We are very disturbed by this turn of events.  We have had a heads up on this for a while but hoped it would solve itself.  The problem is clearly explained in the article, but the short version is - perception is reality.  The perception is that the Chairman and her husband are playing favorites in the Republican primary.  Republican Party officials in Arizona are prohibited by their Bylaws to show any sniff of favoritism in the primary.  This sets that on it's ear.  Calls for the resignation of Kelli Ward are widespread now.  What will she do?  Will some of these people force a resignation?  We understand that already, the usual funding entities have pulled out and the party is not raising significant money to fight the dems in the general.  That is the point of this position...fight the dems to the finish in November.  Question: Will the RNC pull their money?


A political consulting firm owned by Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward and her husband is soliciting work for legislative campaigns, raising questions among Republicans about conflicts of interest.

Atlas Alliance, which Kelli and Michael Ward formed in September 2018, has already signed an agreement to work with one legislative candidate and has solicited business from another. Both candidates say Michael Ward reached out to them about consulting for their campaigns.

State political parties are generally expected to remain neutral in intra-party fights. One hallmark of that neutrality is not taking sides in contested primary elections. Though neither Jon Saline and David Peelman, both of whom are running for the state House of Representatives in Northern Arizona, have contested primaries, there’s still plenty of time for others to join the race.

The deadline for candidates to qualify for the ballot is April 6, 2020.

Michael Ward told Arizona Mirror in a text message that Atlas Alliance doesn’t get involved in races with contested primaries, and that the firm won’t stay engaged in any race in which a primary challenger emerges.

‘#FakeNews’ from ‘slimy group’

But the Wards and the Arizona Republican Party refused to answer other questions about Atlas Alliance, including whether the involvement of a consulting firm owned by the state party chairwoman would discourage potential candidates and give people the impression that the candidates it works for are officially backed by the party. 

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NOTE:  Jeremy Duda, late of the Arizona Capitol Times, is not a conservative and has, from time to time, shown favoritism himself.  He's a reporter, not a party operative.  Big difference.

Here is a quote from one outside looking in:

"Ward formed a company to recruit and run Clean Election candidates, Kelli Ward got herself elected as the AZGOP Chairman, and now she is using her position to contract with candidates to run in this election cycle. This is beyond unethical, a betrayal of trust, and in violation of the AZGOP bylaws."

On their website:

“Dr. Kelli Ward FoundingPartner.”  Ward said that this company was set up “long before” she decided to run, but it was actually set up last Septemberjust two months before she announced her run for AZGOP (see the AZ Corp. Comm filing for her company below),  and her website has a copyright of 2019, when she was elected. Seems like Ward is giving us, “Fake News.”


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Excellent response Clair... Very sad that the most recent AZGOP chairman election didn't really improve our lot very much at all...We went from a male crook to a female/couple of crooks...

Being an 'influencer' is big business.  How involved in social media are they? Fake news seems to travel fast there.

From HuffPost per tweet:

  • Kim Kardashian: $10,000, for companies like Shoedazzle.com.
  • Snoop Dogg: $8,000 per tweet.
  • Paula Abdul: $5,000 per tweet.
  • Whitney Port: $2,500 per tweet.
  • Charlie Sheen: $50,000 per tweet, for companies like Internships.com

Might there be a chance that there are establishment candidates finding themselves at a disadvantage?  Just speculation.

Why are we so willing to go to the dark side to then judge so quickly. 

The democrat party has skin in the game to destroy the 'R' party.

The 'R' party has a remarkable way of inflicting harm to itself. Those who are committed conservatives registered as 'R's' fair game within the 'R' party for becoming a target to be,with all guns ablazing, shoot to kill.

Raising money for AZGOP yes our Chair has a big role but so do each of us.BTW so does a candidate.

I'm not keen on the R elites chosen candidate for AZ U.S. Senate seat. I think McSally is a flawed candidate and independent-moderate at best and I think of her as a McCainite. I will doing my part to primary her.

Our Chair can do only what she can for McSally and McSally must do the hard work required of candidates.

So far I am not even close to hanging the Wards out to dry.





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