You've been watching Paul Ryan the past three years.  You have really been watching him since Pres. Trump was elected.  Do you remember this:  Paul Ryan praises Trump for winning the presidency against all odds.  How about this one:  I am so thankful we have a Republican President who has shown he really cares about America and her people.  Who could forget: Alright all of you Congressional Republicans, Pres Trump wants to secure the border with a wall.  He got elected on that and I'm here to tell you, we are going to give him what the people want: the wall.

Nope, we never heard anything remotely like that.  Ryan spent the past three years, including the year run-up to the Presidential election, speaking trash against Candidate and then President Trump.  When he wasn't doing that, he was throwing grenades under the President's agenda.  Name three things Paul Ryan disagreed with but put through Congress because it was the agenda of the President of the United States.  OK, we know that's tough.  Name one thing!

You know how awful Ryan as been as a Repubican Speaker with a Republican President.  We know it.  Those who will never read this know it.  The only person in Arizona who doesn't know that is AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines.  Apparently, Lines has spent the past two years on someones roof in Yuma.  Lines is a roofer.  We think he's been sniffing too much roofing tar.

Here's what Lines just sent out to Republican precinct committeemen:

Paul Ryan delivered his farewell address yesterday and after three years as Speaker of the House, he knows it is no popular position. Ryan acknowledged that he may have not have been able to deliver the results he wanted to, noting that his "ambitions for entitlement reforms have outpaced the political reality."

Regardless of what you think about Ryan's tenure as Speaker, you should commend him on what he was able to accomplish such as aiding the passage of tax reform and remember him for being a part of the budget reform contingent while the deficit ballooned despite his criticisms.

We say, Ryan got everything passed that he wanted passed.  Under what passes for his leadership, the federal debt ballooned even as much as it did under Obama.  But Ryan campaigned for the job as a fiscal hawk.  In this case, the hawk ate the golden goose of fiscal restraint.

So, we ask you, if you are a State Committee with a vote for the new chairman of AZGOP (that, by the way, spent NO money to help Trump get elected but gave it all to McCain; repeated that this election year by giving all the funding to Ducey who most certainly did not need it.  Ducey will now control Lines just as McCain did.  None for Secretary of State or School Superintendent, both of whom DID need it), would you vote for Jonathan Lines to be re-elected?

No, no you should not.  Never. Ever.  The Republican party in Arizona is in such trouble after six years of Robert Graham (four) and Lines (two) that it can not afford another one of these guys.  Republican party faithful are leaving in droves.  All of you State Committeemen, group up and decide who among the other two, or maybe a nominee from the floor, do you want to take the reigns of a seriously problematic party heirarchy?  Stop the stampede to Independent.

We have asked the other two, Frank Thorwald via Tim Horn and Kelli Ward, to submit their agenda, complete with how they intend to get it done.  We will post that after January 1.  Look for it.

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While I believe that it is NOT the job of AZGOP to bang the drums of bias and outright vendettas against a Republican candidate running in the primary that applies as well to an elected. The "kissy kissy" was indeed a big smooch on the backside of Ryan.

If Lines was in touch with R voters of AZ his big smooch was disrespectful to us. What he did was for the status quo.

Lines should have placed duct tape over his trap.

Do not support Lines in January. Help to show him out the door.

Lines needs to be gone, secretive from day one.
Drain the swamp/MAGA

I would add that while ushering out Lines that all consider carefully to request that Thornwald withdraw from the run for AZGOP Chair. Recently at a gathering on constitutional conservatives Thornwald loudly and clearly announced he was an "establishment candidate" think about it do we need a fellow who just may be establishment enough to be a cookie cutter version of Lines and keep the McCainite political machine alive and well? No do not think so. If elected will we be dished up more marginalization and see continued purging of conservatives?

Time to really make a change.





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