If you ever wondered what kind of person would work for John McCain, inarguably the most hated man in the country even before his thumbs down vote on Obamacare replacement, here is a list of those in Arizona to get you started.  We've combed through the list. Some are on the list of the most hated PCs in the AZGOP like Gayla Coletto for her nasty comments about Trump or Sheila Muehling, who never met a person she couldn't condemn. Neither of these two are State Committeemen and have no voice in what happens to Lines even though we have eye witness testimony from those who saw them voting at the AZGOP meeting in January.  A district Chairman on Lines' side told us the credentials report reported more SCs than number of those who actually signed in at the meeting! Wouldn't put it past them or Graham.  Others are not even PCs.  Some are unconnected to the AZGOP and have no clue what they put their name to.  AND SOME HAVE SAID THEY DID NOT KNOW THEIR NAME WAS GOING ON THIS LIST AND DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS MESSAGE!!!  We smell desperation on the part of Lines.  Of course, all costs involved in this little charade comes from donors to the AZGOP.

If you have read The Smear by Sharyll Attkisson, you will immediately recognize the hidden smear tactics used by Soros and the progressive left like Alinsky.

Note the first name on the list: Bruce Ash.  Ash is a long time National Committeeman.  His name should not even be on there but of course, no honorable NC would put their name on this.  You certainly do not see the name of the National Committeewoman! We are wondering, how many hands are in the till and how many have been promised other goodies.

Expect this group under the tutelage of Graham, Lines and McCain to pull every trick in the book to keep Lines in office.  Go to their Facebook page to see them wax ecstatic over how wonderful Lines has been and how much he's accomplished.  But only if you are in to Fake News!  United4Victory on Facebook.  It's a sponsored page.  Wonder who paid for that.... AZGOP or McCain/Soros perhaps?

We have attached a chart with these names.  You should download it and keep it in your computer to refer to as things move along to see who is not a trusted activist on the AZGOP/McCain payroll and by payroll, we include out and out payments and promises made.

Our state is facing a concerted, and well-funded, effort by the left to elect liberal progressives in 2018 to every level of government. The efforts of dedicated Republicans must be on recruiting PC’s, registering voters, and electing Republican candidates to strengthen and reinforce our party. To do anything else is playing into the hands of the Democrats and giving aid to our opposition. Our charge should be to grow our party, not tear it apart, as some are ready to do without regard to the consequences. ​

As County Chairs, 1st and 2nd County Vice Chairs, Members at Large, Legislative District leadership, State and Precinct Committeemen, and registered Republicans we work to build the Republican Party. And we support the efforts of Chairman Lines to do the same. He has the support and faith of President Trump, and he deserves our support as well. ​ We reject the efforts to divide and disrupt coming from a specific segment within our party, using misleading and untrue statements, faulty interpretations of the bylaws, and personal attacks on other elected volunteers within our party. ​

We pledge our efforts to positively advance the GOP platform, support our primary nominees, and assist Chairman Lines as he works with Chairwoman McDaniel and President Trump, to successfully grow our party and win elections for Republican candidates. ​ We reject any efforts to disrupt the positive momentum created by President Trump for the Republican Party, including the attempt to recall our duly elected state chairman Jonathan Lines. ​ We stand with the President, we stand with Chairwoman McDaniel, and we stand with Chairman Lines. ​ Respectfully, ​ ​ ​ Registered Republicans, GOP Precinct Committeemen, State Committeemen, elected district, county and state GOP leadership - please add your name to this document in supporting positive forward progress within out party. The name submission may be found at the bottom of the page.

Bruce Ash (reported to be the instigator) Jeff Fleetham
Raphael Ahmed Margo Treece Eileen Mueller
Paul Brierley Ken Furr Wally Campbell
Matthew King Rae Chornenky Kim Owens (the Proxy Queen)
Rick Gray Dr. Shadow Asgari Lisa Gray
**Farhana Ahmed** Rene Lopez Chris Herring (MCRC Chairman {although, he
Yvonne Cahill* (MCR 2nd VP and Quisling Nora Ellen changed the name to MRC]
Sheila Meuling (MCR Treasurer) & Quisling Paula Linker -Quisling Raymond Jones (LD17 Chair)
Lisa Askey (buddies with Graham.Lines) Tim Roemer Lisa Atkins
John Atkins William Loughrige Joy Staveley (former Coconino Chair, slobbers
Russ Jones Brittney Kaufmann over Graham and Lines)
Lorraine Pellegrino Kevin Hartke George Ortiz
Marcus Huey Bernadette Coggins Cindy Coleman-AZGOP officer
John Rhodes-long time    McCain supporters Tyler Montague Keith Alexander- long time McCain supporter
Clint Colvin Sheila Lord Lisa James-Does McCain's PR
Michael Francis Geofrey Parker Emily James-Lisa James' daughter
Gordon James-McCain PR James Groff Dean Owens
Kori King Geofrey Parker Derrick Rochwalik
Lynn Hopkins Carol Corum Charles James
Madeline James Jo Ligouri Alyce Umatum
Vicky Glover Cory Acton Joe Romack – LD23 Quisling
Linda Rizzo – LD23 Quisling Sam Huang Robin Poquette Stallworth
Kathy Brierly Joshua Askey Gary Knight
Bonnie Knight Johnny Melton Justing Farren
John Heidrich Bruce Linker Jennifer Hill
Richard Sorenson Fred Ash Phil Townsend
Bill Graves Katie Franquist Opal Graves
Jeff Young Jeni White Lisa Hoberg
Julie Lind Monica Yelin Kristen Acton
Cheryl Pelletiem -LD23 Quisling Mark Giebelhaus Margie Creedon
David Ryan Kristen Desmangles Kulsum Grossman
Sophia Johnson James Grof Cory Mishkin
John Johnson Sharon Farr Mara Benson
Joe Junker LD23 Quisling Sheila Lord Mrs. Claudia Storey
Gayla Coletto- Head LD23 Quisling** Onnie Shekerjian Karri King
Mary Anne Hilis Matt Ligouri

Emily Ann Gullickson

George Khalaf Jane Lynch

Quisling: a person who betrays his or her own country by aiding an invading enemy, often serving later in a puppet government; fifth columnist


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Drain this swamp
Farhana Ahmed has just moved into LD18, has become a PC, and is running for State Rep. But alas, she has changed her name for her campaign, the "Ahmed" was dropped.

Ahmed's campaign chair is Robert Graham. Her treasurer is Lisa Askey. Nothing fishy, right? This couldn't be because LD18 currently has a large group of truly conservative State Committeemen, could it?

I read Constantin Querard was her campaign manager. Maybe he is her handler! CQ as no morals, would support a progressive republican. Maybe he and Graham recruited her

I found this "AZGOP United for Victory" yesterday.  I immediately asked myself - how do they plan on achieving unity by ignoring the issues and complaints.  Hasn't any of these people noticed the exit of Republicans to be Independents?  I am insulted.

I support recruiting PC’s, registering voters, and electing Republican candidates to strengthen and reinforce our party. I fully support President Trump. I can not support candidates who are never in favor of supporting our President Trump or who support global government as advocated by being in favor of Open Borders, supporting illegal immigrants, and sacrificing Republican principles.

Past Chairman Robert Grahams shattered the AZGOP in 2016. He is gone.
Trusting the AZGOP is lost!

Chairman Lines as past AZGOP Treasurer failed to meet his responsibilities in 2015 – 2016. That is not a lie. That is fact. He did not arrange when as the AZGOP Treasurer to secure a CPA firm to perform a financial audit. Treasurer Lines was an absentee officer and did not meet his elected responsibilities.  When I talked to him on a phone call initiated by him in the Fall of2016;  I asked about an independent audit.  He said there would be one but could not or would not provide me with the name of the CPA firm.

Newly elected Chairman Lines promised to not hire Matthew Kenney. He hired him anyway. Kenney when asked about his hiring as the AZGOP Executive Director by Lines stated: Lines did not hire him the DONORS did. Lines also engaged legal council Kory Langfor. Both Kenney and Langfor are tied directly to disgraced McCain. I can not support Chairman Lines as long as the McCain ties remain.

The AZGOP reforms must include:

  1. Provide the permanent records to Gabby without her having to demeaning herself anymore.

  2. Fire Matthew Kenney and Kory Langfor.

  3. All financial connections or related ties to McCain must be cut.

  4. Then there is the valid concerns expressed by Russel Sias regarding the AZGOP By-laws.

  5. Fair elections with a paper trail for audit purposes.

  6. There are probably more issues.

Russell Sias, La Paz County Chairman on MCRC BRIEFS 9/1/2017 "I have pondered why this closed and apparently secret committee meeting procedure. One thought comes to mind: What if? Remember a couple of years ago, when the resolution committee presented at the state meeting the following: ...we have reviewed the submitted resolutions and rejected them all…. With zero discussion. Remember? Maybe you don’t, BECAUSE the state body was given NO opportunity to discuss or debate them. They were rejected outright simply because the committee said so. So, what if this new bylaws committee comes to the next meeting of the body and says ...we have decided and approved a new set bylaws and/or changes to them? Don’t say it cannot happen, for those of who remember the fuss about being told what the resolution committee “decided” (for us) was the way it was going to be – and to heck with the body having a voice. We know better, for we saw it happen."

Well I do remember that instant loss of Integrity.

What is integrity?

The Power of Integrity

The Olive Branch Report September 1, 2017    Source: http://theolivebranchreport.com/the-power-of-integrity/

By Greg Laurie

I will be careful to live a blameless life – when will you come to help me? I will lead a life of integrity in my own home.” —Psalm 101:2

What is integrity? It is having character—not being a character. (A lot of us would qualify there.) One definition suggests that integrity is what you are in the dark. In other words, who are you when you’re all alone and no one is watching?

Maybe our character could be determined by what kind of television programs catch our interest or the type of websites we might visit when no one is watching. What kind of thoughts would be in our heads if we knew that no one would be aware of them? Of course, God is always watching and aware, but we often forget that.

I like how Will Rogers put it: “So live that you would not mind selling your pet parrot to the town gossip.”

I heard the story of a pastor who boarded a bus one Monday morning. He paid his fare and took his seat, but then he realized that the bus driver had given him a lot of extra change. At the next stop the pastor went up to the bus driver and said, “Excuse me, sir, but you gave me too much change. I wanted to give it back to you.”

The bus driver said, “Pastor, I didn’t make a mistake. I was at your church yesterday, and I heard you preach on honesty. I wanted to see if you would live it.”

Compromises reach no one. There is power in conviction. There is power in integrity, in godliness, and in standing up for what we believe.

Many times we don’t realize that people are watching us. They are paying attention to what we do. They may not tell us they are watching us, but they want to see if we are the real deal, if we are men and women of integrity.

It's impossible to say too many bad things about McCain-Graham-Lines because they are all evil power grabbers. So are those who support them.





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