I believe there’s something suspicious about the great number of Congressional Republicans not seeking re-election in 2018. Roll Call reports that on average 22 House Republicans retire each cycle. But according to NPR we’re looking at a record number of Republicans leaving Capitol Hill. I’m not prepared to believe they have all decided they’ve served long enough and now it’s time to say goodbye to the lobbyists, glitz and glamor, and head back to the farm.

Being elected to Congress is the greatest welfare job available. There are only a total of 535 of those Access welfare cards available and even at that they are not all available at once.

Paul Ryan’s announcement that he would not seek re-election brings the number of House Republicans not seeking re-election to 39 for the moment.

Granted several are not seeking re-election to the House in order to run for a Senate seat, while a couple others have decided to run for governor of their respective states. And one Congressman isn’t seeking re-election because he is awaiting confirmation as NASA Administrator. Notwithstanding, my suspicions are that the great number of Republicans choosing to leave office at this point is not an accident, especially since many of their seats can be flipped by Democrats.

My suspicions are that many leaving office have been coerced, with the promise of lucrative positions for them and/or their families. Some are being forced to not seek re-election because they’ve been caught in compromising behavior. There are those who have been outed for their amoral behavior and use of taxpayer monies to buy their way out of the consequences for their immoral behavior. I remind you that the public still doesn’t know the names of all of the Representatives who spent over $17 million to cover up their sexual improprieties. Nor have the names of all of the Representatives who used taxpayer money to pay for the abortions of staff members and in one alleged case, the abortion of their daughter’s friend they were involved with.

I do not believe it is singularly Democrat operatives who are behind forcing Republicans out of the door. The past behavior of Karl Rove and the overall behavior of George Soros force me to ask the question: “Are the two men somehow working together to derail the President We the People constitutionally elected?”

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The corruption is so deep

Think about this:  In the past presidency, how many times did they absolutely promise to rid us of Obamacare?  Many!  Now that they actually have someone who would not veto the effort, they can't get it done.  There clearly is a reason!

The were lying to us all those years.  They are being exposed for the liars and deceivers they are, and so they are pulling out.  Not just about health insurance, but many, many things.  I would cite two in Arizona.  Flake and McCain.  NEITHER one of these jokers are conservative -- in spite of their claims.  Never, never, have been.  I have made a joke out of McCain's antics, by stating he is the best Democrat in congress, which he seems never to disappoint me in this claim.

Another example:  Immigration.  The vast majority of our citizens want immigration controlled, both legal and illegal.  Congress always fails to support the citizens of this country.  Always!  We gave Pres. Trump both houses of congress, yet they can't agree on border security, limiting legal immigration, to say nothing about illegal immigration.

What these congressional deserters are really telling us is that they see the hand writing on the wall, and are running for cover.  So, does it matter?  The fact is, President Trump is ...Draining the Swamp.

I share the thought as Mr Massie does that Republican elites are engaged in attempt to render President Trump a lame duck and go along to disparage the President at every opportunity. Most of Republicans retiring as is said "land on their feet" and will have lucrative opportunities awaiting them and that does raise questions. They stuck it to the President with the boated Omnibus Bill  a bill that turns out to be a wet dream for Democrats and they were overjoyed.

It is appropriate to wonder why the Republican no Trump-sters want this President to fail and/or be impeached? Here I share Mr. Massie's thought that they are  trying to teach us the voter to cast your vote for the person we tell you too.

If President Trump survives the coup and the Trump haters should prevail in 2020 I think that R.I.P. Republican Party will be their fate. The new Trump Party base are on to the uniparty and will punish the Democrats and Republicans. Yet to be determined what the new political party that emerges will be.

Some will secure a coveted "welfare protected" seat but they will enjoy their seat as the politically marginalized.

Is it possible those "bailing out" realize a lot of people have come to realize every elected official, due to acts of both omission and commission, are "adhering" to enemies of the Constitution and that this is Treason? To fully implement the New World Order the Powers that Be must disarm Americans. They have already succeeded in nullifying our 2nd amendment right (See the book Our Global Neighborhood; the Report of the Commission on Global Governance, the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and State Department Publication 7277). A all out effort to disarm Americans is on the horizon. Could the repercussion from doing so be inspiring the exodus from DC?

Walter, You are spot on asking the question "Is it possible those "bailing out" realize a lot of people have come to realize every elected official, due to acts of both omission and commission, are "adhering" to enemies of the Constitution and that this is Treason?" I might add in the case of Republicans most do not follow their own parties platform.

Another point you made to consider for the reason of the exodus is the disarming of Americans. First break Americans backs and then disarm Americans. I read something somewhere the other day and I paraphrase, "You may have broken our backs but you will not saddle us" and that may very well end up the repercussions they imagined will be brought upon them -- I feel a slow in coming fight back time a coming.

Patricia: I too feel a fight is coming. It will be triggered when "the powers that be" decide to try to confiscate our weapons for according the them, Americans no longer have a 2nd amendment right. Here is why I say that.

On May 11, 1955, Mr. Carl Rix, former President of the American Bar Association, summarized the death of our Constitution before a Senate committee by saying: Congress is no longer bound by its Constitutional system of delegated power. Its only test is under the obligatory power to promote human rights (not to be confused with the unalienable rights guaranteed by our Constitution) in these fields of endeavor: Civil, political, economic, social and cultural. These (powers) are found in Articles 55 and 56 of the Charter of the United Nations. Congress may now legislate as an uninhibited body with no shackles of delegated powers under the Constitution. Our entire system of government of delegated powers of Congress has been changed to a system of undelegated powers without amendment (of the Constitution) by the people of the United States.” American’s no longer have unalienable Rights!!

 In addressing fall outs of the U.N. Charter in To Tame a Tyrant (www.tyranttamer.com) I wrote “perhaps the most destructive of all was the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights…It shredded our Bill of Rights…,it eliminated our most important right---to keep and bear arms. Rest assured…we will …see legislation forthcoming to take them from us. Tyrants can’t survive in an armed Society.” The Covenant became effective on 3/23/76. The plan to disarm Americans is in State Department Publication 7277. Google it.

 Now you know why 2nd Amendment organizations can’t stop the onslaught against our right “to keep and bear arms.”  They are attacking a symptom of our problem and symptoms CANNOT be solved; only problems. Time permitting study  http://thecnc.org/Documents/ActiveDuty.htm.

It is becoming clear to me that the state Republican parties --probably all 50 of them--have been reduced to nothing but shells of the once-grand 0ld party. I've polled 9 states, so far, and in all 9 states, RINOs control the state party. If the GOP has a majority in the state party, that majority contains, on average, only about 10% conservatives. 

What this means to me is that there is a very serious reason why RINOs are working SO HARD to freeze grassroots conservatives out of any kind of influence in our state party. They are being paid--I have no doubt--to manage our state party in a slow decline, the end point of which will be the "natural" takeover of a once-solid red state by the Democrats. Part of their effort is to prevent us winning control of state party leadership. Part of it is preventing true conservatives from winning any elective positions, if at all possible. Remember, just recently, Sheriff Mack ran in CD8, for Trent Franks' seat. Had he won the primary and, eventually, the general, he would have been an absolutely solid vote for the Trump agenda. What happened? The RINOs, I believe, saw to it that Mack was physically blocked from entering two important candidate forums at which all other candidates participated. 

The result: Debbie Lesko will be the current "lesser of two evils" for whom we lemmings will again vote, because we MUST elect Republicans, over Democrats. Of course. In other words, WE are the instruments of our own demise.

I say it is time we stop participating in this farcical exercise in self-immolation. I've watched us try and fail to change this situation, for about ten years, since I became an active conservative. Personally, I am convinced that we are squandering Trumps time in office, by remaining as part of this useless Kabuki that gains us nothing and does not do one thing to save our country. Eight years will go by very fast. We're already halfway through our SECOND YEAR OF TRUMP! 

I'm not a quitter. For 9 years, or so, I have participated in every attempt we have made to gain more influence on the party, by following the bylaws. I spent a full seven months of 2017 following the bylaws to the letter, to organize a Special Meeting to remove the chairman of the state GOP. That experience has given me far more insight than I had before I started. In my view, we lost the Republican Party decades ago, but the RINOs have done so well at hiding their management process that it didn't glaringly show for quite awhile. It was a very gradual realization that RINOs were a problem. Even a few years ago, I was still only irritated by them. I saw them as soft in the head. I wondered how they could be so stupid. Now, it's clear to me that they were working us the whole time, keeping us pliant and complacent, even though we knew we were irritated. I say it's time for us to admit the truth and get on with changing it. What have we got to lose, really? 

Somehow, we all need to traverse the still-ample space between thinking it's radical to walk away from fighting a losing battle and realizing it's the only logical thing to do. Right now, we are somewhat divided along that very line. Think of all the things the Founders, and those who fought with them, were willing to let go of, because they knew it would be a capitulation to tyranny, if they did not let go of them.  I think we need to start talking more about what other options are available to us, besides continuing to watch, as the RINOs diminish our party more and more.

Note: Not just Dems and Republicans are now losing registrations. There are also fewer Independents than last time they checked. And Independents still outnumber both the other two parties. To me, that means voters in general are getting really really fed up with the UNIPARTY that is made up by the two so-called "major" parties. They're so fed up that they can't even stand to be Independent! They simply want nothing to do with the electoral process, because it has become such a mockery--AND an affront to any person who believes in our founding principles. If we believe in those principles, how on earth can we continue to participate in it as losers? 

Whatever we decide to do, I see it as imperative and urgent that we make an end around the RINOs-in-charge who are in the last stage of finishing off the once-great Republican Party. If you differ with that comment, ask youself how long it's been since the Grand Old Party actually acted according to that wonderful platform they always allow us to vote through, at the convention, never to be heard from again.

We need to face the fact that the RINOs-in-charge are making fools of us every single day, and it's for only one reason: Because we are letting them!

Bingo Marianne.  You eloquently explained why I dumped the GOP two weeks ago. I'm a patriot without a Party.  It's okay, because my loyalty is not to a group of people who need their egos stroked.

 The time we spend on GOP issues could be better used on City Councils running amok.  That is where the Dems are concentrating since the Executive Branch doesn't favor them currently.  

Peggy, You have a point by saying "The time we spend on GOP issues could be better used on City Councils running amok.  That is where the Dems are concentrating since the Executive Branch doesn't favor them currently." Soros' is systematically infiltrating Dem candidates at local level.

And school boards, the most important local elections most just dismiss.  Hitler knew he had to grab the kids, and did.  America is doing the same.


I understand completely because the Republican party has no interest in Conservatives.  I saw this at the AZ GOP in January meeting and there was a recent FB posting about people on the right reading radical websites...  I am waiting for an answer as to what does a Republican radical look like . As you and Marianne know the Republican party never supported the creation of my activist group , Mobilization of Conservatives®   The Republican Women's Groups actually endorse without endorsing RINOS and have members who endorse work for Democrats without any consequence. 

Marianne, A truly well written post and I am appreciative. 





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