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                                                Feb. 2020 article by Vince Ansel

                    “Assault on 2nd Amendment Launched in AZ State Legislature

     The battle is officially on! The first shots of 2020 have been fired in the unconstitutional legislative drive to confiscate our firearms! We’re not talking about the Socialist enclaves of New York or California where gun confiscation schemes are expected. We’re talking about historically gun friendly Arizona! There apparently is an obsession by some AZ lawmakers to punish the law abiding for the sins of the criminal element. It’s particularly disheartening to know that the drive to infringe upon our gun rights is being promoted not by misinformed and/or ideologically driven Democrats, but by Republicans!

     No, I’m not talking about all Republican Legislators. We have some really good kick ass people in our State Legislature who through thick and thin maintain a grip on Constitutional principles when representing their constituencies. The aberrations we’re talking about are the Brophy McGee’s and the Heather Carter’s, both sitting Republican AZ State Senators who never fail to insult and disrespect the folks who foolishly keep them employed as they go about the business of legislatively dismantling our Constitution and sabotaging our 2nd Amendment.

     What I’m talking about are two bills recently introduced by Brophy McGee and supported by Carter and their cronies on the Democrat side of the aisle. These sister legislative works are what is popularly known as “Red Flag” pieces of legislation. The first bill, SB 1165 is 19 pages long and is fraught with so much legalese and gobbledygook that my brain started to hurt after about 5 minutes of attempting to read through the minutia. Whoever drew up this piece of legislative genius should be sent to their room, confined there and be fed by sliding their meal through a slot at the bottom of the doorway. Bottom line; this bill is bad for those who cherish our 2nd Amendment and bad for Arizona!

      The second Bill, SB 1164 is only 2 pages long. However, “due process” guarantees as defined in our Constitution are non-existent. This bill has “unintended consequences” written all over it. Law abiding gun owners will most certainly be affected by the unlawful seizure of their firearms and be subject to time consuming scrutiny and expense if this bill ever passes legislative muster and then signed into law by Gov. “Red Flag” Doug Ducey.

      Here is one example of the chronic weaknesses inherent with this Bill:

Any individual with an ax to grind can file a false complaint against someone for any perceived grievance. The “fake victim” for instance can file a complaint with any peace officer stating that he/she was threatened with violence or with a firearm by the accused. The officer will then report the complaint to a commissioner or judge. That judge will then issue a “Severe Threat Order of Protection” causing the confiscation of all firearms possessed by the accused. The accused will then be required to be evaluated by a certified Behavioral Health Specialist to determine if he/she is a danger to self or others. Only when the accused has been “cleared” by the “specialist” will his/her firearms be returned. If the BHS is an anti-gun nut….watch out!

      In adding insult to injury, the incident is also registered with the “National Crime Information Center” database, regardless of the complaint having no merit! Historically, this trashing of “due process” as guaranteed in our Constitution is more in alignment with Communist and Socialist ideologies! These measures must be defeated at all costs!

         Please join us as “Red Flag” issues and more will be highlighted at our 7th Annual “Celebrate and Protect our 2nd Amendment” Rally on February 15, 2020 at the AZ State Capitol. For more information please go to:

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