AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham Tries to Invalidate Legitimate State Committeemen Elections

[Editor: Today, we received, from the newly elected Chairman of LD23, two letters regarding AZGOP Robert Graham's efforts to invalidate their reorganizational elections. We wish we could be shocked by this but in fact, we know that 1. This is not the only district he seeks to intimidate; 2. He is acting as he has always acted as Chairman of AZGOP - illegally and in violation to both Statute and AZGOP By-Laws; 3. his own LD15 under his watchful eye and with "concern for precinct committeemen" has not, to our knowledge, seen fit to chide that district for electing total strangers unseen by long time precinct committeemen to all leadership positions using countless proxies;  and 4. It was high time someone put him in his rightful place.

Let it be known that we have previously reported that this same man, Robert Graham, participated with outside forces in the take over of several Legislative District elections for the RINOs, including his own LD15.  He has consistently violated his own By-Laws and state statute in the conduction of state meetings AND the State Convention where he illegally defrauded, in our humble opinion, legitimate  elections of delegates to the Republican National Convention.  He consistently skipped over those with a high vote count to be delegates in order to please those with lesser vote counts to become delegates. By any means, the way that convention was conducted was barely a real convention.  In fact, a certified parliamentarian present at that convention told us personally that everything Graham did at the convention was illegal.  If you were there, you know what we mean and there was an impromptu press conference after the convention where state Treasurer Jeff DeWit and former Gov. Jan Brewer revealed they knew that the convention was illegally conducted.  We are pleased to make public the latest, but probably not the last, attempt by Robert Graham to co-opt a legal meeting within the state Republican party.    Read it and be aware: Graham has said he would not be running for Chairman again but he has self-selected two candidates to walk in his footsteps to take the party further into the Uniparty and further away from Republican party!  You can also view the letter on along with their comments.]

The letter that we received is in pdf format.  Therefore, we have re-typed the first few lines of the letter for your information but you must open the attachments to read all the text.  We have attached the first letter, the one from Robert Graham to Jim O'Connor personally as former Chairman of LD23.  Second attachment is the response of the current Chairman of LD23, Nancy Ordowski. You will find both letters incredibly interesting as instructive of where Arizona republican politics currently reside.  Hopefully, you see how important it is to get rid of Robert Graham AND his two hand picked candidates for AZGOP Chair come January 28, 2017 - Frank Thorwald and Jonathan Lines. Like getting rid of Obama, the republican party in Arizona has been in the hands of an Obama-like Chairman for four years.  The Republican Party platform is clear and Graham has consistently violated that platform along with AZGOP bylaws and Arizona State Statute.  Read the letters in order and let us know what you think.


To Jim O'Connor from Robert Graham:

December 9, 2016

Dear Jim:

As Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party it is my responsibility to ensure our organizations's operations at every level are conducted legally and fairly, without exception. [except for Graham himself]  Of special concern to me is the protection of the rights of each and every one of our party's precinct committeemen. 

As you may know the state party has received dozens of credible complaints from precinct committeemen about the process of nomination and election of state committeemen in your legislative district.

[Excuse us while we dust ourselves off from falling on the floor in laughter!]

Read the rest on this attachment:


When you fully digest the audacity of this letter, read on to the LD23 response:




LD 23 Republican Committee 

8776 E. Shea Blvd. 

Suite 106-341 

Scottsdale, AZ 85260 

December 15, 2016 

Robert Graham 

Arizona Republican Party 

3501 North 24th Street Phoenix, AZ 85016 

Dear Robert, 

This letter is being sent to you in response to your letter of December 9, 2016 regarding the recent election of the state committee nominees from LD23. Your expression of concern about the rights of our precinct committeemen is delightful but unnecessary. 

As to the “dozens of credible complaints” that you have allegedly received, please provide an exact number and unredacted copies of each complaint for my review so that I may properly address each bona fide complaint. I am sure that you have retained your usual impeccable records concerning matters of this sort and can easily and promptly provide such information. 

However, as an overall point regarding your concerns, ARS §16-825 stipulates that “state committeemen shall be chosen at the first meeting of the county committee from the committee's elected membership.” Hence, the election of state committeemen is a county function and is beyond the oversight of the AZ GOP. You have no authority in this matter. 


As to your concern that insufficient notice of our organizational meeting was provided to our PCs, I would respectfully point out that Section VI(6) of the District 23 Republican Committee Bylaws (the “LD23 Bylaws”) expressly requires that “[a]n official call to meeting and a proxy form shall be sent to each elected PC by e-mail (with confirmed receipt)…a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the Organizational Meeting.” There is no exception in our by-laws for the use of the United States Postal Service for notification of elected PCs for whom we have e-mail addresses. Notice to our elected precinct committeemen was in fact e-mailed prior to the beginning of the 10-day notice period and was simultaneously mailed by USPS to newly elected PCs for whom no e-mail address was available. Whether the receiving PC acted on the notice is not relevant to your concerns. 

I would also point out that Definition #13 of the MCRC bylaws (the “County Bylaws”) expressly states that the term “mail” “shall mean mail or mailed by postal service or email.” Further, Section 1C expressly states that the Secretary of the MCRC shall “mail” written notice prior to the statutory meeting. Hence, the MCRC permits e-mail notice to the county statutory meeting. 

Further, Section III(A)(2) of the Arizona Republican Party Bylaws is required to “mail” notice 10 days prior to the state statutory meeting, but does not define “mail” to preclude e-mail. Hence, there is no indication that the use of e-mail for this purpose is, or ever was, improper at the AZGOP level. 

Furthermore, the Definitions section of the Arizona Revised Statutes does not define the term “mail” to be limited only to mail via the United States Postal Service. Nor is there any court precedent in the State of Arizona that restricts the term “mail” to necessarily mean only mail via the United States Postal Service. 

Therefore, because the LD23 Bylaws require e-mail, the County Bylaws permit the use of e-mail, and because both of the State Bylaws and the Arizona Revised Statutes do not proscribe the use of e-mail for notice for organizational meetings, the use of e-mail for notification is proper. In fact, the MCRC is e-mailing the notice for their January meeting. Hence, your concern about this issue is thoughtful but completely wrong. It is merely your opinion. 

Further, given your apparently heartfelt concern for the rights of our precinct committeemen, I am sure you would not have been remiss in your duties and overlooked an unlawful or an unfair bylaw at the county and district level for so long. I would hate to think that you were asleep at the switch if the use of e-mail was in fact improper, which it is not. 

Unless you can provide me with controlling legal authority to support your diktat that the use of e-mail for notification of an Organizational Meeting is unlawful, you should not worry yourself about your dropping the ball here concerning our bylaws. Any complaints concerning the use of e-mail for notification are clearly invalid and may be disregarded. 


In regard to the use of proxies, Section (VIII)(1) of the LD23 Bylaws expressly states that PCs may vote by proxy for state committeemen. Sub-section VIII(4)(C)(2) states “that nominations from the floor 

shall be entertained (any such nominee shall be present).” Hence, the LD23 Bylaws provide for voting by proxy but do not provide for nominating PCs by proxy when the person being nominated is not present. This provision of our bylaws was the specific intent of the PCs of LD23 when the LD23 Bylaws were adopted in May 2015. It was adopted in order to curb the improper practice of nominating PCs that did not want the position and were not present to object. If you want the position, you must be present to make your case. 

In our Organizational Meeting this month, one PC moved to place his absent wife’s name in nomination via her proxy. The Chair ruled the motion violated the above discussed sections of the LD23 Bylaws. The movant appealed the decision of the Chair and was soundly defeated by a near unanimous standing vote by the body of 202 PCs present in person or by proxy. Contrary to your assertions, this matter was handled properly and professionally. 

Further, the County Bylaws provide the PC’s shall meet, nominate, and vote by proxy. However, The County Bylaws are silent as to whether one PC may nominate a non-present PC from the floor by virtue of the absent PC’s proxy. Given that the County Bylaws are silent, Robert’s Rules of Order, Ch. 13, §45 (11th ed.) states a proxy is for voting only

Furthermore, Section III(E) of the State Bylaws refers only to state committeemen and does not address this issue. However, Section III(E) gives state committeemen the ability to merely vote by proxy. It does not give a proxy-holder, the ability to nominate the proxy giver to office from the floor. In fact, the approved proxy form included in the State Bylaws expressly gives the proxy-holder only the right to vote for the proxy-giver. It does not even imply that the proxy holder can nominate the absent proxy-giver from the floor. 

Because the County Bylaws are silent as to whether a proxy holder may nominate an absent party from the floor, LD23 retains the right to make that restriction in order to curb known proxy abuses that have been experienced in past elections across the state. In fact, Section IV(E) of your own State Bylaws go even further and completely prohibit nominations to fill vacancies on the National Committee from the floor. Hence, restrictions are not improper by your own bylaws. Since all proxies were counted in the LD23 vote for properly nominated state committeemen, there was no fault in the LD23 election procedure either. 

Further, I would point out that the LD23 Bylaws were adopted in May 2015. I would hate to think that you were asleep at the switch concerning this issue for 18 months and that your sudden epiphany here is again belated. Unless you can point to any legitimate controlling legal authority, other than your opinion that requiring persons nominated from the floor to be physically present is unlawful, you should 

again not worry yourself about your dropping the ball here also. Any complaints along these lines are clearly invalid and may be disregarded. 

Filling of Vacancies 

In regard to filling vacancies of state committeemen in counties with populations over 500,000, Section II (C) of the State Bylaws gives the State Chairman the power to fill these vacancies but only with the consent of both the current chairman of LD23 and the current Chairman of the MCRC. I hereby deny my consent to any replacement chosen by the State Chairman for State Committeemen from LD23 unless it is received from me in writing. 

In conclusion Robert, I respectfully submit that the AZGOP chairman does not have the authority to void any LD election, particularly by fiat and without investigation and due process. Please cite me controlling legal authority to the contrary. The entire AZ GOP would be interested to learn how or where you might have stumbled across this imperial power. Even if you had acquired these powers by virtue of a pen or by phone, you have not reviewed our records or even provided LD23 an opportunity to rebut your “dozens of complaints,” which I demand to see unredacted. The utter lack of due process and the ex post facto proclamation here is appalling. It resembles a Democrat Party junta and suggests that you have an ulterior motive. I wonder what that motive could be? Please explain. 

Further, your suggested new election would necessarily have to be held outside the statutory window pursuant to ARS §16-823 and therefore would violate state law. This has been confirmed by the County Chairman. Thus, you are in fact suggesting in your letter that LD23 should violate state law. On the contrary, LD23 has followed the law. What were you thinking? 

Based on the combined Bylaws of the LD23, the MCRC, the AZGOP, and the Arizona Revised Statutes, the election at LD23 of state committeemen nominees was conducted properly. Notice was served prior to the 10-day point by e-mail to established PCs and by USPS mail to those that were new or for whom e-mail addresses were not available. Our elections are governed by our bylaws. Our elections are neither governed by your bylaws nor based upon your unsupported allegations or opinions. 

As to the nominations from the floor, the LD23 Bylaws expressly do not permit nominations from the floor when the person being nominated is not present to confirm that they want the post or are willing to carry out the duties thereof. The MCRC Bylaws and AZGOP Bylaws only address voting by proxy and do not address nominating PCs from the floor that are not present. A proxy is NOT a general power of attorney, only a limited power of attorney to cast a vote. No votes by proxy were disallowed and you did not allege so. 

Because you have no personal authority to disenfranchise 119 properly nominated state committeemen, because you have presented no evidence of any of the “dozens of complaints” that you merely allege even exist or are credible, and because you have not even feigned to have engaged in any sort of due process to establish any facts, you cannot nullify our election. Nor can you appoint replacements without my consent and that of the MCRC Chairman. Hence, I reject your letter of December 9, 2016 as baseless and will proceed to submit our state committee nominees to the MCRC for certification. 

In view of the facts, bylaws and statutes discussed above, please immediately provide me with a letter rescinding your letter of December 9, 2016, acknowledging that the LD23 election of state committeemen was in fact valid, and acknowledging that none of you, your officers, your committee chairmen or any other agent of yourself or the AZGOP will interfere with the credentialing, seating or voting of the LD23 nominees for state committeemen elected December 1 for state statutory meeting. 

As always, I am looking forward to seeing you in January. 

Best Regards, 

Nancy Ordowski 


Legislative District 23

Attachment here:


What we can say is this: Hooray for LD23!!

[Full disclosure: two of our team members are members of LD23. AFA team members did not receive nor participate in the writing of these two letters.  They were received by official email in our inbox of  on which we were copied. One team member may have been involved by their private participation not previously or currently disclosed to anyone on Team Arizona Freedom Alliance.  Because it was sent similar to a press release, we feel free to re-print/publish the contents of both letters.  

We suspect that Graham is unable to provide copies of "dozens of complaints."  We will keep you posted of any releases done by LD23.  We know that other districts have been similarly harassed so please pass this on to any precinct committeemen you know in case this response is beneficial to them in handling Graham.  It is waaaaaay past time for Graham and his minions to disappear and let the adults run the state party!]


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Graham's letter is yet another example of the high regard in which he alone holds himself.  The Ordowski response is extremely well written and leaves little room for Graham to wiggle. I hope there is a back up plan if Graham does not withdraw his letter in writing. He's a worm and can't be trusted.  Congratulations to LD23 for chutzpah!!

Dr. Ben Carson said it as well as I have heard anyone else put it, at AZ GOP Headquarters in Phoenix..." We have some serious swamp to clean out right here" (meaning in this room). Understand this well. I sent loads of public records documentation to the Trump Campaign, many months before this meeting. They are FULLY AWARE of exactly who the swamp is! Next, let us all ask ourselves why Sheriff Joe's Office, waited until AFTER Trump won the General Election. We ALL know they have had the evidence against Obama, for a LONG, LONG time! Joe had no choice, but to make a FEDERAL CASE out of it, because the same laws apply to every single one of us! IDENTITY FRAUD IS WHERE IT ALL STARTS! It seems clear to me, nobody wants to enforce the laws included in these many, many frauds, BECAUSE THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! You might guess whose files I sent to Trump. Some of you fellow Patriots, gave me reason to check the public records on some of them. FOR GOOD REASONS! Face it, the OBAMAREPUBLICANS were certain that Hillary would win, BY FRAUD! I ALSO PROVED BALLOT-HARVESTING AND REPORTED IT !  If any of you want to know why they will do anything to stop Trump, including this list of legal violations, just ask me for the evidence. WE THE PEOPLE MUST STICK TOGETHER ON ALL OF THIS! The Arizona Swamp is no small fish tank. Public records dictate! If I get the job I applied for, soon I will be working at the GAO. Quote President Trump "FOLLOW THE MONEY".


(That is exactly what I sent Trump). Is my life still in danger? I already know my maker.

Thank You for your hard "investigative journalism" on this topic. Many of us don't have the time, we still work, but the information is found by citizens like you who know how and where to look for the paper trails of evidence ... and just who is responsible for its origination. I believe that much of this "identity fraud" could be laid at the doorstep of our own NSA. And yes, much of the fraud lies within the halls of the government deceivers, I call the Cabal of Thieves. Government "representatives" should be responsible to us who PAY THEM and who have sworn an oath to protect us, but is hasn't, up until Trump.

When you have the guts to take on the tyranny of Robert Graham, better believe you become the target. Deflection is Robert Graham's specialty and Sonoran Alliance is/are a totally owned subsidiary of Robert Graham/McCain.  Shane Wikfors runs that rag but then, he lets just about anyone with a buck and a score to settle rip into whoever has the goods of them!

Arizona LD23’s Very Own Obama-Pelosi Duo – Part I

Oh, goody.  Part II to come.  In light of the illegality proven by LD23, one must wonder - how desperate are Graham and his henchmen to hold on to AZGOP?  Eh?  Like how desperate the GOPe is to keep Trump from finding out the truth about what they have been up to!!  We know how this works: when you don't have a leg to stand on, you resort to name calling and silly accusations.  Let's see. Who is it that holds that as a centerpiece of his persona?  Thinking!  Oh, yeah, Obama.  We might not have noticed that had they not brought it up.

Well this surely seals the deal for O'Connor.  Yup, Graham is wetting his pants over the O'Connor campaign.  Hope everyone will spread the word that Graham is hiding something he doesn't want a conservative to see.

In District-15 We had a problem with huge amounts of Proxies that were brought in. We had a big set-up in 15, and many good State PC'S did not get in including myself. What a shame !

Time to start the AMERICAN PARTY!





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