By Tim Horn, Activist

t IS sad, really, to think about what has been going on in the headquarters of our party since the state mandatory meeting and elections. Multiple Party faithful have asked me about this subject and particularly about the first meeting with AZGOP after the election of the new Chairman. As a GOP activist, state committeeman, PC Captain, Alt. Delegate to the National Convention, Donor, 1st Vice Chair of LD23, Campaign Assistant to opposing candidate for AZGOP Chair Jim O’Connor, and because I am the only person actually present for multiple negative actions of AZGOP,  I probably have an obligation to “weigh in”. Below, I will relate what happened on election day, and how the NON Establishment (NE) like me has been treated since. You should probably know facts rather than rumors.

Day of State Meeting/Election, 28JAN2017: For those who were not in attendance, this is an important day when PCs elected as State Committeemen actually express their power by choosing Party leadership. The first major topic of the meeting was to establish the “Rules for the Election”. The rules were accepted that either side for any candidate could access an election’s documentation. The day primarily featured the elections of AZGOP Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman. The NE candidates Gabby Mercer and Bob Littieri respectively won. For Chairman, Jim O’Connor lost by 34 votes. While Jim was in the corridor outside the meeting arena, I went to the back of the platform to the then AZGOP staffer Avanash and the day’s Parliamentarian to tell them that we wanted to review the supporting election documents. I specifically stated “We are NOT alleging fraud, but since the vote was so close, we need to make sure for our many supporters that there was no mistake.” I reiterated that to the Yellow Sheets reporter in attendance. The Parliamentarian told me and my colleagues, Naeckel and Mains, that we should make that statement to the executive meeting which was to follow. Mercer and Lettieri were requested for that and did so state our request at that follow on meeting.

Post-Election; THE BIG CHILL:  Simply put, records were not forthcoming. Requests went unanswered for weeks, so we then put our efforts to working with the new Secretary, who would be in charge of AZGOP records. Sadly, she was given a cold shoulder too. For weeks she was not allowed access to any records, or even to an office and was, in my opinion, treated in an insulting manner multiple times. 

When it finally appeared that Gabby was to have a meeting at the AZGOP office, several of us went with her for support and hoping to finally get the election records as a part. Lynne Breyer, Timothy Swartz, Gabby and I were allowed inside and were seated in the small AZGOP conference room. The new Chairman was not there, only a few staffers and one of John McCain’s attorneys, Kory Langhoffer. We were told that Gabby could not have access to any records because they were not there. Gabby explained that she wanted to take records home in southern AZ to work on. I am a witness to her being told that no secretary is permitted to have records at home. She related that she personally knew a former longtime AZGOP secretary that had boxes of them at her home. They questioned that and made clear that is not going to happen. We were stunned again when we were told we would not even be seeing any records.  Disappointed, our more emphatic requests were met with…. wait for it…. ANOTHER outside attorney! This man was apparently called in. He was neither introduced nor spoke to us, but did have side conversations with staff outside the conference room. He was apparently in some relationship with Mr. Langhoffer. 

After an hour or so, the four of us left and as we were lamenting and saying good byes, the attorneys came out and left as well. Weeks later, AZGOP sent us a letter saying that they would permit us to see the election records BUT: we would only be allowed two hours; it would also have to be done at their offices with their people in the room and we would not be allowed to take anything anywhere. Well, other than an impossible time limit for so many documents, one of the primary things to check in this case type would be signatures on proxies. Their conditions precluded that as well. Sadly, more legal work would be required to force what should be freely provided and Jim decided “no”. I believe that Gabby still has had limited cooperation on other records from AZGOP, but I leave it to her to speak about that herself.

Perhaps I should have learned about how the AZGOP is run before that first group meeting, back in late 2016 when I was lied to and about by the former AZGOP Chairman Graham as he groundlessly attacked our large district and ld23’s Jim O’Conner, our opponent against his handpicked Establishment successor Lines. As I talked about in campaign videos, those lies hurt our campaign and cost ld23 tens of thousands of dollars in needless legal fees to finally overcome his intention to keep our 119 state committeemen from voting. Their Establishment supporters often malign us about that debt.

Please know that I remain committed to our Non Establishment goals of having the AZGOP led from the living rooms of PCs and State Committeemen not a backroom. To put money behind mouth, I have also committed to being the largest donor in paying the ld23 legal defense debt off, which will be completed soon. 

After the group meeting described above, AZGOP representatives described it as an event in which I accused them of fraud; that is an absolute lie. At no time have I ever made such an accusation. But perhaps that is what I should believe now, given their actions before and after the elections. Maybe they really are as bad as some say and I am just a slow learner because I like to think the best of everyone and like not to speak negatively about my fellow Republicans (but OK about those Dimms!). So now you have it, these are the facts; I leave it to you to judge for yourself.

God and Country,

Tim Horn 


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The corruption runs deep, I for one am not afraid to confront the shysters and rid the party of such trash

I was at that meeting and I can attest to what is written here.  I would add that Avanash, the Executive Director for AZGOP, was pleasant but he had his marching orders and he made that clear.  The others were extremely arrogant bordering on rude.  As to where secretary records can be or have been, what we were told about them not being allowed out of the office, I have two comments.  First, they told us that they were not currently at the office.  It they must never leave the office, why weren't they there?  They refused to tell us who had them or where they were. That proves the lie they told right there.  I had run for secretary at an earlier election and as I spoke with PCs, I was repeatedly told that they would like to have a different secretary than Linda White because they would call her at home and ask for different records and she would decide whether to email them out or not.  Maybe it depended what mood she was in or maybe, who was doing the asking.  She clearly had the records in Tucson!  For years!  It's my opinion that they have something to hide and hiding it they are!  The AZGOP belongs to the precinct committeemen, not the Chairman and certainly not to two attorneys.  The Bylaws confirms that.

Time to Lawyer up

I'm not sure how this will all turn out but it seems to me that we are in need of a parallel organization of NE personnel. Any suggestions?


We hear so much about reasons for leaving the Republican brand because of continual lies, almost as frequent as Demon-crats, but to change this party aspirations it MUST be done from the inside. To think otherwise defeats our Federalism and divides us. Read what Hitler said ..."The art of leadership... consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention."  .... We are that adversary as Trump supporters, and critical thinkers to the GOPe.

It's very titillating to consider leaving this dysfunctional party. It wouldn't take long before a new party became equally dysfunctional.  I want MY party back and it's a hell of a lot easier to change this one from within than to try to organize people in 57 50 or 51 (if Puerto Rico becomes a state) states without a big bag of money and a YUGE organizaton.  As one state, even if we were successful, it would make not a scintilla of difference.  When political parties started to form there were few states and as new states came along, parties were formed one by one. A whole different ballgame.  It's like sitting with a piece of chocolate pie in front of you when you are really hungary and you want it all. but the entire pie is in the fridge across town at the frat house.  What are the chances you are going to get even one more piece of the pie? 

Can not give up, must keep the pressure on and confront them on every lie. Bringing it to light will eventually show their true colors

@Jay  Agreed.  A new party will take years to get any power. Ask the libertarians began in 1971.  That was 46 years ago.  Do we have 46 years to wait? Five?  I agree, keep the pressure on, don't give up. Print an article every day if necessary.  These people are dishonest and corrupt and bet they take their orders from the lunatic McCain. Yes, lunatic after his performance at that hearing. He's totally lost.

@Ron   I heard about a new group called AzRA. I hear a lot about it.  They seem dedicated to conservative constitutional principles.  Look into that group.

My late husband was a judge. If there's one thing I learned from him, there is something wrong -- seriously wrong -- when you have to deal with colleagues in the presence of lawyers.

@Connie  Typical intimidation tactics.  I don't think any of them on our side were intimidated.  In fact, seems it has energized them to action.

Use the link attached to go to the form being circulated to bring about the end of the use of proxies at republican and democrat party elections. The use of proxies to vote violates Arizona state election laws. here is the link





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