Arizona Republican Chairman Candidate Robert Graham Reads Like "The 4-Hour Work Week" Book

For a little background, the book "The 4-Hour Work Week" written in 2009, describes a "new rich" which abandons the traditional work-save-retire plan for a new one that focuses on creating a life of luxury now.  The book says,

"Whether you are an overworked employee or an entrepreneur trapped in your own business, this book is the compass for a new and revolutionary world."

In late August 2009, an unknown candidate named Robert Graham announced his plans to run for Governor in 2010.   Back then, no one in the political arena had ever heard of Graham.  He wasn't even a precinct committeeman.  

Yet, his various bios found herehere and here claim that in 2008 he received a  Reagan Congressional Commission by the National Republican Congressional Committee recognizing his "lifelong commitment, contribution and service as a Republican."


Sounds impressively important, until we discovered that ANYONE can receive this recognition for the low price of a $500 donation to the National Republican Congressional Committee. Graham made two donations totalling $500.00 to the NRCC, one in December 2007 and the other in January 2008.  A few months later, he was miraculously given this "prestigious" lifelong commitment to the Republican party award. 


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So still there ANYONE else running???? Doug Little, I'm told pulled out......NEED more INFO PLEASE...

Doug Little did not pull out - that was a mistaken announcement but convenient right before the election.  Go on to his website and it explains... think there is something posted here on AFA too.

thank U...had asked AFA and CCRC and gotten no response from AFA (until U) and CCRC said Little had dropped out....convenient again.  It appears that only Graham is coming on Jan 22 to 'speak' will ask Kathy...I just looked on and didn't see any updates on his running/not running.  I'll keep looking.

You are mistaken.  Both candidates will be at that meeting.  I think several groups have gone in together to have that meeting so as many people as possible can see them side by side.  I have a long drive to get there but I wouldn't miss it.

I was talking about Cochise County....I know Graham is speaking the evening of 22nd, but am sure Mr. Little is not....don't know why. 

I have a message that both candidates will be in Chandler on the 22nd.  I just heard that at a meeting tonight.  How can Graham be in both places?  Was Mr. Little invited to speak in Cochise?

AFA has sent out several messages that DL is in the race.  I got them.  Check your spam box.

Now there is a new article by Gilbert Watch on this same subject

Looks like Robert is trying to launch his political career with this non paying political position?
I turned down one of his tee shirts at the Chandler debate.

I know this is old news now except the rabid-dog blog sites that Rob Haney controls along with his followers like Royce Flora and Shane Wikfors don't seem to want to let this go.  I was at the State Meeting.  I think I know why Haney and the rest are so upset.  Lynne Bryer gave the best speech of the day, calling out the power brokers and saying they make it impossible for good people to run for even an office like GOP Secretary.  They have drug her through the mud for their own selfish need for power and continue to do that. Haney with his Napoleon complex does this to everyone who disagrees with him, always has, is a despicable person.  Except it seems Lynne isn't going to be intimidated by the likes of that man and good for her.  There's a reason his district tried to kick him out and wants to get rid of him.  He's what is wrong with the Republican party and the sooner he becomes a footnote to history in AZ the sooner the GOP can start to move forward.



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