Every Trump supporter knew it was coming.  Trump campaign manager, Charles Munoz, was all too cozy with Robert Graham, a known Anyone but Trump fan.  No one understood just how corrupt the pair would be at this convention.

It all started at 7:00am when the Trump campaign arrived at the Convention Center to find that their Trump slate was actually packed with Cruz supporters.  Upon inquiring how this could happen, we were told the Trump campaign signed off on a completely different slate and gave it to R Graham to print.  Lists don't change themselves so it seemed clear that Graham had changed the slate after it was signed off on by the Trump camp.  With the help of Munoz??  Hmmm. One 

entire Congressional District was Cruz supporters masquerading on the Trump slate!

When the Trump Arizona Campaign Chairman, State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, spoke on behalf of the Trump slate (which was quickly corrected and re-printed), 2/3rds of the room was on their feet cheering for Trump.  Next, the Cruz campaign team spoke and showed a six minute video.  Many people left the room - the sound was overwhelmingly loud!  One-third of the room came rousing to their feet at the conclusion.  It was clear that there were more Trump delegates among the 1231 in attendance than Cruz delegates.  Remember that number!

Following the CD caucus elections, it turned out that only ten of 27 delegates went to Trump, who, you remember, won the state presidential preference election by a 2-1 margin.  In some CD's, not one Trump delegate was elected.  Strange?  We think not!

We interviewed several people about the electronic voting that took place during the afternoon session where 55 delegates- and alternates-at-large were elected.  We watched some people trying to get their vote from their smart device to record and it would just disappear.  Others could not access from their smart phones and had to go to the AZGOP computers.

But get this, the results showed that the Trump Slate button was clicked more than other slate buttons (Cruz slate, Kasich slate, "Unity Slate" whatever that is- but it turns out all three of those were exactly the same slate!) yet only two Trump delegates and 4 alternates were elected.  The law of averages disputes that could even happen.  When one clicked the Trump Slate button, guess what?  You guessed it, a mixed Trump/Cruz set of names dropped down.  When interviewed, one new Trump supporter said she did not have any idea that she was actually voting for Cruz delegates!

All-in-all, it was Robert-Graham-business as usual, cheating, scheming,  It didn't help that Trump campaign staffer, Charles Munoz, waxed ecstatic over Graham in a message on Briefs this week over a petition that demanded that Robert Graham resign as AZGOP Chairman: https://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/action-alerts/forum/t...

Comment%3A91327&groupId=6399857%3AGroup%3A44255 telling Trump supporters not to sign it!  Apparently, Munoz doesn't think much of the first amendment!  He's a former AFP employee, the organization of the Koch Bros

that formulated the 2016 GOPe Roadmap to Victory that started with the intent of getting Bush elected but has segued into Anyone But Trump!  Not to mention, Graham and Munoz are long time friends!  A perfect cocktail for sabotage of the Trump campaign.

Two things have risen to the surface during this presidential election year.  One, we have learned who are and are not truly moral 'conservatives' and that is a word that has been ruined as a description of Constitutional Republicans.  Second and more bothersome, those who have been elected delegates to the State Conventions around the country have a moral duty, if not a legal one, to vote subsequent ballots at the RNC convention in accordance of the will of the people.  When people say that they can "vote their conscience" after the first ballot, one would hope their conscience would rest with the people of their state who voted for a certain candidate.  There are enough un-bound delegates to be had to get to a winner while bound delegates stay true to the voters they go to the Convention to represent.  We the people, will of the voters and all that.  We certainly learned today that interest in the voters of Arizona is secondary for some delegates.

This will become a national story.  A press conference with Gov. Brewer and State Trump Campaign manager, Jeff DeWit occurred even before the convention ended with the chairman asking for a vote to adjourn.  He got a shout of Noooooo!  And then adjourned anyway.  The will of the people, a mere formality, a lousy talking point!  The press conference and the crowd took it up again outside.  Trump supporters of every stripe were fired up and ready for bear!  The Cruz delegates laughed all the way home.  

Trump may well have the last laugh!  We predict the fence sitters, who still believe in a right way to behave morally, will fall on the side of Trump and he will be guaranteed the 1237 delegates and then some when the RNC Convention opens in July in Cleveland.

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From crook to saint for Graham by Cruzers!  They were calling for Graham's head when he thrust McCain at us at the state meeting in 2015 but tonight, many of those same people are cheering his duplicity.  So easily bought off by Lyin' Ted/Lying' CQ.  Memory deprivation.

I hate to bring up historical facts, but CQ is the person who was personally running Graham's first run for Chairman when Morrissey won.  If conservatives want to ever win, they need to start acting with their minds  - a long range view - instead of their brainless emotions.  CQ is the modern day Trojan Horse or Benedict Arnold. 

People have been forewarning of this reality and have been demonized by their own. 

CQ is also behind the National Popular Vote which will make AZ totally inconsequential in any national election.

Well-written overview of the day.

There were strange things occurring all day.  I heard from someone who credentialed there were issues and inconsistencies.

The Cruz slate mysteriously included many RINOs, Cruzers weren't entirely happy with it.  Who developed it?  Why wasn't it handed out early so folks could review and determine if indeed those names were true Cruz supporters or opportunistic third candidate supporters?  I believe the Cruz slate was hijacked to put a third candidate in the mix in Cleveland.

You are correct, what the heck is a Unity slate?  I heard Michele Reagan and Brnovich ended up on all the slates?  How is that?  Could you or I end up on all three slates?  Die-hard Trump supporters weren't even on the Trump slate.

Like Trump or hate him, today's Arizona delegate meeting proves We The People are not electing our officials. 

The whole Arizona GOP needs to be evicted. 

Peggy, someone was handing out a blue Cruz slate after lunch break.  We got a copy.  It did seem to have some strange names on it but I didn't see any Trump supporters on it but there were all the Kasich supporters on it.  And yes, those you mention were on all slates so anyone and everyone who clicked a slate button voted for them!  CQ was also on the Kasich slate and the Unity slate as well as the Cruz slate.  It was reported to us that CQ was seen "fist bumping" an AZGOP staff member after the vote was announced.

I talked to two people who were Cruz all the way who couldn't believe the names on the blue sheet that was handed out so late.  They asked CQ how he developed that slate and didn't get a clear answer.  They would have liked to have had it earlier in the week to research the individuals.  I know there were at least a few on it that were not really Cruz, but were more anti-Trump.  That's not right, they should have then been with Kasich or on their own.

Also, how can CQ, who has been running the Cruz operation for months, consider himself Kasich?  What is that all about?  Why would a Cruz leader be Kasich?  (I know the answer, I'm just bringing up a point.)

This whole thing is sickening. 

The GOPe wants us to take our ball and go home.  They want us frustrated so we go away and mind our own business.  I challenge everyone who was there today or reading this, in Arizona or elsewhere, to dig in harder.  Who is up for the challenge?   Who won't give up?  Who is not afraid of the Elite?  Who is ready to take off their gloves?

No, Robert Graham, you don't scare us.  You just exposed to a greater degree what we knew to be the truth.  I can sleep at night.  I don't know how you do.

Anyone with ethics please get involved.  This corruption is happening in EVERY level of government.  Pick something, find a cause, and fight for what is right.

A Cruz insider revealed this week that CQ did not seek out Cruz supporters to slate but rather went after Anyone-But-Trump people.  Leaving real Cruz supporters out in the cold.  I'm not a Cruz supporter but that stinks for the ones who have worked for that campaign.

@Peggy  I find your comments particularly revealing, especially about the slates being handed out early so Cruz supporters could check out the names.  The Trumpsters are saying same thing - no slate early in the week so they could be sure who to vote for.  Someone didn't want anyone to check out their own slates!!  Trump team put out no afternoon slate. Those who unwittingly voted for either slate ended up voting for non-supporters of their candidate.  Tell me both teams just accidentally did the same thing about slates.  There are no accidents in politics. I smell a rat as big as the moon.  Common denominator: Graham!  Anti-Trump. Anti-Cruz. Anti-Trump/Cruz people will vote for neither if they get the chance at convention. 'Nough said.

I'm praying for Trump to get enough delegates to go into convention set and then will make peace with Cruz and nominate him to Supreme Court or make him the AG to clean up that pile of crap Obama leaves behind.

How many PC's have you recruited.  That is the only way to evict the Arizona GOP

I'm not a PC for legit reasons but I have recruited about 14 this year in various LDs around me.  ONLY honorable republicans.  I will continue to do so.  Sometimes, the LD chair won't turn them in to county chair.  I get them to send their apps directly to county chair.

You might be interested in this article.  It supports the one on this page.


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