Reagan and Michelle Ugenti-Rita for leading this into law!

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GREAT Patriot !

3rd paragraph

My BS detector went off.

Lincoln did not care about the slavery

Many books, links and info here.

He started what trump is trying to end.

Can't you just once pass on your relentless criticism of every mention of Lincoln and say Good for the citizens who got  a ban on ballot harvesting.? What a thrill and an honor that one of ours may get their bill heard at the Supreme Court.  Yeah, I think that is the point of this post.  I figure you weren't there when Lincoln was president so you are reading whatever you read.

what Lincoln did is the crux of our problem today

it is not just one little corner one little battle. If you understand what Lincoln did in the act of 1871, all of this stuff doesn't even matter

Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler et al have no conscience. It's all about winning and power. And they don't care how they get it,  they cheat and lie and the mainstream media is complicit in all of it. Shame on all of them!





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